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24 | To The Rescue

“Trust is built with consistency.”

- Lincoln Chafee


Whitney's POV

Finally, the school bell rings, signalling another school day gone. Another day bites the dust.

Slowly, I drag myself to my locker to swap books and then head outside. My eyes search for Jason, who is supposed to be picking me up. Well, that’s what he’s been doing for the past week now.

Ever since Jason and I kissed in the parking lot, we’ve been acting like a couple. He drives me to and back from school every day and he even took me out on the weekend. Only because he was ordered to by Lulu though. For the first few days of our official ‘public’ declaration, the tabloids went mad. The peck I gave Jason was everywhere. All I heard on the radio were people’s thoughts on us ‘dating’.

It drove me so mad. But now its beginning to die down. Sure, reporters try and snap a few pictures of us together and headline it with something ridiculous but people are starting to get used to us together. Casey told me last night that Vogue has contacted Lulu and announced the first shoot will be next week. I am dreading it.

I actually forgot why I was dating Jason. Everything started feeling so real and natural. Jason has been a real sweetheart. Every time we’re about to kiss, he asks for my permission. When he wants to hold my hand, he will give me an uncertain look. Basically, he lets me make the first move. He's a true gentleman.

But as sweet as he is, it doesn’t make up for how bad things are going between Callum and I. He can’t even look me in the eye anymore. The tension between us is so intense that I can’t be in a room with him for longer than five minutes without wanting to bawl my eyes out. I keep telling myself that I’m a strong and courageous woman who has doesn’t cry but my mini pep talks just don’t have the same impact anymore.

I don’t believe myself anymore. I've lost my spunk.

This flawless act I had been putting on for so long is fading. I’m becoming more like Anastasia again. Whitney and Anastasia are merging, to become someone new. To become both of them.

Maybe that can be a good thing if I continue to stay here. But when I do eventually go back to Hollywood, it won’t be. Anastasia, the lonely, low self-esteemed girl would never survive the harsh reality of fame.

She would crumble.

Brock and Hannah have barely spoken to each other since their fight. Hannah keeps giving Brock disgusted looks. Brock always wears a devastated expression on his face. A massive part of me feels guilty. It’s my fault they are currently fighting. If I hadn’t told Hannah, she wouldn’t be hating him right now. I am partly to blame.

But then again, if I kept it a secret, Hannah would find out one day and she would be just as mad.

Either way, I am starting to regret telling her. Maybe I should have left it to Brock.

I understand she's hurt and angry but avoiding people is never the answer. She should at least talk to my brother. It would make things a lot easier.

Because of all of the drama, our group has split. Athena, Hannah and occasionally Ares eat with me outside whilst Brock and Callum eat indoors.

Everything just makes me want to scream so loudly at everyone. Or alternatively, kidnap everyone and make them talk to each other.

“Hey Hannah,” I smile softly, searching the parking lot for Jason. “Have you seen Jason?”

Hannah replies by shaking her head no. I sigh and comb a hand through my unruly blonde locks. I woke up late this morning so I didn't have time to style it.

“Oh - wait.” Hannah squints her eyes and points to someone who resembles Jason. “Is that him?”

I can only see the back of the boy’s head but from the colour of his hair and the style, I’m ninety-eight per cent sure it’s him. Hannah and I rush over there, side-stepping other students. My eyes stay trained on Jason who is texting on his phone.

As I get a lot closer to him, I notice another person, marching over to us. The boy, who I recognize as Callum storms over with a determined expression, his long legs striding with purpose. I watch with interested eyes as he goes over to Jason and...grabs his t-shirt.

Jason spins around in shock. When he sees Callum, he gives him a frosty glare and rips himself away from him. Callum appears unfazed by his harsh glare and raises his fist, punching Jason square in the jaw.

Gasps sound throughout the parking lot, everyone’s attention now on the boys.

My eyes widen and I quickly rush over to them, wanting to stop the fight that’s about to break out.

Jason stumbles back, rubbing his cheek. Callum matches Jason’s glare and steps forward, ready to defend himself.

“Come on.” I hear Callum shout to him, his tone furious. “Hit me back. I know you’ve been dying to do it.”

Jason doesn’t need any more encouragement. I’m a few feet away when he swings his fist at Callum, punching him in the jaw. Callum is quick to retaliate, hitting Jason in the stomach. Jason hunches over, coughing. But he doesn’t give up. Jason lunges for Callum, knocking them both over and begins to repeatedly punch Callum.

I can’t take watching this anymore. I barge my way through the group of students who have circled around them.

Callum rolls Jason over so that he has the advantage now. That’s when I grab onto his elbow, hoping to pull him off. He doesn’t though. Instead, he elbows me in the face.

My bottom collapses on the ground as my nose starts to sting in pain. That’s when the boys stop fighting and notice me cradling my poor nose. Both boys spring up and come over to me, kneeling down either side of me.

“Shit Whitney, I’m so so sorry.” Jason apologizes, his face is full of regret. “Are you okay?”

“Do I look okay to you?” I spit angrily.

Jason clamps his mouth shut, knowing whatever he says will not calm me down right now.

“Whitney, you need to go to the school nurse,” Callum tells me, with a concerned expression. If I wasn’t bleeding right now, I would cheer that he’s finally talking to me. But obviously, it's not a good time right now.

Nodding my head, I slowly get up. “Okay, can you help me up please?”

Callum doesn’t reply but puts his arms around my waist, slowly lifting me up. Once standing, I march out of the parking lot, the two boys hot on my trail. Hannah immediately comes up to my side once she’s broken through the crowd and mumbles about how they are both idiots.

As soon as we get inside, the boys shut the doors, effectively cutting the loud noises off. Still pinching my nose, we all go to the nurse’s room. The last time I was there, it was because some jocks tripped me up. My knees were badly grazed and so I needed a plaster to stop the bleeding.

The school nurse is a tall woman, taller than me, with light blonde hair and soft features. She’s a very nice woman who cares a lot about her job and students. She smiles sympathetically when she sees my nose and orders me to sit on a chair. The whole gang pile into the small room, anxiously watching the nurse.

God, I hope I didn’t break my nose.

“Can you tilt your head up sweetie?” She asks me and I oblige, letting her exam my poor nose. “Hmm, it doesn’t appear broken.” Several sighs erupt through the room, me being one of the people. “But it will most likely be bruised.”


“Do you know when it will stop bleeding?” I ask her, weakly.

“Sorry,” She shakes her head. “No. It's different for everyone.”

“Do you mind me asking how you got this bruise?” She questions, curiously. My stomach drops. Do I tell her the truth and risk her telling the principal or do I lie? She might hear about the fight from other pupils. It will obviously be the talk of the school tomorrow.

“Oh - uh,” I stammer, undecided. “I -”

She interrupts me before I can take my embarrassment further. “Don’t worry honey, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

I smile gratefully to her, loving how kind she is. This woman is an angel.

“Can we take her home now?” Jason utters, his eyes staying solely on me. I shift uncomfortably at his intense gaze of sadness. He feels guilty that he was involved but I’m still mad at him. He had the choice not to punch back, he could have ignored Callum. If he had not done anything, we wouldn’t be here right now.

Now when I get home, I’m going to have to explain to Casey and Lulu why I’m going to have an ugly bruise on my nose tomorrow. Lulu is going to be furious. I can't go to the Vogue photoshoot with an ugly bruise on my face.

“Sure, just keep a cloth on your nose until the bleeding stops. Just remember to keep your head tilted forwards.” She instructs, pulling her rubber gloves off.

I nod my head and stand up, using the armrest on the chair to help me up.

“Thanks, Mrs.” I attempt to smile although I think it comes out more like a grimace. No matter though, she beams at me and then fills out a form. Probably something for Casey that she will email.

When we get out of the room, the two boys are quick to jump on the sorry train.

“Whitney, we really didn’t mean to hurt you. My intentions were on Jason.” Callum pleads, sending Jason a vicious glare.

Jason fires one back. “Yeah, I really didn’t want to hurt you. It’s all his fault.”

“No it isn’t you piece -” Callum starts but Jason cuts him off.

"You started it.”

Callum scowls. “Are you up for round two?”

“Where and wh -”

“BOYS!” I bellow, exasperated.

Both of them shut up. I let out a satisfied grunt, moving the piece of cloth on my nose away now that the bleeding has stopped.

“You two are acting like goddamn children. Over what? What? Huh? " Jason opens his mouth, ready to answer. “No. Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical. I can’t even look at you two right now, I am so disappointed.”

Callum’s face drops at my words, Jason’s turning expressionless.

Shaking my head, I spin on my heel and walk out of the school. I’ll give Alan a call and will ask him to pick me up. At least he won’t start a random fight.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I love the drama!!

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