Velvet Valentine (MxM)

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He Really Likes Saying Daddy (Ruhail)

If nobody knows the best feeling in the world, it's holding the soft, smooth, beautiful body of the love of your life in your arms as he smiled absentmindedly, while drawing patterns on your chest.

I sighed contently as Saroj continued to draw mindless patterns on my chest, and upon hearing the sigh, he cuddled closer. I held on to him more tightly.

We had finished Coco a while ago and honestly it was one of the best animated movies I've ever watched. I only realised that I had tears trickling down my cheeks when Saroj started practically weeping beside me. It took a few more minutes for him to calm down after the movie ended, but now he looked snug and happy.

"Want some lunch?" I chuckled and asked when I heard his stomach rumble. He gave me a shy smile.

"Yes, please." God! The way he said please made me want to turn him over and fuck his brains out, but it wasn't quite the right time for now. I smiled and kissed his cheek, he smiled back at me.

My heart has never felt fuller than it was now. When I met Saroj the first time, eight years ago, I knew I wanted him, but I was also taught that I was wrong. That my feelings were wrong, and I was an absolute asshole. But the way he talked to me, and forgave me, made me never want to let him go. I realised that my feelings for him never went away. They stayed, and now that he was back, they were soaring like fireworks inside of me. I felt full, I felt.... happy.

I kissed his cheek again, my baby Bunny. He blushed adorably and turned his face away to pick on the blanket we were cuddling under. Even though I've never really ventured into it, I knew I was dominant by nature. It really helped in my line of work too, people actually listened to me. The way Saroj looked and behaved, I could say that he was really submissive. It ignited something inside of me. A need to protect him, cherish him, have him as mine in every way.

I was still smiling when I picked up my phone to order food.

"What do you want baby?" I asked him and his cheeks redenned.

"Whatever you want da....mmh." He ended his statement in a slight whimper and looked away, biting his lips.

Fuck he was so submissive, he was actually going to call me Daddy. I realised that I wanted it more than anything. I wanted to be his Daddy, I wanted to have him as mine.

My Bunny.

I put my hand to his chin and he looked at me with wide eyes, lips trembling just slightly.

"I want you to tell me what you wanna eat, Bunny." I told him in a slightly harder tone and his eyes glazed over.

Fuck. It was hard not to just kiss him senseless again.

"I... I..." He began but took a deep breath to steady himself.

"I want lasagna." He said in a small but sure tone and I smiled at him. He seemed to be relieved and smiled back.

I ordered us both food and pulled him into my arms again after I was done. He cuddled close to my chest.

I rubbed soothing patterns on his soft skin until he was pliant in my arms.

When the food arrived, we ate in a comfortable silence. I loved the fact that he could just sit in bed, leaning into me, and that's all the comfort he needed. No unnecessary chitchat. I wasn't a big talker, he liked to talk, but he didn't seem to mind the silence.

When we finished, I pulled him into my arms again. I just couldn't get enough of him. The best part was, he didn't mind that I was being so fucking clingy. I kissed him again, and it turned into another full-on make-out session.

When I finally pulled back, he was straddling my hips. I rubbed his ass a little and he involuntarily moved his ass onto my crotch. I was already hard, and I could feel that he was too.

"Not now, baby." I said and he whined. He wanted it so bad, it was so clear in his eyes.

"Please." He pleaded. I just looked at him, as he kept wantonly moving his hips for friction.

"You want it so bad, don't you?" I didn't know where these words were coming from, I just knew that I liked them, and Saroj liked them even more than I did, the way his eyes heated up and his breath caught were proof of that.

"Yes." He whimpered, needily. "Please, I need it." He whined and dropped his head to my shoulder.

"Please, Daddy." He whispered to my neck and I could feel his face getting hot after saying it.

I growled and pulled on his hair lightly to make him look at me, he moaned and complied without resistance. He looked at me with need and... was that admiration? adoration? I couldn't figure it out, but it was beautiful.

I kissed him roughly for a minute before biting, sucking and licking the feathery skin of his neck, he just kept moaning. Fucking hot.

"Such a little slut for Daddy." I said and his eyes literally rolled back into his head before they closed and he let out a loud moan that was music to my ears.

Fuck, he could probably just cum from me dirty talking into his ears.

"I bet you can cum from this." I said, palming his cock through his underwear. "Just me saying filthy things into your ears can make you cum." I said and he nodded. Seemingly too dazed to do anything else.

"Yes, Daddy." He said when I kept palming him. He tried to move his hips, but I held him in place with my other hand.

"You take what Daddy gives you baby." I whispered before dipping my hand into his underwear and stroking his hard cock. I kept looking into his eyes as his expression changed from dazed to shocked to one of complete ecstacy. He threw his hands around my shoulder as I pumped his cock.

"Yeah, such a pretty little slut baby. Such a pretty boy, Bunny." I murmured and he moaned again.

"Daddy, I..." He started but couldn't finish. He convulsed as his orgasm raked through his whole body. He kept trembling in my arm as I kept stroking his cock gently until he whined from being sensitive.

He put his head on my shoulder and watched with a shocked expression when I brought my cum-covered hand to my mouth and licked my fingers. I licked them clean of his cum, looking him straight in the eyes. His expressive face told me how much he liked it, and it made me realise how hard I was. I shifted uncomfortably and he obviously noticed.

"Daddy, I can.." He said and I quickly kissed him.

"That can wait for some other time." I smiled fondly at him. "Are you feeling good?" I gently asked, petting his soft hair.

"Yes Daddy." He shyly said. It looked like he really really liked saying Daddy. I wasn't complaining.

"Did Daddy make you feel good." I referred to myself and watched his eyes glaze over again.

"You made me feel so good Daddy." He whispered as he kissed my chest. Smiling up at me sweetly.

"Good boy." I said and his face lit up like the sun.

I smiled and moved him so I could get out from under him, he frowned and pouted adorably. I loved the fact that his face just couldn't hide anything from me. I knew exactly how I made him feel and it made my chest swell with pride.

I went to the bathroom and came back with some wet wipes.

Saroj blushed like crazy but let me help him out of his t-shirt and underwear. I threw them in the laundry basket and wiped whatever cum he had on his stomach and crotch. It was really hard to not get a painful boner when his lucious, perfect body was right there for me to see. I quickly tried to leave before it became embarrassingly obvious. I wanted to get it down before coming back again, but when I headed towards the bathroom, a small hand tugged on my finger.

I looked down at Saroj but he was already in front of me.

In a flash, he had the buttons of my pants undone and tugged them down. I had got rid of my shirt before we started watching the movie. He rubbed his soft hands on my chest before kissing the tip of my cock and sucking the head into his warm mouth. He looked up at me with that sweet expression again.

"You don't have to do it baby." I told him, putting a hand under his chin as he looked up at me. He let my cock go out of his mouth but took it in his hand.

"I want to Daddy. Please. I want to please you." He begged. Before softly kissing my shaft again.

"Fuck my face, Daddy, please" He moaned and that snapped my control.

I almost let out an animalistic growl before grabbing his head by his hair and pushing my whole length into his mouth.

He choked on it a little bit, but sucked on it eagerly, moaning to himself. I kept pumping into his mouth, but I was careful not to hurt him. His eyes were closed and it looked like he was enjoying it as much as I was.

I moaned and grunted, speeding up. He gagged but didn't take his mouth off.

"Such a slut for daddy's cock, aren't you?" I growled and his whole body trembled as his knees slid out from under him. His eyelids fluttered close.


"Touch yourself." I growled, looking at his cock that was hard again. He balanced himself properly before taking his hand to pump his cock. I kept lightly fucking his face as he stroked himself, looking straight into my eyes.

"You love it, don't you? You love sucking my cock, don't you Bunny?" I cooed at him in a mocking baby voice and he moaned and nodded. Finally moving back to breathe properly.

"I love it Daddy." He said before putting his mouth on my cock again.

This time I started going faster, and he pumped himself harder too. I wanted him to cum first. I don't know why, but I wanted to see him come apart with my cock in his mouth. He looked like he was close, but I was approaching my breaking point as well.

"Are you gonna cum, slut? Are you gonna cum from Daddy fucking your dirty little face?" I growled and that did it for him.

I have never seen anyone who loved dirty talk more than he did, and it was such a fucking turn-on. His knees gave out as his body trembled from the intense orgasm. It triggered mine too. And I shot my cum into his mouth in the most soul-shattering orgasm I've ever had.

It took me a minute to come back to reality. And I saw that Saroj was lapping up the remainder of my cum like a kitten. His hand and the sheets were a mess, but at least he was enjoying it.

I smiled and pulled him up into a kiss. He eagerly complied. And I couldn't lie, the taste of my cum on his lips was one of the most erotic shit I've ever experienced.

He giggled when I rubbed my beard on his neck, hanging off of my shoulders. His slender body hot from all the work we did. And in the winter afternoon, that felt like the best warmth I've ever felt in my life.

I pulled him to me.

I had no intention of ever letting him go.

"My Bunny." I whispered and he smiled.

"Yes, Daddy." He whispered back.

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