The Mating Games

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Chapter 7

A/N: Explicit. Like, all of it. You've been warned.

Alpha Cole 

There were very few things that managed to surprise me. I had grown expectant of pack attacks and death and betrayal. I had watched myself harden after years of constant retaliation and lost trust. Expecting them had become key to my triumph. But I wasn’t prepared for the sheer shock of Sophia, Alpha Turner, closing the distance between our lips.

It was an accepted surprise, one that I would remember years down the line. One that would be kept between the two of us. I could only imagine the mocking that it would bring forth in my pack and, subsequently, the anger from me.

Her lips were soft, a subtle difference from the rest of her. The brief outburst that ended with her against a tree had allowed me to become familiarly acquainted with the edges of her body, the soft curves of her breasts. It took a fraction of a second for me to become rock hard against her. She was bold and confident, the epitome of everything a good Luna should be. She was beautiful. And the way her hands were caressing my face had my nerves going haywire. She was electricity, and I was her lone kite flying too close to the clouds.

I had kissed many women. I had fucked many women. Those two things should have been enough to make me feel like I knew what I was doing, yet my hands were tentative as they reached for her face. Her skin was as tempting as the rest of her body, velvet beneath my fingertips and producing the tantalizing sparks that came with the mate bond. My fingers curled into her thick curls and threaded themselves until she couldn’t escape. Tilting her head back, I deepened the kiss until her mouth opened to mine in an impassioned plea, breath caressing my tongue in its own special caress.

My wolf was snarling inside of me, anxious to come forth and take matters into his own hands. He, too, was ready to mate her. Patience, I ordered. We could rush later but enjoying this moment was too important. It was his first kiss with his mate.

Sophia’s wetness was hard to ignore. The unmistakable scent of lust was tearing through my senses and conveniently invading all of the blood vessels leading to my dick. But we could go slow for just a moment longer. Anything to keep her pressed as closely against me as she was now. I could entertain the idea that I wasn’t going to fuck her senseless tonight and pretend this was the only taste of her I’d get.

But as my wolf continued to fight his way out of me, I knew my ability to take it slow had run its course. Dragging my hands down the side of her shirt- my shirt, really- until I got to the hem, I let my lips also find their way down to her neck. My fingers begin the soft ascent of her stomach, stopping to press harder against her pubic bone. A small whimper escapes her mouth.

“I want to be inside of you.” I breathe into her ear, watching as her head rolls back in soft pleasure. My hand is cupping her breast now with my index finger teasing her nipple, and it’s all that I can do to not take her up against a tree. There’s a trail of liquid beginning to appear on her thighs, and she tries to clench them together so I don’t notice. My hand quickly goes to grab one.

“I think you want it, too.” I didn’t need to think. It was a statement said out of the little courtesy I had. I could smell it, see it in the way she pushed herself towards me. But, just to test the waters, I inched my closer to her weeping pussy until just the tip of my finger grazed her bud.

She mewled briefly before subtly spreading her legs again. “Please.” She breathed into my mouth. I was used to people begging me. I preferred it. But the vulnerable word sounded so different coming from her lips. And what kind of man would I be to refuse my mate?

I lightly circled her clit, relishing in the feeling of her thrusting her hips in sync with my fingers. I could feel my pants beginning to get wet, and her nostrils flared at the smell of my leaking arousal. “I want you.” I breathed into her neck. “Let me take you.”

She offered no verbal response, just the inclination of her head as she let out another soft moan. My fingers dance around faster, dipping into the lake that her pussy has become. “Please,” She breathes. “Please.”

My lips trail their way back up to her mouth to sear my kiss into her. She would not be forgetting me, leaving me, anytime soon. Tonight would make sure of it. My finger edges down to her golden entrance, meeting no resistance until they reach a soft wall. A virgin, my wolf snarls. Even I couldn’t deny the satisfaction it brought. I would be the first and only man to touch her. The guilt I felt at not being able to say the same is pushed away the moment she lets out a sharp gasp.

“Are you okay?” The concern was new to me. The unrelenting want was new to me. But she didn’t feel new to me at all. It felt like she had been with me for decades, as if her soul imprinted into mine the moment she was born.

“Yes,” She mewls. “Please don’t stop.” My dick twitches, eager as to what her invitation might mean for us. My wolf had become even more antsy.

My finger begins to massage the barrier keeping me away from the most sacred part of my mate, and the annoyance I feel about not being able to worship the most beautiful part of her body fuels my finger. The sudden but gentle progression of my finger deeper into her channel tells me that I have conquered yet another enemy, my favorite yet.

She is warm and wet and tight- very, very tight-and as I plunge my thick digit into her until the palm of my hand brushed against her clit, the moans she makes grow stronger. The desire to replace my finger with my tongue is growing, and I know we’ll have to head back to the manor soon before I fuck her on the ground. I speed up my finger, simultaneously grinding my cock against her hip until her eyes roll back and her body tenses. It’s only moments later that I feel her walls clamp around my fingers in a constant rhythm, juice coating my finger. I press one last warm kiss into her neck, my dick weeping pre-cum, and gently- or as gentle as I can be- remove my finger.

When her eyes open, they are no longer the distant and resisting green they had been, but the eyes of a woman who had been satisfied and wanted more. Her hand lightly trails to my cheek and gives a reassuring squeeze with her thumb before trailing down my abdomen. I let out a low growl when she brushes over my pulsing erection.

“Careful, love,” I force out. “Don’t start something your body can’t finish.”

She gives me a calculating look as her breathing begins to slow down. “You misunderstand. I want to finish it. I want you to fuck me.”

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