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21 | The Slap

"It’s not the pain, it’s who it came from.”

- Unknown

Whitney's POV

At the start of school the next day, Hannah met me by the doors. She claimed she wanted to be there with me when she confronted Brock.

Hannah greets me with a tight smile, eyeing the press behind us who are currently trying to barge their way through my bodyguards. She must have felt my eyes on her because she masks her fear and puts a brave face on. My heart glows with pride - no matter how scared she is, she still tries to show she is strong to others.

I know things like this isn't for her. Fame isn’t for everybody. Handling the media is a pain. Most days, even I just want to give up and forget about being famous.

Celebrities lives are public, trying to keep a private life is so hard. In fact, it's virtually impossible.

I loop my arms through Hannah’s and walk into the school with my head held high. Alan follows us too, on high alert. Ever since one journalist managed to sneak into the school, Alan has been trying to get security tighter around here. He wants someone to watch all of the press outside.

We search the halls for Brock, passing his locker and Callum’s. However, we find no luck there. Eventually, we find him standing next to Athena’s locker.

Ares and Callum are there too, all three of them whispering furiously together about something. None of them notices us until I clear my throat loudly.

They all snap their eyes up startled, with eyes as wide as saucers. From my peripheral vision, I see Hannah narrow her eyes at Brock, pinching her lips together. I can also feel his eyes on me. Glancing at him quickly, I exam his face. Specifically, his eyes.

Sadness clouds his blue eyes - sadness from what I did. I need to talk to him, I really do.

I have to make amends, make my intentions known.

If I am going to achieve anything here, it will be this. I need to stop running away from my demons. I need to face the truth. I have to find a way to forgive him otherwise I will never be at peace.

I draw my eyes back to Hannah. She uncoils her arm from mine and takes a step forward, towards her boyfriend. She faces Brock with a determined and enraged expression. The rest of us stand to the side of them, close to the lockers, with bated breaths. We can all see how mad she is about being lied to and my previous treatment.

The question is: what is she going to do?

“You are a despicable person.” Hannah remarks in a bitter tone. Brock knits his eyebrows together, with a clueless face. I wonder what is running through his head right now. Has he ever gotten into a fight with Hannah before?

“Hannah, what is goi -”

Brock stops speaking when Hannah slaps him. On the cheek. Hard.

Gasping, I put my hand over my mouth and stare at him in shock. I can’t believe she just...slapped him. Hannah, the least violent person I know here, the innocent bundle of joy, slapped her boyfriend with a murderous expression on her face.

My eyes wander around the hallway, double-checking. I hope nobody saw that. What I don’t need is the media getting pictures of me witnessing a fight - or even worse, partaking in one. Lulu would flip. Speaking of her, I need to talk to her about this Jason thing.

Last night, Casey spoke to me about the incident and said that Lulu would handle the problem. She said it as if it would dampen my worries but whenever Lulu has full control of a situation, it doesn’t end well for me. My anxieties rise.

I swear she loathes me. More than Jason Doug, a man who backstabbed her more times than once.

Luckily, nobody is paying attention to this current moment.

“I know everything," Hannah states, coldly.

Brock’s blue eyes show confusion for a few seconds as he pieces together everything. When he’s put the jigsaw puzzle together, his mouth opens in shock; he quickly tries to reach out for Hannah.

Hannah, being in the current state she is, whacks him off.

“Don’t Brock. What you did to Whitney, your freaking sister is shameful. I am incredibly disappointed in you.” Hannah spits, in a serious and sad voice. She sounds heartbroken as she finally comes to terms with the truth. Saying it aloud only solidifies it.

Brock hangs his head in shame and regret. Whilst I have somewhat forgiven him, Hannah hasn't yet. She obviously never expected her boyfriend to act like he did and so now, she has to have a reality check. She's only seen Brock in one light but now she's been shown more.

“I know what I did was unforgivable. I am ashamed of myself too. I lost one of the only people I loved, my own sister. And for that, I will never forgive myself. But by some miracle, Anastasia has given me a second chance. I will not screw it up with her.” Brock says, truthfully.

Hannah listens intently, noting his words and body language, the emotions he's portraying.

“Baby, I love you too. Please don’t break up with me. I know I did something awful to my sister but I’m trying to make it better. It will break my heart if you split up with me.” He begs, stepping forward. Brock reaches out for Hannah but she denies him.

“I - I need time. I need to process all of this.” Hannah stammers, moving back to stand next to me again. “I’m sorry.” Hannah apologizes, seeing Brock’s dejected face. Then, Hannah leans into me and whispers: “Can we go now?”

Nodding my head, I say goodbye to the twins, giving Callum a pointed look and Brock a sympathetic smile and then head off to my first lesson today.

When lunch comes around, I go on a hunt for Callum. Apparently, he’s been doing extra training after school for football and had told his teammates he was going to practice at lunch too.

I almost forgot that he was part of the football team. I guess I thought he would give up after I left. I should have guessed that his life would continue after I left. The whole world doesn't revolve around me, after all.

So I head over to the field, happy that its a nice day today. The sun shines brightly, causing me to hold a hand up to my forehead so I can see clearer. It’s not too hot today but its hot enough for me to wear my Chanel crop top and shorts.

I spot Callum doing some starting drills alone, with cones laid out on the field. Callum seems so engrossed in the activity he doesn’t notice me when I go and sit on the bleachers. Whilst he’s busy, I use it to my advantage and watch him.

He’s taken his top off and lazily thrown it onto the ground with his bag. His toned body is on full display for me, showing off how beautiful he is. It's obvious to anybody, with his thick muscles and six-pack, that Callum works out, a lot. He always used to go to the gym on Sunday’s and would train three out of the five days with the rest of his squad.

After a few times running up and down the cones, Callum stops and wipes his forehead. He lifts his green eyes from the ground and drags them along the field. His eyes lock onto mine and keep me pinned.

Smiling slightly, I lift myself up and head over to his bag, chucking a bottle of water at him.

“Thanks,” he says, shifting his eyes away from me. He untightens his bottle and takes a greedy sip of water.

“Can we talk?” I ask him, praying he will say yes.

Callum pauses and puts the cap back on the bottle. “Sorry, I can’t. I’m busy.”

Sighing in resignation, I dump my bottom back on the bench.

“I know you’re avoiding me.” It’s not a question but a statement. “And in a way, I understand why. But we do need to talk about it.”

It?” Callum repeats, arching an eyebrow.

“Yes,” I nod. “You know what I’m on about, don’t play dumb.”

Callum presses his lips together and releases a long breath. “Okay.”

My eyebrows raise. “Okay? Is that an ‘okay, I’ll talk to you’ or an ‘okay, I admit I do know what it is’?”

“The latter,” Callum replies.

Running a hand through my straight blonde hair that I straightened today, I think of a way I can convince Callum to let me talk to him. If I try to talk to him now, he will dismiss everything I say or play dumb.

“We’re not dating.” I blurt out. Clarifying, I continue. “Jason and I, we kissed because...” I stop and start laughing, knowing how ridiculous saying it to Callum will sound. Once again, Whitney will sound pathetic. “I wanted to make you jealous. I wanted to get a reaction out of you so I’d know what you’d act like.”

Speechless, Callum stares at me blankly. I desperately want to know what is going on in his head - what thoughts are running through his mind.

“It’s so stupid and I really wasn’t thinking at the time but...I dunno. Everything is just spinning out of control.” I blabber, knowing he’s listening to me. “So please, can we chat about what's happening between us - our feelings?”

“I’m sorry Whitney but I have to get back to training now,” Callum says in a bored tone and spins on his heels, back to his starting line.

Slumping my shoulders in defeat, I inhale and try to not let his words affect me. I will try again tomorrow. I will talk to him tomorrow.

And with some positivity left in my mind and whatever pride I have left, I get up and stroll back into school. Everything will work out, it always does.

Hello!! I thought I would grace you with another update of Flawless. Thank you so much for the lovely comments and reviews! It honestly means so much to me. I do read them all, I just never have time to reply to them :(

I hope you liked this chapter. Until the next time!

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