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Strawberry pie, vampires from another realm, and a peculiar woman emitting dark magic, but it was just another Friday for Melissa Barton. Until, of course, it wasn't. ... Melissa is a donor for Vermilion Inc -- a company that collects blood for the vampire elite -- but she is also an orphan desperate for answers about her past or for an inkling of her family. For that, she needs money, and anything that pays has a cost. And this cost is to feed one vampire, directly, and he will fund her search for her answers. Will this vampire, an Imperial named Henry Tallmer, drag her under and into a world of dark magic and chaos? Or could he be the stepping stone to the answers she's longed for? Nothing is ever easy, of course, especially when Melissa learns that she likes when Henry feeds from her... RATED M for intimate scenes, gore, profanity, and dark scenarios.

Romance / Fantasy
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a u t h o r' s | n o t e

A quick note for those that are new here: This is a re-write of what was originally here and I am copy and pasting the new story in the existing chapters. This book should be pretty edited. Might have some errors here or there, but that’s what feedback is for! Feel free to point them out as you see them :) My goal is to get the story looked at and critiqued, so I can clean it up to be as polished as possible.

This is unfinished. There are 20-30 more chapters to come (about 85% are already written. I just have to write 3-5 more chapters to bridge me over to the chapters that are written.)

T H E R E | I S | A | G L O S S A R Y | A T | T H E | E N D

So, what happened in the edits? Well, a lot! 60k words were cut and completely reorganized (don’t worry...about 40k more was written :D ). The core story remains, and a lot of the ending (Diome onward for familiar readers) remains, but the beginning is vastly different, but Melissa is still employed by Dentons and Henry still buys her.

I won’t spoil too much!

But do keep in mind, for familiar readers, that it is different. Melissa is not associated with R.O.T.E and doesn’t even know they exist, Nara is no longer in this draft, Melissa is not such a scared mouse anymore (although she does have some anxiety to work through, but she starts off in a stronger place!), and the story moves at a much quicker pace. The romance is better and streamlined, and the romance has a nice arc versus a push and pull. There’s also a full intimate scene this time around ;)

TL;DR, First half is way different, but merges into a familiar second half.

Oh, and I changed this story to Third Person. Trust me, it works way better 😃

RATED M - There will be erotic scenes, lots of blood, cussing, nit and grittiness, etc. It’s just a mature book that doesn’t shy away from scenes. However, each detail will have a purpose and I don’t plan to go into overtly graphic imagery, unless the scene calls for it.

Anyway thanks for stopping by and let me know how you enjoy it! I love feedback.

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