The Mating Games

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Chapter 5

For the first time since this ordeal, I hesitated. I was considered a near perfect example of power in my wolf form but in my human? I had confidence and grace, and maybe I was considered decent looking, but where my wolf was undeniable, I was not.

Looking at him only made me more insecure. His eyes, still near black, were framed with lashes I could see from here and perfectly arched eyebrows sat above them. Black hair was slightly long, something I wouldn’t usually find attractive on a man but he made it look desirable. Again, those lips. Lips that made we want to do sinful things, made me want him to do sinful things to me.

He was taller and although I couldn’t tell exactly, I knew his height was over six feet. His shoulders matched his wolf’s but proportional to his human body, and his arms looked strong enough to snap me in half. It definitely would not be the worst way to go.

His stomach was well-defined and his belly button was hidden by a rather large appendage that led my eyes down, down, down. Oh, my. Instantly, my pheromones permeated the air and my tail pushed to the side, preparing for a potential mating. I tried hiding my reaction the best I could but when a ferocious growl escaped his chest, I knew he had smelled it.

Yes, he was a perfect creature, and I was not.

“Shift. I will not ask again.”

I did not appreciate orders much but all of a sudden I was greedy to finish something that hadn’t even been started. My anxiety had been replaced by something more… carnal and almost instantly, I found myself shifting.

Claws receded, skin tightened, and bones molded back together to form my natural body. When I had finished, I stood from my kneeled position on the ground.

I did not cover myself, not even when a sudden rush of air caused my nipples to harden and reach towards someone they knew could warm them up. If he could be confident, so could I. It wasn’t like nakedness was abnormal for either of us.

I met his eyes in this form and the feelings were almost as intense as the first time. Time stood still yet again, and the only thing I could focus on was my intense need to go to him. It was unnatural for true mates not to be together and standing even ten feet away from him physically hurt.

But he wasn’t making any moves towards me which was unheard of for an alpha male.

My anxiety came back full force and I almost crossed my arms over my chest when a sweetness filled the air, forcing the hairs on my arms to stand up. Only it was not my desire this time but his. Mine was very quick to add to it, though.

Hesitantly, fearfully even, I took a step towards him. My eyes were attuned to his every move, so it didn’t go unnoticed when he stiffened. I stopped for a few seconds to gauge his reaction. His fists were clenched by his sides, and his breathing was deep and uneven. Yet his eyes remained gazing into my own.

Another step.

My stomach was in knots but my insides were burning, begging for something I have not experienced but want to now taste. A slickness was starting to coat my thighs, filling the surrounding air with a honey like scent. Cole’s nostrils flared, and his hand unclenched to reach slightly out to me.

Another step.

I was only a few feet away from him now, and my canines were partly extended in order to mark what was rightfully mine. But my wolf was still uneasy, slightly offended by the fact he was not coming to us.

Another step.

And I stopped.

Immediately, he snarled, lips curling to reveal his own elongated teeth. “Come.”

Gladly, on your fingers preferably, my wolf thought. I could only agree. I smirked before raising my arm in his direction, motioning my hand into a ‘come hither’ gesture. And then I opened my mouth. “No. You come.”

His response came less than a second later in the form of his body slamming into mine, maneuvering to where when we fell to the ground, he was on the bottom. Our faces were now less than an inch away, and my body was on fire where his skin touched mine. Embarrassingly, my lips parted and a breathy whimper escaped.

Cole’s eyes were closed, his jaw was clenched, and his hands had my waist in a death grip. Subconsciously, I pushed myself further into him, his hardness pressing into my stomach.

“Careful,” He hisses, canines fully emerged. “I can smell your purity, and I am not a gentle lover.”

My jealousy flared, eager to find out just how he knew he was no gentle creature between the sheets, but was easily forgotten when he reached up to cup my face. “I was not expecting to find you.” He sounded confused, as if he had no idea what to do now that he had me.

I could think of a few things he could do to us, my wolf remarked, flashing me a series of R-rated images. I smiled internally. Soon.

“I was not expecting to find you, either.” I whispered truthfully, thinking back to how willing I was to taking a complete stranger as my lifelong partner. How naive I was, thinking I could so easily resist something that felt much too right.

“Then what are you doing here?” He asked, face reaching towards mine before his nose skims down my neck. “God, you smell delicious.” He groans out before his lips lightly touches the base of my neck, teeth knocking against my skin. My body jerks from the sparks that erupt, and I expose myself further. It was strange to let my most vulnerable part become my most cherished.

“I could ask you the same thing.” I mused before planting a wanton kiss on his collarbone. I had never gotten into the whole sex thing growing up, preferring to keep to myself and focus on more important things. It was always something I feared doing, believing my lack of experience would ruin the moment, but it came naturally with him. “And I can assure you, I taste much better.”

A rugged breath escapes him before he pulls away. I try hard not to let out a disappointed sigh. “I plan on testing out that statement later, trust me.” A promising smile spreads across his face before he continues. “But I think we have some more important things to discuss.”

I look at him solemnly a few more moments before attempting to roll away from him. There was no way I was going to have a serious conversation without asking him to fuck me, otherwise. But before I could get very far, he encircles me with his arms and rolls me right back on top of him.

“I didn’t say you could leave.”

I roll my eyes, trying even harder to leave his embrace. “I’m doing it anyway or else I would ask you to screw me before we made any progress.” His eyes narrow, but he let’s me go.

“I’ll take you up on that offer one day, sweetheart. But if I were to do it now, I doubt you could handle it.” I would like to say he was being arrogant, but I had a feeling it was honesty he was speaking with. I hadn’t even gotten a small taste, yet I was losing my shit.

“I would suggest we could walk back together, but I wasn’t thinking ahead far enough to bring clothes.” And walking back naked in front of hundreds of males just didn’t appeal to me, I added silently. It seemed he was thinking the same because a possessive hand was laid on my thigh, dangerously close to another anatomical part. I swatted it away when I sensed the arousal coming back full force, but Cole just let out a dark chuckle, moving it back to its original place.

“Don’t worry, princess. I have plenty back at my set-up. Stay here, I’ll be back in a few seconds.” Before I could respond or tell him that I could accompany him, he was gone. I let out a frustrated groan. What did I get myself into?

Without the distraction of his presence I could finally think clearly. He was my true mate which meant that if he was unwilling to help, I’d have to reject him. And then go through the torture of finding someone else.

Even the mere mention of another male in our life the way that Cole was meant to be had my wolf snarling, myself feeling no different. The pack first, I repeated. Always.

Cole kept his word and returned before he was even really gone, bringing with him the suffocating atmosphere. Only this time he was wearing joggers that hung low on his waist. Dear Goddess, is this any better? I raise my eyes towards the sky, begging for some control. It was doubtful that I would get it.

He tossed me a shirt that looked as if it would go to my knees and coming from a woman who was nearly 5’10”, that said a lot. I murmured a ‘thank you’ before moving to put it on. There was so much of his natural scent on it that I knew when we arrived together it would smell like we mated. I was fine with it, and I had a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing.

“You aren’t getting this back,” I warned, walking over to him. He smirked, reaching for my hand before lacing our fingers together.

“I wasn’t planning on asking for it back.”


Cole started to lead me behind him but I was quick to make sure I was beside him. We were equals, and he would treat me as such. He looked at me oddly but continued on as if nothing had happened. Little did he know, he had just passed my first test. Respect.

“I would ask who you are but I already know, along with everyone else in this competition.” I was displeased with the accuracy of my statement. Everyone indeed knew who he was, and unfortunately, that included fifty or so females. I saw some challenges in my future but one glance at the male beside me guaranteed I would fight to the death in order to get what was mine.

“Is that so? Well, as much as it disappoints me, I don’t know who you are. What pack are you from and what is your rank?” I give him a disbelieving look. He couldn’t sense my rank? It was a skill every alpha possessed in order to discern threats.

“Can your wolf not sense it?” I asked, slowing down my pace to observe him. He gave me a bewildered look in return.

“Sense what?” I was baffled. I had never heard of an alpha who couldn’t identify the rank of another wolf. Hell, most Betas were able to do it.

“My rank?”

He gave a short laugh, pulling me closer to his side. I nuzzled in, waiting for a reply. “It’s never been something my wolf and I worried about. We know when someone is more powerful than us, which is rare, and if they aren’t then we don’t concern ourselves with stressing over.”

“That’s a little arrogant. Just because a single person doesn’t match you in strength doesn’t mean their pack doesn’t. The gift gives a lot of beneficial insight. Especially when strategizing.” I knew I sounded like I was reprimanding him, and to a degree I was, but my only intentions were to point out a potential flaw. From our sudden stop and his removal of his hand from mine, he saw it a little bit differently.

“I have been running this pack beyond successfully for six years now. I have never needed this so called ‘gift’, and I don’t appreciate the criticism from a little girl.” His anger was evident in his tone but it was not his anger that bothered us. It was the disgust in his voice. As if he couldn’t believe someone he thought to be beneath him was giving out advice. The almighty Alpha Cole needed to be humbled. And if he didn’t start getting used to me giving advice soon, we would run into a major hurdle before we even began the race.

He was well ahead of me now, no longer attempting to travel at a human pace. “For a twenty-eight year old, he acts like a child,” my wolf tells me as I take off after him. Tell me about it, I reply.

I had a feeling getting him to abandon his pack to appease the ‘little girl’ he just met had as much of a chance as hell freezing over. So, I guess I needed a new strategy.

I hate to admit it but he’s only slightly faster than me and by the time I enter the well-mown lawn of the Null manor, he’s almost at the entrance. Ah, yes, now that he’s found his true mate, he’s allowed inside. I fully expect him to open the door, walk in , and slam it behind him, but he simply stands out front and waits. Presumably for me.

Walking past the males was a lot easier than last time, seeing as I had a t-shirt the size of a dress on and what was most likely ‘just fucked’ hair. They assumed I had been claimed already. Still, a few got closer, probably to decide if I was worth challenging for. A menacing growl from across the yard seemed to have them making up their mind rather quickly.

I took my time walking to the house, eager to make Cole wait. It was only when I saw two of my personal guards, Derek and Levi, standing a few yards away from him did I begin to quicken my pace. Why were they here instead of protecting the pack?

As I reached the entrance, they both made moves to walk towards me and before I could ask what was wrong, they were being held by their necks. I will let you guess by who.

“She’s taken.” He snarls, moving to hide me from their view. Despite the fact I was still pissed at him and had nicknamed him ‘misogynistic asshole’, hearing him get all defensive over me was kind of a turn on. Too bad I had more important things to focus on than my horniness.

“Let them go.” I tell him, reaching out to touch his back. His grip on their necks loosens marginally. “They’re packmates.”

Instantly his hands are retracted and although he doesn’t look the slightest bit remorseful, he has the decency to admit his mistake. “My bad.” He tells the two shaken bodyguards, stepping back to stand beside me.

“Derek? Levi? What are you two doing all of the way out here?” I hope my voice sounds open and willing to receive whatever information they have, but when they look at each other nervously, I slip a bit of command into my next statement. “Why are you here?”

Levi purses his lips before stepping forward.

“First off,” He begins. “It is an honor seeing you again, Alpha Turner.”

I feel Cole stiffen beside me and I glance over to see what his reaction is. He’s already watching my closely, looking at me through narrowed but slightly awed eyes.

“‘Little girl’, who?” I smirk at him, telling him with my eyes that there would be hell to pay for that comment. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he looked a tiny bit nervous. Damn right, my wolf mutters indignantly.

Turning forward to face my packmates, concern fills my features. “What happened?”

Levi swallows heavily. “Once you left, the rogues thought it would be a great time to attack.” My heart stops beating, only this time it’s for all of the wrong reasons. “I’m happy to report it failed, but there was crucial information discovered that could only be shown to understand.”

My sigh of relief was one for the stable well-being of my packmates but the news of a failed rogue attack was still not one to rejoice over. The piece of information, however, might turn out to be worth celebrating. “Take me to it, then.”

Levi nods solemnly before walking in the direction of the driveway where only a handful of cars were permitted to park. Derek soon followed suit after greeting me with a deep nod and I started after him before Cole placed a firm hand on my arm. “I am coming with you.”

Despite the sparks and my body telling me not to, I shrug his hand off before giving him a taste of his own medicine. “This is official pack business. I dont’t appreciate nosiness from an adult who acts like a child.”

And then I turn my back on my mate and walk away.

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