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6 | The Mystery Car

Callum's POV

“I’m not!” Hannah shouts loudly.

“Are too.”



“You son of—”

“Alright guys, calm down,” I intervene, giving Brock and Hannah pointed looks. Hannah huffs and crosses her arms over her chest. Brock takes a few steps closer to her and gives her an apologetic look.

“Baby, you might be a tiny bit short but its okay.” He tells her and makes a move to wrap his arm around her waist. Hannah has second thoughts though and steps away from him, frowning.

“Brock, I’m average height. I’ve googled it and my doctor said so.” Hannah even gets her phone out and googles it.

Brock nods his head when he sees the phone and runs a hand through his hair. He looks fed up with the pathetic argument. It all started when Athena called Hannah short when she really isn’t. She’s about 5"5, which is average height as she kept reminding all of us. Brock denied it and so they started fighting.

He takes a step closer to her. When she doesn’t push him away, he continues to advance on her. And that’s when I stop watching them like a jealous, lonely guy.

“Yo man, you okay there?” Ares asks me, concerned. I give him a reassuring smile and put on my best mask.

Honestly, I don’t think I’m going to be okay watching this film. Anastasia—Whitney, I mean Whitney— is starring in it. The girl who I love. Every time I watch something she’s in or see her in a magazine or billboard, I feel a part of me crumble. I’m proud of her, don’t get me wrong, for becoming somebody so amazing and inspiring but I’m also angry. Angry that she left without giving me a proper goodbye, angry that she’s someone I see all of the time yet can’t talk to. I’m angry that she’s become who she is. That everyone loves her. Not just me.

I often wonder if she thinks about the people she left behind. If she thinks about me. Does she miss me? Does she want to see me?

I’m knocked out of my train of thought when Aries claps his hands in front of my face. I pull back and give him a shove.

“What was that for?”

Ares shrugs, “you were zoning out again man. Are you sure you want to go in?” He pauses and swallows. “It must be hard to see her on the screen. It feels hard for me but it must feel worse for you.”

Ares sees Anastasia as a little sister. He was there for her when Brock and Martin weren’t. He was there for her when I wasn’t—which I now regret. Maybe if I was, then I would know the pain I caused her and how much she hated life. If I had, I might have seen how she was collapsing in on herself.

“Guys, he said we can go in,” Athena informs all of us. She flickers her eyes to me, worriedly. Silently, she asks how I’m feeling. I give her a stiff nod which doesn’t really satisfy her but gets her to not pry.

We all sit down in the theatre, surrounded by other people. Ares sits next to me on my left, Athena on my right and the happy couple sit together, hands clasped. That’s when I notice everyone else around us. Majority of the people here are couples who look very happy together.

Something tugs on my heart at the notion of happiness. If Anastasia hadn’t of left, we could have been one of these couples.

Once the theatre is filled, the lights go dark and the screen starts playing some adverts. I zone out of the boring adverts, not interested in the new flavor of coke that’s been released.

Finally after what feels like forever, Anastasia’s face comes on the screen. That’s when my attention is fully on her as I watch her act with so much talent. She flawlessly recites her lines, convey’s all of her emotions with truthfulness. She is the main character. She made the main character of the film her.

That’s one of the things that makes her so fantastic. So beautiful. So magnificent.

And I know I’m not the only person that notices it.

I mentally shake my head of the thought and settle down, watching Ana—Whitney—act in her new film. My heart thumping in my chest the whole time.

Monday rolls by quickly. After watching Lovers Lie, we decided to get pizza. Hannah blabbered on about how amazing the film was and how the story was so complex and emotional. The rest of us watched her talk about it, with painful looks on our faces.

Hannah goes on about Whitney and how she was the complete star of the film. The rest of us share looks of sadness and regret. Each of us recalling Anastasia.

After that, we all went home. I spent the rest of my weekend working out in the gym and catching up on homework. Senior year was really hard; I don’t want to get behind in my studies. My parents expect the best grades for me—so that I can go to a prestigious university.

When my alarm went off on Monday, I was so not prepared. I had been studying hard the past couple of days it has left me physically drained.

After getting changed into a pair of jeans and a white shirt, I go downstairs. My mom is there in the kitchen, cooking a delicious breakfast. She’s a housewife—something she is very proud of. My mom tells me she just wasn’t one of those people who wanted to work in a job, she enjoys home life.

She gets up to her own work, like doing charity work. It helps fill the empty hole my dad leaves. He’s often away on business which she pretends not to mind but deep down, it really affects her. But my mom puts on a strong face and smiles.

“Hello honey, did you have a good sleep?” She asks in a sweet voice. I give her a nod and sit down on the table. She serves me my food and goes back to humming to a tune whilst baking.

I finish eating just in time for me to go to school. Giving my mom a kiss on the cheek, I head out to school in my Jeep. A present I received from my dad last year. A making up present for his absence.

I roll my eyes at the gesture. I would prefer having him home then a new car.

About ten minutes later, I’m parking in my usual spot at school. The gang make their way over to me and greet me. This is what we usually do, talk for about ten minutes before lessons start. So we aimlessly talk about what Fred Gunter did at a party; a new song we listen to.

Athena is going on about some guy she saw and fancies when the atmosphere changes. Other students in the parking lot all turn to look at a black BMW with tinted windows as it parks into our school. It shouldn’t seem unusual but it is. Another car, the exact same make, parks behind the first car. A guy in a black suit hops out, wearing sunglasses and an expressionless face.

People start whispering to each other about cars and who could be in them. Nobody knew about a new person starting our school. Especially someone who has a bodyguard.

No, wait, bodyguards. Two people get out of the other car, wearing the same outfits. Before we call all witness the important person get out of the car, the bell rings. Reluctantly, we all enter the school. The topic of who is in the car on our minds.

Even I’m curious about who is in the car. I guess we will all find out soon.

I head over to my locker and get important books out. Then I go back to where my group is huddled up, talking.

“Who do you think it was in the car?” I hear Athena ask the group.

Hannah shrugs, “I have absolutely no idea. Must be someone important.”

We all agree with her on that. Nobody has ever turned up to school with bodyguards. Ever.

“Attention students, attention all students.” Our vice principal says through the speakers in our school. Everyone hushes and eagerly listens to what he has to say. “We are calling an important assembly at precisely nine o’clock. Every student is to attend this assembly on time. Failure to come will lead to getting a detention. Thank you.”

I glance down at my clock and see we have five minutes until the assembly. What could be so important that they would call an assembly during first period? It has to have something to do with the new student. That can’t be a coincidence. Right?

“Well...should we get going?” Brock asks unsurely. Other people are beginning to make their way to the main hall. We might as well start going there now.

“Let’s go,” I say and everyone starts walking. Only one subject is on our minds.

Who was that person in the car?

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