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7 | I'm Fabulous

Whitney’s POV

If someone had told me one year ago that I would be back in my old town, I would have laughed at them. Never in a million years would I have thought I would go back to the place that destroyed me, that betrayed me.

I arrived back in FairHill Greene two days ago with Casey. Since then, I have been holed up in the house, studying. It sucks that even teenage celebrities have to study for exams. But hey, that’s life.

Casey has helped me ‘mentally’ prepare for today. She’s been making me practice how to react to everybody. She’s basically been mentoring me. I admit I feel a bit more confident about today but not confident enough that I’m giddy.

Deep down, I am nervous as hell. Today I’m going to face everybody. I'm facing the people who destroyed Anastasia.

Why Lulu decided to do this, I will never know.

But I do know one thing: I want them to be shocked when they see me. I want their jaws to be hanging off the floor in shock and envy.

This is the new me. This is the better me.

I want them to know I'm better than them.

With that thought in mind, I get out of my new bed and head over to my walk-in wardrobe. Casey insisted on buying a new lot of clothes for school. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

For several minutes, I search the racks for an outfit to wear. I want to wear something that screams ‘confident’ and ‘me’.

“Whitney! Are you up yet?” Casey asks from the hallway. Perhaps she could help me choose—Casey has always had a good fashion taste.

“I am. I need your help though,” as soon as I say it, she’s in my room. She’s wearing an immaculate black dress that flaunts off all of her beautiful curves that so many envy. Her raven-colored hair is plaited and she’s wearing pink lip gloss to show off her plump lips. Overall, she looks gorgeous.

“What is it, Whitty?” Casey asks breathlessly, sounding like she’s run a marathon. When in reality, she ran from the hallway to my room—which isn’t far at all.

I give her a scowl at the nickname. She claims that the nickname suits my personality but I personally think it really doesn’t. Many times I’ve begged her to not call me that but she doesn’t listen. That girl loves to tease me. Just like Athena used to.

My mood deteriorates at the thought of my former best friend. She didn’t really do anything wrong yet I ignored her, I left without a word. If there’s one thing I regret about leaving FairHill Greene, it's not staying in contact with Athena and Aries. The twins were always there for me.

“I can’t decide what to wear,” I whine. Normally I know exactly what to wear but this time I feel so much pressure to wear the right outfit.

Casey humms and begins searching. Eventually, she finds something. I stare at it for a second; envision myself in it. The white v neck crop top will is perfect and not too revealing. The light blue skirt that reaches mid—thigh shows will show off my endless long, tanned legs. It's perfect.

I grin evilly, mentally picturing everyone’s faces.

“I love it!” I exclaim and hug her. Casey instantly wraps her arms around me. I’m a lot taller than her so she has to crane her neck up to rest it on my shoulder.

“Now get ready, Alan and George will be here in precisely one hour,” Casey informs me; heads out of the room. George is another bodyguard of mine but he only comes when there are big events. Alan is my personal bodyguard that is always around.

It takes me half an hour to get ready. I don’t want too much make—up on so I put foundation, mascara, highlighter, and my signature red lipstick. My wavy blonde hair hangs freely down my back.

I add a pair of blue sandal high hills that make my 5"9 height even taller. I want it to make me appear intimidating and untouchable.

When I’ve finished, I leave my room with my expensive handbag and bounce down the stairs. I feel a lot more confident now.

Casey smiles when she sees me and hands me my lunch—salad. Yay.

“You are going to unhinge all of their jaws, Whitney. Just you wait.” Casey tells me, smirking, “and I will be there with a camera to take pictures of it.”

I laugh at that. Photographic evidence of it would make my day.

“Miss Winters, the car is ready for you.” Alan notifies us, in his black suit. He’s even wearing his shades despite us being indoors. His suit hugs his buff structure.

“Right, let's go.”

We both stroll over to the black BMW. There are two, one for Casey and I, another for a few other guards who will escort us to school. They will leave and come back at the end of the day to collect me.

The whole drive there is spent with Casey cracking jokes. I can tell she’s trying to distract me because she knows if I let myself wander off with my thoughts, I will turn back and leave. I tend to overthink. It's something I inherited from my mother.

When we make it to the enormous building, my breath hitches. I never thought I would see the school building again, the car park or the people.

Students are hanging by their cars, excitedly chatting to each other. When they notice my car, they all stare. I know they can’t see inside the car due to the tinted windows but it doesn’t stop me from shrinking in my seat.

My mind travels back to two years ago when their piercing gazes were on me, their distasteful stares. I see the sneers, the grunts of disapproval, the hate. God, I need to get a grip.

Suddenly, I feel a soft hand on mine. I glance up through my long lashes to see Casey giving me a comforting smile. Instantly, I get a burst of confidence. The fact that my best friend is here for me gives me enough confidence to sit up in my seat and feel calm.

The bell rings loudly, notifying the students that lessons are starting soon. Reluctantly, they all begin to leave. I watch them all leave, knowing they will all be seeing me soon.

My eyes catch one group. My old friendship group. They all look more grown-up now, more mature.

There are three things that shock me. One, Brock is in the group with a redhead whop I have never seen before. That poor girl is probably his latest fling.

Two: Brock is standing with my group. Two years ago, Brock would never be seen with us. I guess he didn’t want to hang out with them because I was there. With me out of the way, he can't be embarrassed anymore.

Three: Callum. If it's even possible, he looks more handsome. His dark blonde hair is ruffled and messy. Oddly enough, I prefer it then his neat hairstyle. I think it suits him better. His hypnotizing green eyes that sucked me in once before are doing it again. I could get lost in the depths of them forever. Callum also looks fitter. He must have been working out more because he has more muscle.

To conclude, he looks like an Adonis Model.

Goddammit, I’m supposed to hate the guy. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.

“We can go now,” Casey says, knocking me out of my thoughts. That’s when I realize everyone is inside. There’s going to be an assembly that everyone has to attend where I’m going to be introduced. There, the principal will set down some ground rules.

Alan and George lead me through a back entrance. The entrance is the fire exit for the main hall. When we get in, I can already hear the loud chatter from beyond the curtains. The principal, Mr. Fisher, makes his way over to us. He’s an old man, with little hair on his head and dark brown eyes. The man has never interacted with me before until today.

I bet he didn’t even know who Anastasia was until I became famous.

“Whitney Winters, what a pleasure it is to finally meet you,” he greets and holds out his hand for a handshake. I place my hand in his and give him a firm handshake—flashing him a smile.

He then greets Casey and my two security guards. I can see the hesitancy in his eyes when he meets an expressionless Alan. I have to stifle a laugh at the scene.

“So, I will settle down the students and when I call your name Whitney, that’s when I want you to come on stage.” He tells me and I nod.

Mr. Fisher than walks off to the vice principal. So I take a peek through the curtain to see how many students are there. Sure enough, there are a lot. My eyes drift from people I recognize, including my number one bully Nicole. I swallow the lump in my throat at her. She’s even prettier now, no wonder Callum went after her.

I wonder if they are still together.

No! Don’t do that to yourself, I scold myself and step back.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

I can do this. I chant in my head over and over and flutter my eyes closed for a brief second. My eyes snap open when I hear Mr. Fisher’s loud voice through the microphone. Oh god.

“Welcome, FairHill Greene students. I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for a new week of learning.” He starts and I nearly snorted. Adults have no idea how much teenagers dread school. “So I’m presuming you are all curious as to why you are here instead of in lessons.”

Any whispering that was going on ceases. They must know its something important if an assembly was called.

“Well, for a few months we are going to have a very special student studying here. You will all know of her, some will even know her.” He pauses and I take a deep breath. Mr. Fisher is leaving his students in suspense for fun. I bet he’s just as excited to see their reactions as I am.

You can do this. You are Whitney Winters, the famous celebrity. You are confident, amazing and brave. You are beautiful and strong.

“So raise your hands for the amazing Whitney Winters.” He announces loudly and everyone gasps. That is when I confidently walk on the stage, my shoulders back and a bright smile on my face. People begin to whisper to each other and stare at me in awe or shock.

Casey was right, their jaws basically hit the ground.

My eyes land on Nicole who is sat there in complete shock. Disbelief is written all over her face.

Then they land on my old group of friends. Every single one is staring at me stunned except for the short redhead who is staring at me like I’m her biggest idol.

I stop center stage, beside Mr. Fisher. The reaction they gave was priceless. Mr. Fisher leans down to my ear and whispers, “I think you broke them.”

I look at him and laugh. Definitely.

He hands me the microphone and I gladly take it.

“Hello everybody,” I start, my voice confident and smooth. There’s only one thing I can think of at this moment—I’ve got this.

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