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Werewolves exist. When Alexandra finds out, she does what any sane journalist would do: Binds down her breasts, cuts her hair, covers her scent, and goes undercover as a man. She was supposed to lay low and gather as much evidence of werewolves as possible. Unfortunately, laying low becomes a particularly hard task when the confused alpha refuses to let her out of his sight.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

“Who leads these packs?”

Alexandra’s fingers eagerly drummed against the wood. They always had to be in action. Whether typing on a keyboard, dragging a pencil through a notebook or clicking a mouse. She figured that the quirk came with the territory of being a journalist.

Nico exhaled a puff of smoke before answering. “Packs are led by alphas.”

Alexandra licked her lips like a wolf ready to feast. In all her years of journalism, she had never heard a story as juicy as this. Her brain seized with questions. If werewolves existed, how many of them were there? How did werewolves manage to stay under the radar?

“I’ve known you for 15 years, Nico. How did you hide this for so long?”

She wouldn’t have believed the madness if it wasn’t for the fact that she saw a man shift into a wolf a few hours ago. Immediately, she ran to Nico explained what she saw.

Instead of calling the nearest mental hospital, her best friend chuckled. Hours later, they were here.

“The government helps,” he exhaled another lung-full of smoke. “They protect the packs. The National Surveillance Agency obliterates any evidence that gets posted online. Not to mention that they also crack human heads open and erase what has no business being in there.”

Her face became as pale as the smoke lingering in the air.

“They… they wipe people’s memories?”

“Partially,” Nico nodded.

“I don’t understand. Why are you telling me this?”

She had a valid question. Once upon a time, Nico would have cared about keeping his species a secret. Once upon a time, he was a good boy whose sole reason for existing was making his parents proud. Now, he was far past a delusional pup.

Although his parents were alphas, he was born without the wolf gene. He couldn’t shift. His parents tried to pretend like they loved all of their children equally, but Nico knew that their pride was only reserved for his younger brother. He received the loudest cheers in sports games, the heaviest pats on the back when he brought home good grades, and the brightest smiles when he first shifted into his wolf.

He also got the alpha position.

It wasn’t fair. Werewolf society wasn’t fair. They lived amongst humans, competing against them while hiding the fact that they had a biological advantage. For hundreds of years, werewolves had been taking what wasn’t theirs like his alpha position and sanity.

He looked down at his arms. His once healthy skin now had angry dots that marked the gateways to both heaven and hell. He had been abusing drugs since he disowned his family. He had nothing left. No wolf, no mate, no title. All he had to his name was a thirst for revenge.

“I’m telling you this… because you’re a journalist.”

His answer was awarded with a sharp laugh. Alexandra shook her head when her laughter settled down. “The second I publish an article about how men can transform into mutated dogs, I’ll either get thrown in a straight jacket or a prison jumpsuit.”

“Or,” Nico countered. “You end up in a multi-billionaire house. If you play your cards right, you will become the most famous journalist of all time.”

Alexandra pictured the flash of the paparazzi, the shine of academy trophies, the glittering of glamorous jewels, the twinkling of the chandeliers adorning her mansion.

She shook her head, refusing to get blinded by the bling.

She didn’t have the resources to expose such a secret to the world. All she had was a laptop and a curiosity that had proved itself to be more of a liability than an asset.

“No way. I’m a community college graduate. I can’t go against the entire American government. I have no interest in getting my brain wiped. And— and, wouldn’t you get in trouble as well?”

Nico nodded without hesitation. “Yes. I’d get locked up for life.”

Her mouth gaped with disbelief. “Then why would you help me?”

Nico swung his arms from his lap, thudding them against the wooden table. “Look at them,” he commanded as he thrust his arms out. His usual calm tone was now emboldened with rage.

Alex glanced down, unsurprised by the signs of heroin abuse on his arms. She had noticed the subtle lesions long ago.

“I’m addicted,” Nico pointed out the obvious. “I need to get locked up one way or another. So instead of getting thrown in fucking rehab, I might as well go to jail.”

“Nico,” Alexandra sighed, rubbing her face which felt numb with stress. “There’s a huge difference between getting locked up in rehab for a few years and getting locked up in prison for life.”

Nico’s gaze hardened. “You don’t understand. I have nothing left. I need to get this done, so if you won’t help me...”

He stood up. “I’ll find someone who will.”

“Wait. Wait,” she stood up and raised her hands defensively. “Why does this matter so much to you? Why would you betray your species?”

A dark chuckle was not what she had been expecting.

“Don’t you think it’s unfair that werewolves compete in the same sport teams and schools that humans do? How the government has been covering up their crimes, how they’ve been invading privacy, how they’ve been tampering with freedom of speech?”

Yes, she did. It was incredibly wrong for the government to fool its citizens. This was no democracy.

“Look,” she said flatly. “I will hear you out. But what you’re asking for isn’t easy. I’d need a massive amount of proof for something like this. Pictures, videos, medical records, blood samples. Where would I even begin to collect all of this?”

By the time she finished the question, she was frantic. The more she thought of it, the more her stress spiraled out of control. She combed her trembling fingers through her hair, trying to soothe the storm encased within her skull.

Nico walked around the table and disappeared from sight once he stood directly behind her. Alexandra was about to turn around, but her ability to move became disabled when Nico’s hand wrapped around her long ponytail.

“That’s easy, Alex.”

The pressure he placed on the strange nickname returned her ability to move. Slowly, she turned around and faced her best friend whose sunken eyes, red nose, and darkening teeth betrayed his smile.

Nico wasn’t happy. He was falling apart.

“What do you mean by Alex?” she asked.

“You’ll go undercover. I’ll get you access to a pack in New York. You can gather whatever evidence you need there, but keep in mind that there’s a catch.”

Her heart began shaking like her hands did whenever she excitedly scribbled notes. Undercover? She would get to live among werewolves?

The unknown was Alexandra’s dearest lover. Being able to observe, measure, and calculate was her passion. This golden opportunity would place her deep within her element.

“What’s the catch?” the words fell from her mouth.

It took Nico a few seconds to answer.

“You’ll have to go undercover as a man.”

You don’t need to read any story before this one. Undercover is the story of Sean and Alexandra. Sean is the brother of Karen and the son of Adrian and Eva. I took the book down many months ago because I wanted to rewrite it.

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