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28 | Were You On America's Next Top Model?

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

- Unknown


Whitney's POV

One week later

It’s been a week. A freaking week since I last saw Jason. I tried calling, texting and emailing him but he hasn’t replied at all. It is infuriating. After speaking to Callum last week, I had my mind solely set on talking to Jason but when I got home, I couldn't find him. He had left. Why? I don’t know. It's like he’s disappeared off the face of the earth. The paparazzi have no idea where he is.

Casey noticed my agitation and tried calling his agent but even he doesn’t know where Jason is. At first, I was p*ssed. Beyond p*ssed actually. But now, I’m just worried. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. No matter what, he’s still my friend.

Callum hasn’t been at school for the past couple of days. I’m glad he’s gone. He needs some time alone. I just hope he’s studying because exams are getting closer.

Despite my concern for Jason though, I have been trying to make the most of my time at school. My head has been so wrapped up in worry about seeing my old friends, being perfect and trying to make amends, I let the simple things pass. Now, as the days draw closer to exams and then prom, which leads to graduation, I am realizing that I should focus on the people I have around me. And my exams of course.

So, when I’m not revising, calling Jason or in lessons, I’m hanging out with my friends. Since Callum is away, Brock has been with us and has been trying to talk to Hannah. Hannah is less hostile around him but she still doesn’t talk to him. It’s still progress though.

It’s been fun hanging out with them. The other night, we went bowling and I won. What was even better was that no one noticed me and the paparazzi were nowhere to be seen. I felt normal.

This weekend, I have my photoshoot with Jason and I’m utterly clueless on what’s going to happen. I think he will turn up to the shoot but Casey and Alan think otherwise.

I hope he turns up so I can talk to him.

If he doesn't, he will have to face Lulu.


I think its a crime, having to be up at seven o’clock in the morning. Right now, I must look like a walking zombie to everyone. I’m grateful that the press doesn’t know my whereabouts yet.

After driving two hours last night from home to this town where the photoshoot will be, I’m knackered. When doing shoots, you have to be there nice and early so they can prepare you. From previous experiences, I have spent the whole day being dolled up, photographed and then dolled up again. They re-apply the make-up every hour or so and sometimes, it can take forever. Plus, I have to have outfit changes.

All in all, it's one big nightmare. I don’t know how full-time models put up with it.

I have precisely half an hour until I have to be in the studio so I decide to get a caffeinated drink. Hopefully, it will wake me up.

Not long after leaving the hotel, I find a cafe. I mean, it’s not hard to find a cafe in a major city.

I enter it, the sweet smell of pastries and coffee overcoming me. The cafe is relatively empty, with only a few well-dressed adults sipping on their drinks whilst dreading the work they have to do on a weekend day - Saturday.

My eyes land on the window of cakes and then to the short line. Quicky, I head over to the line, not wanting someone else to beat me there.

A few moments later, a young man, possibly my age, is serving me. From the looks he’s giving me, he has no clue who I am.

“Hello, what may I get you?” He asks politely, in a deep voice. There’s something about his voice that’s very attractive.

“Um, can I have a milky coffee to go please?” I ask him sweetly. He nods his head and informs me of the cost. I give him my money and watch him print my receipt and then begin to make my coffee.

I thought he was taking orders... I think but then turn around, only to see nobody else waiting.

“I know you from somewhere,” The man says, snapping me back to reality. I blink at him in surprise, taken aback.

“Huh?” I ask him dumbly.

“I said I recognize you from somewhere,” He repeats, louder. “Hmm, did I go to elementary school with you?”

Is he serious?

“Uh - no,” I reply, uneasily.

“Right,” He drawls out, his eyes going distant again. “Please don’t tell me I made out with you at a party when I was drunk.”

I laugh this time. He really is serious. He recognizes my face but the thought of me even being a celebrity hasn’t occurred to him yet. I like that he doesn’t know who I am. I don’t have to act in a certain way because of it. I can be...Whitney. Just Whitney.

“Definitely not,” I answer his question, with a goofy smile plastered on my face.

“Well then,” He taps his chin, thinking. “You’re not one of my distant cousins are you?”

Once again, I laugh. “Nope. I’m not related to you. Or at least, I hope I’m not.”

The man chuckles as well. Whilst he’s laughing, I take the chance to look at his name tag and examine his appearance. His name is Findley. He has copper-coloured hair with green eyes and a fairly muscled body. He’s quite tall as well, not as tall as Callum but tall nonetheless.

“I’m honestly stumped. I’m positive I’ve seen you from somewhere yet I have no idea where.” He admits, puzzled. I kind of feel sorry for the guy. It will be embarrassing when he discovers who I am.

“Well Findlay,” I start, “I’ll give you a clue. You have probably seen me before but I have never seen you.”

Confusion is etched on his pretty face. His knits his eyebrows together and presses his lips together firmly. I think I just made it worse for him.

“Did I dump my drink on you by accident whilst you were talking on the phone and you didn’t see me but I saw you and apologized to you repeatedly but you waved me off and then stormed off, muttering angry things into the phone.” He asks me in one breath.

“What?” I ask and then burst into fits of giggles. Where did that come from? That was so random.

“Didn’t think so,” He mumbles, over the sound of the coffee machine.

Before he can ask me another ridiculous question, the coffee machine stops and he spins on his heel, pouring my coffee into a cup.

He comes around to the counter and gives me the coffee.

“Were you on American’s Next Top Model?”

I shake my head, smiling ear to ear. “No.”

“So,” He blows out a breath and runs a hand through his ruffled hair, completely clueless. “Who are you?”

I take a step back, debating whether or not I tell him my identity.

“I’ll give you another clue,” I say. “I’m a celebrity,” I tell him, watching his reaction. He still doesn’t know. I think. But I think he’s close to figuring it out. “I should get going. It was very nice meeting you Findley, I hope we meet again.”

And with that, I pick up my coffee and exit the cafe. Just before I leave, I hear someone saying something to Findley.

“Dude, you were just talking to Whitney Winters, the famous actress.” The man says to him.

"That was Whitney Winters?” Findley says, astonished. “Holy sh*t. I tried guessing who she was. Oh my god, I asked her if we made out whilst I was drunk. I'm such an idiot.”

I don’t hear anything else about that conversation because I’m outside on the now busy street, heading over to Vogue’s building, with a small smile on my face the whole way there.

The walk to the studio is short. When I arrive, Casey and Alan greet me, wearing anxious expressions. My worries peaks at their faces and I know, I just know, that something bad has happened. The question is: what?

“Right Whitney, we have something to tell you,” Casey says, biting her lip. “The -”

That’s when my attention turns to the brown-haired boy walking over to me. Finally, after a week, I see Jason. I’m glad he’s not hurt but I am annoyed he hasn’t said a word to me. One text telling me he’s alright would be enough.

Jason stops a few feet from me, expressionless. My mouth opens, ready to either shout at him or say hi.

But Jason beats me to it. “The shoot has been cancelled.”


Sorry, this took so long. I had a few things going on. I hope you enjoyed this chapter though. My next update will be soon.

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