Velvet Valentine (MxM)

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I Can't Really Cook (Ruhail)

I extracted myself from Saroj's vice grip at 4am in the morning. When he passed out last night, I brought him to my place. I knew enough about drunk people to know that he needed to sleep it off. He woke up once when I put him to bed. He whined and gripped my arms until I laid down beside him and then he cuddled into me before passing out again.

I had to admit, it was tremendously hard to not be tempted to just hold his soft body close to mine and sleep with him. But I knew that a person's sober self can be completely different from their drunk self. He wouldn't want me there when he woke up. He would be pissed at me for even bringing him to my apartment in the first place, but I had no other choice. I didn't know any of his friends other than the two we heard in the bathroom and that thought made me shiver.

So I brought him here.

Now it was four in the morning. The faint light of the dying night was visible through my big open window. I sighed before drawing the curtain. Then I sauntered to the living room and plopped onto the sofa. Thankfully, I've grabbed my warm shawl from my room so I won't freeze in here.

It took me a few minutes, but I fell asleep. I realised that the smell of Saroj's perfume calmed my nerves.

That was the last thought I had before unconsciousness dragged me into a peaceful darkness.


I woke up confused. I sat up and immediately hissed when a sharp pain radiated through my neck and into my back. Sleeping on the sofa when you're over six feet is not a good idea. I rubbed my sore neck and rotated it from side to side to get rid of the kinks.

My joints made weird snapping sounds as I stood up and I streched my body. I checked my phone to see it was only six in the morning, so I probably had two hours of solid sleep. Fantastic.

I checked the bedroom to see that Saroj was curled up into a little ball under the blanket. He looked like a small rabbit, and I wanted nothing more than to wrap him protectively in my arms and fall asleep beside him. But he wouldn't want that, I reminded myself.

I wrote a note saying I'll be out for an hour or so and I'll grab us some breakfast, in case he woke up and got confused. I put the note on the bedside table and looked at his soft body that was pressed into my pillow, his face smushed cutely against it. I couldn't help myself as I bent down and kissed his cute nose. It scrunched up a bit and he made a little sound at the back of his throat but didn't wake up. I smiled as I walked out of the room and closed the door.

My apartment had a second bathroom and I brushed my teeth there haphazardly before putting on my running gear and then I was out of the apartment.

I ran along my usual route and my body adjusted itself pretty quickly. Running gave me a feeling of freedom. The music that blasted from my earphones charged me on. Some people watched me as I ran past them. To some people here, I looked like some sort of a monster. My tall frame didn't have as much muscle as it should, so I was a bit on the lankier side. My almost shaved head, earstuds and tattoos didn't make me a popular choice amongst the older people. Unfortunately for me, they mostly made up the crowd in the mornings, that's why I preferred running in the evenings. But I needed to clear my head today.

I finished my run and went to a store to buy some food. I grabbed some milk, cereal, bread, cheese and a few others things. I paid for them and made my way back to the apartment.

I was so lost in my own thoughts that when I entered my apartment, I didn't notice the white haired boy in my kitchen right away. When I did, I almost dropped my groceries.

Last night I pulled his shoes and accessories out before he hit the bed but he was still fully dressed. But right now, he was wearing nothing but a long band t-shirt of mine. It was black, and because I had a habit of cutting off the neck of the t-shirts, it had a kind of a scoop neck. Which fit me perfectly, but on his smaller frame, it showed one of his shoulders off. It also hit him just two or three inches below his ass and other than that, his whole leg was on display. My mouth watered as I looked at his delectable body.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, dropping the groceries on the table and he jumped at the sound of my voice. I noticed he had his earpods in, so obviously he didn't hear me come in.

He turned towards me, confusion laced in his pretty eyes.

"Did you want me gone? I saw your note and thought you wanted me to be here?" He asked and tilted his head slightly, the action making him look like a lost little bunny, and I wanted nothing more than to kiss him silly.

"No! Of course I want you here. I just.. I was asking what are you doing in the kitchen, are you hungry?" I asked and looked away nervously. He was sin served on a platter for me. He had cleared his face of make-up and still looked just as alluring.

He giggled at my question, the sound reminded me of the small streams back at home. They made a similar sound while jumping from rock to rock in their merry rhythm. It was soft and melodic, like his voice.

"I wanted some tea, I had a headache." He said, rubbing the side of his head with his fingers. "I made you some too." He smiled and poured me some tea from the pot, then handed me the mug, which I took from him in a daze.

"Um. Thank you, Saroj." I said and he looked away.

"You're welcome." He mumbled.

We were still at least five feet apart. I awkwardly sipped my tea as I backed into the dining table and plopped into a chair. I motioned for him to take a seat when he fidgeted uncomfortably at the counter.

He sighed and after a few beats, walked gracefully to the chair across mine and slid in. He pulled one of his legs up, resting the heel on the edge of the chair and perched his chin on his knee.

"The tea is really good. One of the best I've had." I honestly told him and he flushed.

"Thanks. Uh... I borrowed your shirt, I didn't like the way mine smelled." He said and I smiled.

"It's alright. You can keep it." I said and he blushed again, pressing his lips to his knee, and nodded.

"What do you wanna eat?" I asked and he shrugged, peeping into the grocery bag.

"Milk, eggs, bread. You can make some omelette and toast." He suggested and I felt my cheeks warm.

"I can't really cook. But I can order you some breakfast if you want." I said and looked up at him to see him looking at me with amused eyes.

"You can't cook? How do you get by?" He asked, humour lacing his words.

It was my turn to shrug, and I smiled at him.

"Fine, I'll cook, just do me a favour and don't tell me if it's bad." He said and I was so perplexed at the thought of him cooking in my kitchen in my shirt that I blacked out for two seconds. I came back to reality when he snapped his fingers in front of me.

"Hey! I asked you something." He said a bit irately and I smiled at him apologetically.

"I'm sorry, I zoned out for a second. What did you ask?"

"I asked, if you can't cook, why did you bring eggs?" He asked and cocked up an eyebrow at me.

"I can boil them." I answered and he burst out laughing. The beautiful waterfall sound was music to my ears and I couldn't help myself as I stood up and leaned down to kiss his temple, which made him freeze.

"I'll get out of your hair now, you can cook in peace." I said and I hauled my ass towards my sofa even though all I wanted to do was sit at the counter and watch that little bunny cook.

I edited some pictures from yesterday's shoot and patted myself on the back for the handiwork. The location was perfect and revisiting the pictures helped me envision from where the wedding pictures would look the most beautiful. I wanted everything to be perfect for my best friend's wedding. Not just because she was my best friend, but also because she'd kill me if it wasn't perfect.

I was so lost in my work that I didn't notice Saroj until he put the plate in front of me on the coffee table, along with another mug of tea. He then sat himself on the other side of the sofa - much to my dismay and raised one perfect eyebrow at me when he saw me looking.

I shook my head and smiled, I put my computer away and took my plate, it smelled amazing. I started to eat and realised the taste was even better.

"This is amazing." I told him sincerely and he blushed a little at the compliment.

"Thank you." He smiled at me and I nodded.

"Have you.. um.. called your friends or texted? You know, to let them know you're okay." I asked he shrugged.

"I texted in the group that I'm fine and with a friend. They were like, whatever. The only person who cares is probably Rip, the one who was getting a blowjob yesterday." He giggled and I felt myself groan at the memory, but smiled nonetheless.

"Anyway, he called, so I told him I'll talk to him later, but I'm okay. And you know who I heard moaning 'who is it babyy?' just before Rip disconnected? Rohit!" He told me excitedly, almost bouncing on his seat.

"Let me guess, he was the one giving Rip head." I said and he nodded before breaking out into a giggle.

"I knew Rip was gay, but Rohit always said he was straight, but I knew he was always a little faggy." He said and I shook my head. It seemed he liked gossip.

"Oh my God, I have to ask them about it." He half screamed, forgetting his food. I put my empty plate on the table and slid closer to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Eat your food first, it's getting cold. You can talk to them later." I said, taking his phone from his hand and putting his half finished plate in it. He huffed at me.

"Fine, poopface." He said and I smiled. Fuck, he was the cutest fucking thing ever. Before I'd do something I'd regret and he'd hate me for, I picked up my mug and sipped the tea. If I got to have tea that tasted this amazing everyday, I'd be addicted to it too.

"The tea is amazing babe." I said quietly and he smiled a bright smile at me.

"Thankieee! Actually the tea that you have is really good quality, it's not just me." He said and I shook my head.

"I make shitty tea with the same leaves. Trust me, you made it good." I said and he smiled again. I'll never get tired of looking at his sweet smile.

When he finished his food and his tea, I took the plates to the kitchen sink and started washing them.

When I finished and walked into the room again, Saroj was typing away into his phone furiously, no doubt talking to his friend, Rip or whatever his name was. I sat beside him leaving a bit to space between us, but as soon as I sat down, he jumped towards me, waving his phone in front of my face.

My eyes crossed trying to see what he tried to show me but it went away as fast as it came.

"Can you believe this?" He shouted in my face.

I didn't even have the chance to reply before he went on, "They've been dating for a fucking month and half! And they never told me!" He shouted again, making me wince at his high pitched voice.

"Calm down baby. They must have had their reason to not say anything." I said and I rubbed his back, he just huffed.

"Whatever, I don't care." He said and threw his phone on the sofa, where it landed with a soft sound.

"Can you take me home please?" He said and I froze. I didn't think about him going anywhere, I thought we would spend the day together, but that obviously wasn't happening.

"Of course. But can we talk first? We... Didn't really get a chance to talk yesterday, or today." I told him nervously and he nodded after a few seconds.

"Sure. What do you wanna talk about?" He asked as he perched himself on the sofa with his legs tucked beneath him, and put his hands on his lap awkwardly.

I sighed, this was gonna be a long talk.

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