Velvet Valentine (MxM)

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Stress Reliever (Saroj)

Never have I ever...... Been so fucking worried in my life.

It has been a month since Rip came back from the hospital, which was a fucking relief. But other than that, pretty much everything else was shit. They shifted into my apartment which was a little far from Ruhail's. I packed my little belongings to finally settle into Ruhail's apartment with him.

Thankfully, he didn't mind.

Actually, he was pretty happy about the fact that I moved in with him, even though the circumstances weren't quite ideal. I was happy too. I got to spend more time with daddy without being exhaused from moving one place to the other.

And the sex was fantastic. I went to sleep everyday a very happy and satisfied boy.

He told me what he did the day Rohit called us and we went to see Rip. He told me that he called his best friend Ria and set something up. Ria's aunt was actually a FBI officer and she along with some other officers were investigating a very shady company that operated out of Kolkata. There were allegations that Rohit's father regularly took bribe from them, and might even be an accomplice in their criminal activities. Right now, all we knew was that Ruhail's info might prove useful to them.

That's all Daddy told me and honestly, that's all I needed to know. I was happy that my friend wasn't dead and was now breating and eating normally and not through tubes. Rohit was a little bit of a mess though. He felt extremely guilty and spontaneously broke down into tears sometimes, but he was doing his best to nurse his boyfriend back to health. In that, he was succeeding. In keeping his cool? Not so much. Can't say I blamed him, if something like that happened to Ruhail, I'd be a blubbering mess of a human.

Things were slowly starting to get better. Thanks to Ria and her family, Rip and Rohit had some protection at my place as well. Two guards were posted in the apartment complex. We got to know all of this through Ruhail.

Ruhail had thrust himself into full protector mode and as hot as it was, I was scared that his head would just pop from the stress one of these days.

Right now he was sitting on the sofa and typing on his phone, probably talking to Ria or Rohit - I didn't know. Ria's wedding was coming up but she had also immersed herself into this mess. Ruhail and I were still working. I was mostly writing contents and one or two photoshoots while Ruhail was busy editing pictures for his clients. When he wasn't working, he was worrying. The only time he let loose was when we were in bed.

So seeing him frown at his screen with his mouth set into a thin line, I got an idea.

We had just finished having tea, I washed the mugs in the sink and dried them with a towel before putting them on the stand. Then I slowly walked towards him.

He looked up at me, a small smile lighting up his face.

"Hi Bunny." He said and I smiled back at him.

Then I dropped to my knees in front of him.

"What are you doing babe?" He asked in a confused tone before he locked his phone and put it aside.

"Relieving your stress." I shrugged and kissed his crotch and rubbed my mouth on his dick through his sweatpants.

He hissed and the muscles in his bare chest rippled under his skin. I fucking loved his chest, he had a tattoo on his right ribcage. It was a tiger. It was really fucking cool. Before I could help it, I ran my tongue along his ink.

He gripped my hair and pulled, my earrings jingling at the sudden movement and I moaned, feeling my cock get harder in my panties.

"Daddy!" I squealed when he pinched my nipple through my shirt. An electric shock ran through my whole body.

"You wanna suck Daddy's cock, baby boy? Hmm?" He asked in a condescending tone that made my insides flip. I nodded, feeling his hand on my neck now, holding me in place.

"I didn't hear you." He whispered in my ear before sucking on the lobe, making my whole body melt.

"Yes Daddy. Please I wanna suck your cock." I begged him, whimpering at the soft kisses he left on my neck.

"Take it out then." He said and I immediately pulled on his waistband. His cock was out in two seconds.

I loved his cock. That wasn't a surprise. But not only while he was fucking me or fucking my face. Just in general. I loved how big and veiny it was. I loved that he had a mole right at the base of his shaft. I didn't waste any time. I kissed the tip once before taking it in my mouth.

I looked up at him while moving my head up and down, sucking on his dick. His face was controlled but his eyes let me know how much he enjoyed this. He kept one hand on my head, telling me that he was in control. His foot was on my crotch. The only thing between his foot and my dick was the thin fabric of my panties.

I enjoyed this way too much.

I kept sucking his cock, putting all of my focus into that one job. I whimpered when I felt his toes move up and down the side of my cock. His every movement showed that he was in control and I fucking loved it.

I sucked hard, taking well more than half of his delicious dick into my throat and keeping it there for a moment. He hissed and pressed on my head. My gag reflex kicked in and I coughed before coming up for breath. His dick was slick with my saliva and it was dripping down my mouth as well.

I whined when I went to suck his cock again but he pulled my hair up. His mouth came down on mine and I melted, letting him inside my mouth without a second thought. I let my tongue play with his obediently, letting him lead me where he wanted.

I looked into his eyes when we finally detached our mouth.

"Up, princess. Come here, lay on daddy's lap." He said and I whimpered. I got up and laid my body onto his lap. My face into the sofa.

"You like it when Daddy plays with you baby?" He asked me, pulling down the panties to my knees.

"Mmhm.." I said and pushed myself up a little on my hands so I could kiss him. He kissed me back passionately and I moaned when I felt a finger deep inside me.

"Fuck that tight little pussy." He groaned under his breath while his finger fucked that said pussy. I moved my hips wantonly to his touch. It felt so unbelievably good.

"More Daddy, please!" I squaled. He pushed me forward to all fours. I held onto the arm of the sofa while he got rid of my panties and entered two fingers deep in me.

"Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. Daddy!" I kept moaning as he kept letting his magical fingers do their job.

"You're so fucking hot baby, all needy for Daddy." He said and I whimpered. "Look how your little cock is leaking all over the sofa." He said and I went red. My cock really was leaking precum all over the surface. I couldn't help it, he made me feel so good.

"I can't help it Daddy, you make me feel so good." I moaned and he chuckled. I let out another disappointed noise when I felt his fingers leave me.

"Shh, right here baby." He said as he retrieved a bottle of cherry flavoured lube from the small drawer under the table. After moving in together, we realised that our sexcapades weren't limited to just the bedroom so we kept small bottles of lube ready in different places for emergency.

Like right now.

I moaned when I felt the cold liquid on my hole, then the two fingers that followed them.

"Shh baby, Daddy's gonna make it feel so good." Ruhail said and I giggled.

"It feels so good daddy." I said breathlessly.

"You want my cock, Bunny?" He asked as he kept fucking me. I nodded frantically.

"Yes Daddy, please. I need your cock please." I begged as I looked back and locked eyes with him. He growled.

"Look at me when I fuck you." He ordered as he got on his knees behind me and slowly pushed his lubed cock in my hole. I trembled and shook beneath him but didn't look away.

"Good boy. You're such a good little slut." He said as he grabbed my neck and fucked me ruthlessly into the sofa. I screamed and moaned. I couldn't stop making noises. He made me feel so fuckin good.

He pushed me down on my chest, my face to the sofa and I whimpered. I loved being treated like this. I loved when he showed me exactly where I belonged and who I belonged to. He took my arms and folded them behind my back, holding them together on my waist as he fucked me even harder than before. I didn't know it was possible to feel this good on a fucking sofa. I cried out at the force that he fucked me with.

"Oh daddy, don't stop. Please don't stop." I pleaded.

"You love Daddy's cock princess? Hmm? You love when I fuck your tight, little pussy?" He asked me while thrusting into me and I whimpered. Yes. Yes. Yes. I loved it.

"Daddy I'm gonna cum. Can I please cum Daddy?" I asked as I felt my orgasm approaching. He let go of my arms and picked me up so his front and my back were touching. His arms circled my waist and his hips moved ruthlessly into mine. His cock pistoning in and out.

"Come on baby, cum for Daddy." He said and that was it. I trembled and shook as the orgasm wrecked through me. He didn't even touch my cock. My legs shook with the force of it and I held onto his arms for support. I felt him cum inside me but I felt like I was swimming.

"Baby, you okay?" I heard Ruhail's voice and I looked at him. I was cuddled into him as he sat on the sofa. His face was worried and he was rubbing my back.

"I think I love you Daddy." I blurted out as I touched his face. My head was still swimming a little and I smiled, looking at his beautiful face.

"I love you too, Bunny." He whispered softly to me and I grinned.

"Really daddy?" I asked and yawned. I was so tired. So freaking tired.

"Yes baby. Now you go to sleep okay? I'll put you to bed." He said and I cuddled deeper into his body.

"Okay Daddy."

"Good boy."

AN : So this is a little long. It's four am and I'm sleep deprived and hungry but I finished another chapter. So yayy!

This chapter is to remind myself that I was writing this story so I could incorporate a LOT of sex in it and I did it. ^_^

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