The Boy Next Door

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"I believe we have not introduced ourselves before. Martinez, Rafael Martinez. And you are?" "Not interested." I dribbled the ball past him. Maria Isabel Garcia is your average Mexican nerd with a love for food, reading and studying. Rafael Martinez is your typical bad boy. Recently moved to the neighbourhood and Maria's boy next door, his captivating green eyes and magnetic charm captures the attention of all but Maria. Read to find out how they meet, fight and fall in love.

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Easy Goal

“Let’s go already!” Zachary screamed at his elder sister. “No one really cares about your face.”

“Okay, okay, calm your horses. We’re going, just be patient for a few seconds.”

I was furiously brushing through my crazy knots that I liked to describe as my hair. I huffed and decided that there couldn’t be anything done to tame my hair so leaving it out was my only option. My brother just shook his head at me “Are you serious, you spent all that time brushing for you to leave your hair and not even put it up into a ponytail? You are seriously a waste of time.” I looked down at my 8 year old brother and agreed only for him to smile and drag me out to the front door.

“Bye Mumma, bye Papa,” we both simultaneously sang out.

I was your average 15 year old. Wavy black hair, honey brown eyes, thick eyebrows, full lips. People would say I have an hourglass figure but who cares about that stuff anyway...I have a potato of a nose, it is so fat and big, sometimes I curse my genes. But you know what they say, you have to accept who you are and least I try.

“Come on, walk faster. I want to go to the park!” Oh yes, I completely forgot, my little adorable brother Zachary. Where do I start. Oh yes, he is incredibly chubby and has jet black hair. Tall for his age as he has my mother’s genes, he uses that as an advantage but fakes it to me. Eight year olds nowadays have so much energy, it’s surprising.

No one was at the park.

“I told you Zachy that there would be no one at 4:30PM on a summer’s day. Everyone is at home near a fan or eating ice cream...why aren’t we at home again? Oh yeah because you’re too excited.”

“Oh fine, chill out, we can still play,” giving me a knowing look.

“Ugh fine.”

He kicked the soccer ball at me and I kicked it back in a direction where he wasn’t there so that he could run for it.

“Seriously?” Annoyed at me he ran to get the ball only to be stopped by two boys. One who grabbed the ball in his hands and another who was on his bike. The boy who grabbed my brother’s ball could be around the age of my brother whilst the other guy looked to be around my age. Due to my terrible eyesight...whoops I forgot to add, I wear glasses, not your stylish glasses but the granny glasses. I know a fashion disaster. Trust me I chose these when I was 9 and they were in trend at that time. I don’t know what I was thinking. So where was I.? Yes, due to my terrible eyesight I could only make out that the taller one was wearing a yellow shirt and red shorts and the younger one was wearing something black.

My brother started talking to them and out of curiosity I yelled “Zachhy, let’s play.”

All of then turned to face me. Shit.

They all started walking towards me and my brother yelled “They’re playing with us.” Look I applaud my brother on finding new friends but I wish I had that gift. Like I am a social butterfly but it takes time for me to get along with someone and asking them to join us would be far from it.

“Okay so we are playing soccer. Sis you stand there and pretend that’s a goal post.” He pointed to two huge trees.” And this is Rafael and Martin. Their goal post is on the other side.” He pointed to a tree and their bike. “All you have to worry about is when the ball comes to you, you catch it somehow so they do not score, got that?”

I looked at him. “Are you serious? I know how to play soccer. I am not that stupid.”

“Oh, you just admitted that you are stupid,” he chuckled running off to meet Martin, the younger one in the middle of the field. I mentally face palmed myself.

They started the game and I basically observed everyone playing. Rafael stayed at the goalpost just like me. Martin and Zach battled for the ball and I saw Martin dribbling the ball near our goal area. Getting ready for him to kick it into the bottom left, I moved towards the bottom right because you know reverse psychology but I guess he wasn’t thinking that, and he scored in the bottom left.

“OMG really sister? That was such an easy goal.” Embarrassed by myself and my brother I said “Nice shot, Martin, I totally gave you that one.”

“Of course you did” Martin replied. I don’t like this boy.

I looked up and I saw Rafael laughing. I don’t know if it was directed at me or the situation but I definitely did not like these two boys.

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