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10 | Attacking Students Is Not The Best Idea

When it was finally lunchtime, I can’t help but feel a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach. After agreeing to Hannah’s offering of sitting with her, she was ecstatic, to say the least. However, I asked her if we could sit alone, without anyone else. Cough, my old friends, cough.

Alan, my bodyguard, escorts me to the lunch hall. I give him directions, seeing as he is the leading me and has no clue where we are going. I promised Hannah I would meet her in the hall. Through the whole of my next class - after my class with Hannah - which was German, I had lots of people trying to gain my attention. Admittedly, I sort of enjoyed the amount I was receiving.

But I also can't help but feel disgusted that these people, who bullied me two years ago, pretend like nothing happened. The fact that they are now acting nice - like they were my friend is infuriating. But I can’t do anything. I doubt Casey or Lulu would be pleased with me on the front headline saying: Whitney Winters, The Famous Actress Goes Ape On Local School Girls.

Yeah, not a good idea.

Also, throughout the third period, I had my phone vibrating with notifications. I had to sneakily check it to see what all of the commotion was. I wasn’t the slightest bit shocked when I found out it was about me attending school. Twitter was blowing up with questions as to why I was here and how long I was staying. Some of my fans were annoyed that I didn’t go to there school. This news was even trending! Trending!

In a way, it’s almost sad that this is a hot topic today. Surely there is more interesting and important news that needs to be spread worldwide. Not what school an actress is going to.

I bet Lulu is very happy right now that her biggest client is once again making the public and media go wild.

Alan barges the doors open to the dining hall and leads me to the line for food. Some chatter seizes and I get longing looks. A group of squealing approaches us nervously, warily eyeing Alan. Their eyes widen when he scowls at them and sends them a glare. I have to stifle a laugh at their petrified faces and shaky forms.

“H-hi Whitney,” one of them stutters, keeping her eyes on Alan. “W-we just w-wanted to say we l-love your films.”

I smile softly at them, trying to help ease their worries. They all look really young, I'd say they were Freshman. They would have had no idea about my time here two years ago.

“Thank you,” I reply.

“Y-you’re welcome.” Another one practically squeaks. They then all hurry off, without giving me a second glance. I fractionally spin on my heel to face Alan.

“Alan, you big doofus. You scared those poor girls to death. You can’t just act hostile like that.” I scold him.

Alan looks down at me, due to his much taller frame and sighs. He’s always been nice to me, always treating me like a normal person and not a celebrity. Sometimes that’s what I need - normality.

“You know it’s my job Whit.” He answers.

“They weren’t a threat Alan!” I exclaim. “They are tiny and they were absolutely terrified of you. I doubt they would try and attack me. They only wanted to tell me they like my films.”

He nods his head. “I’ll try and be more...welcoming in the future.”

I beam at him and give him a side hug. Alan is twenty-five and is drop-dead gorgeous. Once, I asked him why he didn’t consider modeling to which he gave me an ′are you serious?′ face and snorted. I guess posing in front of a camera isn’t for everyone - some people prefer to stay in the shadows.

I think Alan sees me as a younger sister, which is heartwarming. My own biological brothers wanted nothing to do with me, but this extraordinarily nice man who only shows his true side to the people he trusts, see’s me as family.

Some people who are watching us give me or Alan looks of envy. If rumors of me and Jason dating was speculating around right now, people might be thinking I was dating Alan. Or both. I wince at the thought and push it aside.

We only have a sibling relationship here; that’s how it’s staying.

“Pick your food,” Alan orders me once we make it to the food area. I choose a salad and a bottle of water. If Casey found out I had something else, she would have a go at me. I love my best friend, don’t get me wrong, but some days I really want to crack an egg over her head.

The lady at the cashier gives me a friendly smile; ignores Alan behind me.

“That’s $2.54 honey.” She says and I give her the money.

After paying, I leave the line and stand in the middle, searching for Hannah. She must not be here yet. I muse in my head.

“Whitney! Over here!” Some yells over at a table.

“Please sit with us, Whitney!” Another person yells from a different table.

Oh god, I hope Hannah hurries up otherwise I’m going to have to sit with one of these groups.

Involuntarily, my eyes wander over to my old table where the gang sits - with Brock also with them. I nearly frown, curious as to why he’s with them.

They are all staring at me. I nearly do a double-take when I see them...pleading with me to sit with them. Hold up, Brock and Callum pleading for me to sit with them?

Do they want to make amends with me because I’m famous now? Is that it or something? Oh my god, how could they stoop so low?

Ugh, I would so give them a piece of my mind but that would be out of step. I haven’t spoken to them in two years - going over there and shouting at them out of nowhere would not go down well. I will just blank them out...for the rest of my time.

Like that’s going to work. I think sarcastically.

“Whitney!” A girls voice shouts from the doorway of the cafeteria. My head snaps over there, to see Hannah. I nearly sighed in relief, glad that my buddy is finally here.

Out of my peripheral vision, I notice how my old friends glance curiously at Hannah. They must not be aware of our arrangement.

Hannah comes storming over to me, with purpose and a gleeful expression on her face. I automatically smile at her face.

When she reaches me, she hugs me. People around us gasp in shock, obviously thinking I will chuck her off me and start shouting. After all, only the people in our class know I was friendly with her.

But when I don’t they give her looks of jealousy. I glare at all of them that give Hannah distasteful looks and they quickly look away. Good.

“Do you have lunch with you?” I ask her, pulling away. She nods her head and I loop my arm through hers and lead her to an empty table.

We completely ignore the stunned looks and sit down, Hannah opposite me and Alan next to me. Alan gives Hannah a suspicious look but when I elbow him in the rib cage hard, he stops. I don’t want my new, genuine, friend to feel scared off or uncomfortable by Alan.

“Hannah, this is Alan. I’m sorry I forgot to introduce you two earlier.” I apologize but she just waves it off. “And don’t be intimidated by him, he’s actually like a panda once you get to know him.”

Hannah giggles and Alan raises an eyebrow, wanting clarification.

I smile and elaborate, “he’s soft and cuddly on the inside but big and strong on the outside. He’s really sweet and protective once you get to know him.”

Alan rolls his eyes and mutters something under his breath but doesn’t argue back.

For the second time, I glance over at my former table. Athena and Ares are chatting, sadly. Brock and Callum stare longingly at this table, afraid to come over.

“Hannah?” I ask her when her laughter has died down. She hums and I take that as my cue to continue. “Who's the guy that keeps staring at you?” I point over at Brock, pretending not to know who he or anyone else on that table is. Hannah has no clue that I know them; I want to keep it that way for now.

I’d hate to have her look differently at me.

Hannah gazes over her shoulder and smiles brightly. “Oh, that’s my boyfriend Brock. He’s with the rest of my friends, I normally sit with them but today, obviously, I chose to sit here.”

She stares at Brock with happiness and love shining in her eyes. My heart pangs again with envy. How I wish Brock loved me still, how I wish we had the same relationship we had as kids.

“Hey, maybe one day you could come sit with them. I’m sure they’d love to meet you.” Hannah suggests, with hope.

I swallow thickly and quietly respond, “maybe Hannah, maybe.”

Alan must sense my uneasiness because he wraps an arm around my shoulder for comfort. Unconsciously, my eyes wander over to Callum, almost as if to see his reaction.

He’s sat there, a fierce and cold glare on his face. The hand resting on his table twitches, like he has the desire to come over here and rip Alan’s arm off of my shoulder. My heart thumps in anticipation, a part of me wishing him to come over here and do what he wants but another part of me is disappointed in myself for not only looking at his reaction but for also wanting him to come over here.

Ugh, I hate how I’m feeling.

I never cared about Callum and his feelings. Why should I now? Callum Jerald is someone I don’t want to get mixed up with again.

I will not have my heart broken by him again. No way in hell is that happening.

So I finally got my new laptop which means there will be more updates! X

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