My Alpha Mate Rejected Me

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“Sweet revenge is the best feeling ever” Belle Daphne wanted love from everyone but when every time she tries something, she always failed. Being a young sweet girl, she wanted nothing more but love from her mate because her pack members always say that finding their mate was the best thing that ever happen. However, that was not the case. She was rejected by her mate who happens to be her best friends. But the moon goddess was so cruel to her that she was left with a broken heart. She felt useless, angry, sad and heartbroken. She wanted nothing to stop the pain from her heart and wants everything to end. So she decided to end by running away from her pack…… Sneak peek: I say, “Can you two do me a favour?” He say, “What do you want?” I say, “I want to make him regret from doing what he had done for me. I want you to fake my death.” He smirk and say, “Sure. But I will need a plan to make it real.” I discuss the plan with the two people that I can count on now and they nod their head in response. She say, “This is going to be fun!” I say, “Sweet revenge is always the best feeling ever.”

Romance / Drama
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I am Belle Daphne, the beta’s youngest daughter, of Blue Moon Crescent Pack In Canada and this year I am turning to seventeen. I have two older brother and I have a older sister but we are not related to her.

My older sister, Diane, was found at our pack house doorstep when she was a baby, which I heard from my parents one night. My family tried to find her parents however they could not find it and decided to adopt her since she was adorable. She is the centre of attraction in my family which makes me feel like I was a black sheep in my family since most of the time they hardly pay attention to me.

Firstly, she does not like me whenever I am near my best friend, Blake Harrison, since the two of them are in a relationship. Secondly, there is this strange thing about her that I do not like but I could not figure it out. I guess its called the six sense thing but I choose to ignore it since I have no prove that there is something fishy about her.

I have always wanted my best friend who happens to be the alpha of my pack in the next line after his father, to be my mate.

He is what all girls want. Handsome, sweet, kind and caring. The day when we were celebrating his 18th birthday, I was kind of sad because he was in a relationship with my adopted sister, Diane, and it feels like they are mates with one another. That was what everyone says all the time.

Everything was in a slow motion when I found him looking at me. He said, Mate!” I was happy because I always have a crush on me and with him being my mate, I was delighted.

However, that happiness came for a short time when all the good things came crushing me. After the party, he mind link me to meet at our favorite spot which was the waterfall area.I saw him standing there looking very serious and say, “Hey, Blake.” He had the cold look at his face which I have not see that side of him before which terrified me.

He look at me with that cold face and say, “ I am sorry, Belle, you can’t be my mate. I love your sister so much and I can’t do that to her. She lost her mate when a rogue killed her and I can’t bring it to her by breaking her heart.”

Was all that he said! He didn’t care about my feelings when he rejected me, all his feeling was on my sister.

I cry and say, “ How am I going to live without you being by my side?”

He say, “ You will find a guy better than me. I, Blake Harrison, reject you, Belle Daphne, to be my mate.”

When those few words came out from his mouth, I felt my heart breaking into pieces. He use his wolf form and ran away after saying those words while I am standing here feeling the pain.

After the rejection, I cried all night asking myself why I didn’t deserve all the love from my parents, brothers and him! I felt so stupid believing that my mate will accept me probably I will never be good enough for anyone.

They always cared for her while I was there suffering my pain in silent because I got rejected. I keep on comparing myself and my sister asking myself why did he choose him. Did he love her because of her beautiful body and her character?

Every day, eating with my family and him was a torture that was why I will always make excuse to my family and just went back to my room to starve instead. There was a couple of times when I saw them kissing and holding hands together makes me feel so sick, sad and angry. When I look at him, it was like I didn’t know him anymore.

The day when his father was announcing him to be the new Alpha, he shocked everyone by saying that they are holding a wedding in one month time because he find out that he did not want to waste his time finding his mate while he is in love with my sister.

I was devastated by the news while everyone was cheering for them. When I felt a tear roll down from my cheek, he looked at me but I turn around and ran to my bedroom. I cried for hours till there were no tears left to cry. By the time, I stop crying, I notice that it was already midnight.

That was when I decided that I couldn’t take the pain and quickly pack all my stuff. I took a paper and just say ” Sorry everyone and please don’t find me” and put the piece of paper on my bed.

After I was done, I ran away to the forests quickly with my human form as I still have one more year left to turn into a wolf.

I thought that by running away from all the drama, I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. However, the moon goddess has planned something else for me which I did not expected to turn out that way…..

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