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What would be the definition of Love. The one that changes you or the one that changes everything around you but you. ''There is nothing like first love. Its beloved that one cannot love again like the first love. Well may be true, but exceptions always will be there and I am the one for now. I just want my LAST LOVE .I have never been so me with anyone else.I have never loved anyone the way. I Love him and the jerk suddenly went missing, leaving me driving crazily in the night .I will smack him bad once I find him. How can he just take a decision about vanishing from my life. He isn't the impulsive one, its me. God please tell me he isn't going melodramatic over me.I have never stepped out of my house after 7 in the evening here I am going around the deserted city to just have a glance of him. I LOVE him, I really do and first thing I am going to do is to punch him in the eye for making me lose my head. I loved the way he was bad, stubborn, crazy and maniac to some extent. but true in every sense and now he suddenly decided to be a good boy. Let it be, right now its important to find him and tell him what he is for me..MY ONLY LOVE.....MY LAST LOVE''

Abha S Dixit
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Chapter 1


″Morning Siya.‘’ Diya wished her younger sister who sat near the window, her eyes staring out at oblivion.

This had become a pattern. Diya would find her younger sibling staring out in the space at odd hours. It was a matter of concern as Siya always had been a happy one of the two.

Off lately, things have been different. With a shake of her head Diya made her way to the wash room to freshen up. Splashing water on her face and stared at her reflection, she should talk it out with Siya.

Though, Diya knew what bothered her sister, still she had a hope that discussion would bring out something better. Words did better than silence in case of hurt. The pretence her younger sister had been keeping for their parents was taking a toll on her. It wasn’t her fault that she didn’t fit the different criteria of the world. She wasn’t the bold or beautiful one, she was simple. Just as the word, she loved being that way, but that was for her not to the society.

The world around her had put her on to the scales of suitability many times before but then she was a kid and it didn’t matter. Being in her late teens and being constantly judged and mocked for being different was making Siya lose all the remaining confidence.

″Di, do you believe I am unfit to be a fashion designer?″ She has asked Diya a couple of days back after hearing couple of her friends who thought she doesn’t have the face to sell anything.

Diya found it rude and insensitive. Taking a deep breath, she tied her hair in a messy bun, the issue had to be addressed and soon. Siya’s silence was dangerous for her future. Making a decision Diya stepped into the room but found it empty, Siya had escaped again.

Siya was busy in getting ready for her coaching centre, she had a dream of becoming a fashion designer. Her family supported her and so did her so called friends, she thought so. In her absence, they mocked her dreams. For them, a wall flower like her deserved to stay in the vicinity of her house.

Siya never accepted that, though it hurt to hear, yet she decided to stand firm. Looking at her now, none could guess that a day before she has been gloomy about being put down by some of her so-called well-wishers. For her ,every day was a new day.

Siya was different, who said what never mattered to her. Her parents had bought the two sisters up just like sons. Diya was daring smart and beautiful. She was witty and naturally gifted to read between the lines, on the other hand Siya was simple, sweet, chubby and full of life. She believed in doing good, she never understood the dark side. Her quote for life ‘smile and the world smiles with you’, and this what her parents and sister were worried about.

Siya was so simple that people took advantage of her and she wouldn't realise of it. When she did, her confidence would take a back seat. She would blame herself for being foolish enough to be taken advantage off.

Siya came down dressed in a long blue skirt with a pink blouse, her big black eyes were dawned with a single stoke of kohl and she decided to pair her dress with simple silver earrings. She gave her dad a loving hug greeting him enthusiastically, ″Morning Papa, hi di. Mom, I am leaving for college″

Looking at that smile no one could guess the fight going in her mind. Diya looked at her sister once and then started fiddling with the spoon, ″Why were you awake till midnight?″ She wanted Siya to open to her family.

Siya understood and smiled at her elder sibling, ″Di was busy with assignment, these must be submitted by today.″

Diya crooked her head, she knew about assignment and her sister’s attitude, ″Assignment ???? but I thought you were done with it over the weekend.″

Siya fidgeted at her sister’s query, ″yup Di, this is of Naina. She was so scared she couldn’t do it.″ Diya face turned red in anger, she had been warning Siya of her friend’s manipulative and selfish motives but Siya never took it seriously.

Taking a deep breath, Diya tried controlling her simmering anger, ″Siya, she is using you, world is not as good as you believe it to be.″

″Mom says what goes around comes around, so do good get good and Di, Naina is my best friend. It’s my duty to be on her side in time of need.″ Diya banged the spoon on the table hearing her reply, she kept glaring at Siya’s leaving form worried about another heart break. She just shook her head in frustration.

Diya looked at her mom, ″Ma, someday someone will hurt her bad. Guess, you guys should have taught her some bad too with all the good.″

Nitya smiled at her daughter’s words. She too was worried for Siya but unlike Diya, Nitya wanted Siya to make her way through her own simple personality. She wanted Siya to make her own mistakes, learn her lessons and be ready to face the next challenge coming her way.

Nitya consoled her first born, ″we all are born with certain personality. She is born sweet and my job as a mother is too teach my children the good, because world teaches you the bad anyway. She will learn, and I think someone will value her innocence. Now, you finish your breakfast.″

Her mother’s words didn't cure Diya’s worry. She was aware how Siya’s friend’s, cousins found her an easy target, they used and mocked her. They knew she would never retaliate or do something to stop them. Diya took a deep breath, her betrothed, Tej had mentioned some days back that in longer run these comments and comparison would affect Siya’s confidence.

Diya wanted Siya to go out of the city and see the world. To face different situations and learn to be emotionally strong. Diya did all to motivate her younger sister to do the best. She had high hopes on the entrance Siya was about to take in few days. She had no doubt about her cracking the entrance. She wanted her to, but at the same time, she was worried about Siya adapting to new unprotected environment but this had a better aspect too . She might learn to fight for herself.


A group of men entered a dark room, they were dressed alike, a kind of uniform. One of them gestured the others to move. The other men moved pushing the heavy curtains off the huge glass window of the gigantic bedroom. The room came alive with bright Sun rays filing every corner of it.

A strong muscular figure stirred a bit before setting down b again.

″Sir, its 9:30 AM and your dad is furious.″ Crisply dressed butler spoke clearing his throat looking at the young man sprawled on the bed.

The young lad gave a sinful smile dismissing all of them. After good 1 hr he walked out of his room all suited, he greeted a middle-aged lady dressed in elegant pink sari and pearls, ’’Morning Mom″

Bina Singhania, responded to the hug warmly, ″Morning Son, and your dad is really pissed. Stop breaking his rules.″ She kept her voice stern, trying to sound serious to her son Ranvir Singhania aka Ronny.

The son and heir to business tycoon Raj Singhania, they also owned one of the biggest and best fashion house in the country by name ATTIRE.

Ronny gave a heart-warming smile to his mother, ″Mom, rules are meant to be broken and then to be changed. By the way Mr Singhania will be on the moon once he knows that Ronny Singhania cracked the deal″

Bina Singhania gave her son a proud smile, ″He is Raj Singhania, rules are all that matters to him. Ronny, he isn’t happy of your philandering ways.″

She too wasn’t happy with her son’s growing number of affairs. He had been a topic of discussion across her circle for his flirtatious ways. Even she couldn’t remember the number of girls her son had dated and had been pictured with but he seemed unaffected with all words said to him. He took everything causally, he was amazing at his work and that saved him every time.

His parents couldn’t complain about he is being negligent in work or his duties as a son or a brother. He loved his sisters and was overprotective about them. Ronny smiled studying the fake anger on his mother’s face, ″Mom, it’s my time to enjoy life. And I am doing a noble job offering my shoulder to grief stricken girls.″

Bina raised a brow at his innocent expression, ″I guess you are giving more than a shoulder and why they must come to you?″

He replied in a serious tone, ‘‘I just give them a helping hand, social service you know. ″

She pressed her lips to hide her smile. Ronny knew how lighten things around him, ″Spare me the details Ronny, I am you mother.’’

Ronny went on his knees in a pleading position, ″Then please display the magic of your eyes and save me from your husband.″

Bina agreed to her son’s heart melting smile. Ronny Singhania was everything a parent expected out of a son. He was a perfect son, brother and the hire to Singhania group but he was everything a good girl would never desire. Yet, he never failed to charm the one he wanted to.

He was brave, cunning handsome and tough nut to crack. ″Ronny, if someone does the same with your sisters.″ Bina tried to reason, as a mother she too wanted Ronny to change.

His expression changed, ″Mom, I don’t force. Everything is consensual. I don’t give them ant commitment and they are fine with it, so am I. It’s just fun, and regarding my sisters, you know what I can do for them. Well let’s just close the topic. I am leaving for work, just let Ruhi know I will be taking her for the entrance exam next week.″

Ronny walked out after giving his mom a gentle hug. Raj and Bina were blessed parents of three kids a son and two wonderful daughters, Bulbul and Ruhi. Out of the two, Bulbul was an emotional one. Being bought up in a protective environment she believed world to be the same but her notions changed when she met the other side.

During her stay at hostel for her masters, Bulbul was ragged mercilessly which pushed her into severe depression. Her roommate had tormented her so much during the stay that Bulbul feared even talking about it. Later, when the Singhanias got to know about it, the girl was confronted, and she admitted being jealous of Bulbul’s privileged life. She hated that Bulbul had better lifestyle and resources. She felt it was unfair that someone was so blessed, and others had to fight tooth and nail for small things. The girl came from a lower middle-class family and had fought a lot in her life. She felt it was okay to hurt the privileged ones as they too should the taste of pain.

Raj Singhania had let go the girl with a warning, he understood that she was irritated with her situations and struggles, but the incident left a permanent mark in Ronny’s heart. He had banned his sisters from befriending anyone not matching their status or circle. He felt they would take advantage of his sisters. Bulbul, due to her experience refrained from making friends but Ruhi was different.

She was ruled by her stubborn will. She studied others and tried learning from not just hers, but others experience too. Bulbul being the eldest was married to a Diamond merchant, Jatin Bhatnagar.

Ruhi was the youngest in the family. She was 5 years younger to Ranvir and he loved her like his own child which made her all the way more stubborn. She was different of the lot, she followed her heart. She had less friends because of her outspoken nature but that didn’t deter her from being herself and taking her own decisions. For now, she was out on a trip to Rajasthan and alone.

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