Timeless Tattoos: Book 3 in Tattooed Love Series

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The same moment, men came out of the clubhouse- and they were out numbered. Knew it wasn’t over when they got in them cars. But what I knew for sure, Can love really overcome the worst? Jax just did six years in prison. He has finally met his son and he wasn't going to let anyone take his family from him- especially not the man that had stopped Amber from reaching out to him early in his sentence. TIMELESS TATTOOS is a story like tattoos themselves, some love stories last for ever and can never be covered.

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I’ve never been one to play it safe, or to do the right thing. Unless when it came to Jack. When it came to Jack, I always did what was best for him. Sometimes that was tainted by black choices. But as Jax asks me to be his Queen to his empire. I wasn’t sure what the hell to say, so I just stared at him.

I knew my days as a corporate woman was numbered. Still I wasn’t ready for the responsible of being Queen to the King of the Bikers.

“Why?” I finally speak after his long speech, of how he wants me by his side. But my question was why. Why right now, did he want me to step?

“I was wrong all those years ago. Tae was the one that got it right. He put you as equal. You were always meant to be equal. I fucked it up back then. I won’t repeat history.” He walked towards me. Having kept distance between us earlier as he explained what he wanted. “So what do you say to working together?”

“Why would any biker respect me?”

“Because if they don’t they will answer to me.”

I scoffed. “Jax, you are kidding yourself.”

“Amber. I want this. I always get what I want. The question is do you want it?”

My stomach began to twist. Could I face the fears of the past- could I face the criminal world again? But more importantly did I have the strength?



“Jack, come on mate time to eat.” I said from the kitchen. Never thought in a hundred years I would be preparing my son lunch. But it had become a trend lately, while Amber goes to her physio appointments.

Jack and Tyler were playing on the xbox console that I had brought them. And Tyler was in for a rude awakening when I confront him about his money issues.

Jack sat on the stool and started eating his sandwich. I leant that he would complain if the crusts weren’t cut off. So Jack was settled for ten minutes, which gave me ten minutes to grill Tyler.

“Tyler can I have a word?” I asked, and grabbed the cigarette packet and he looked at me, nodded his head and followed me out on the patio.

“What’s up brother?” Tyler asked and took a cigarette from the packet, lightening it up. For some reason I was reinforcing Amber’s old rule of no smoking in the house.

I looked him in the eye. “You boys haven’t been getting paid.” I had discovered this when I got back into the club. Troy, Cole, Adam and Tyler had been cut from the books as soon as the club ruled them looking for Amber as personal. Even though they were doing my orders. Why they never spoke up, I didn’t know. I could have just made a phone call.

Then again knowing the boys view on me, and their pride- they wouldn’t want me thinking they needed me.

Tyler expression dropped. “I think this is a conversation with you a Troy.”

“Your other brothers have been doing side hustles to bring cash in, you haven’t.” I titled my head slightly, wondering why he hadn’t had side jobs going like the rest. “Wanna explain why you didn’t?”

He immediately looked frustrated. “Because if they got caught, they would be doing time. Amber was still out there, and I wouldn’t be locked up with no one looking for her.”

Amber always thought Cole was the one to love her the most. But Tyler was proving that wrong. He was willing to work nightshift at a gas station just to get by, that was till he relocated here.

“I got by.” He looked me in the eye, holding his own. “I don’t need charity. Or you paying off my debts.”

“I know you’ve got multiple credit cards Tyler. At repayments you can’t afford.”

“I’ll get back into the club now, it will work out.”

“You haven’t been shown up to meetings. You missed church the last two weeks.”

He scoffed. “So what you watching me now? Making sure I earn my money?”

“Nah brother.” I had to approach this in a way he would understand. “I’ve heard the rumours. Ya wanna step down.”

His eyes widened. “Who the fuck told you that!”

“So it is true.” I inhaled on the cigarette watching him panic.

“Look we need to think of this logically. My other brothers are club members till they die. Me I don’t do much for the club. I can’t afford to lose my sister again because of prison. I won’t do time for the club, and we all know that’s all I’m good for.” He was explaining it, like he had convinced himself that was the truth.

“Tyler you’ve served more time at the club then Adam, you aren’t just a prospect that will take time on the knuckles. Plus I wouldn’t let that happen.” I butted the ciagerette out. “I’m back paying you the years you didn’t get paid. Same with the rest of your brothers. You were doing my orders. Should have spoke up.”

He went to speak and I shook my head.

“As for you worrying about doing time, and Amber being left by herself that won’t happen. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“Jax you and I both know us boys are looking for time if we get caught. It’s a risky game dancing on the line of the law breaking. I won’t risk losing Amber for it.” He shrugged and dropped the cigarette butting it out. “I’d rather my freedom with Jack and Amber, over four walls.”

Why was he so certain he would be doing time?

“Tyler how about I put you in a low risk role? Just think about it before stepping down.” I wouldn’t have him making a decision that would shape a future without the club.

He looked me back in the eye. “I ain’t no pussy. I just never had a reason not to break the law before and now I do. And you have the same reason.”

If only he knew what I had had asked Amber. If he realised that she was going to be joining my empire, he might just throttle me. Did I break it to him now, that Amber was considering going back to her roots? But then again, should I pull the other that Tyler has pointed out the issues.

However- regardless, I could keep my family safe, couldn’t I?

Tyler and I walked back in, and I spotted Jack bolting up the hallway, I was alarmed for a second before I saw he was heading for Amber.

She was back from physio.

She picked him up.

“Amber, put him down.” I said from the top of the hallway and walked towards her, ready to take him off her.

“The physio gave me the all clear.” She smiled, and then walked past me holding Jack on her hip. “Did you have lunch?” She speaking to Jack, who was rattling off about the sandwich I had made him.

I noticed Tyler looked uneasy as he stood in the kitchen. He didn’t think I’d tell Amber, did he? Nah. Wasn’t my place. But I was making sure he got his money for the years unpaid. If he chooses to leave after that, what could I do?

“Mom what happened?” Jack gasped, and my eyes snapped to them. Seeing Jack run his finger down Amber’s arm, where there was a bandage.

“It was just a cut Jack, it’s nothing. Didn’t even hurt.” She smiled at him, reassuring him she was okay.

Why would she have a cut on her arm? I went to take Jack off Amber. “What happened to your arm?” I said, I lifted him down.

“Nothing.” She wouldn’t look me in the eye.


“Tyler, do you know where Troy is, I need a word with him.” She spoke over me to her brother.

“Troy’s at the club.” I answered for Tyler, forcing Amber to look at me.

She nodded her head. “It can wait. I need to head into the office for a bit.” She then looked at me. “I have a resignation letter to hand in.”

My eyes widened. Did that mean?

“I have to give two weeks notice. So the sooner I hand it in the sooner I step down.”

“Why would you be resigning from your job?” Tyler piped up, looking at Amber like she had lost her mind.

“Didn’t Jax tell you?” Amber frowned, and I couldn’t stop but think oh fuck… this wasn’t going to go down well.

“About?” Tyler looked at Amber for answers.

She straightened up as if knowing this wasn’t going to go down well. She looked to see where Jack was, he was back in front of the television.

“Jax and I are going into business together.” Amber’s words sent shock across Tyler’s face.

“You mean, Jax and you are getting back together?” Tyler said slowly, as if he had misheard what had been said.

“Amber is coming to work with us.” I clarified and Tyler went silent for a moment before his hands curled into fists.

“Like fucking hell!” Tyler roared, and Jack jumped.

“Tyler calm down.” Amber said.

“Have you thought of Jack! Have you given one thought about your son and what this means! You could go to prison! You could-”

“Enough!” I yelled at him, as Jack was now hiding behind the couch, with wide eyes. “We can speak about this privately.”

Tyler scoffed. “Get fucked.”

“Tyler!” Amber said as he went to storm off. “Tyler, nothing is going to happen to us.”

He spun around. “Jax just did six years because of your last fucking go at working together. You both are fucking selfish.” With those words said he stormed out. I saw the look on Amber’s face, and that had me storming past her and following him. He was already out the front by the time I caught up to him.

“You fucking saying I can’t protect my family!” I roared at him. ’I’d never let Amber get hurt.”

Tyler spun around and gripped me by the collar of my shirt, my hands automatically going to his.

“You’ll get her killed or in prison. That’s a fucking guarantee.” He hissed in my face. “You’ve got a chance here for Amber to live clean. For Jack to have a mother and father. Instead your plan is to make sure Amber get’s locked and you fucking being Jackson Johnston will be doing time as well. If not dead.”

I pulled his head in, “I won’t let that happen.” I hissed in his ear and he pushed me away.

“Just like you didn’t let the cops lock you for six years.” Tyler mocked me and shoved me backwards. Pointing a finger at me. “You’ll ruin my nephews future.” His face was red as he spun around and headed for his bike. Mounting it and taking off like a madman.

I sighed, and headed back inside, hearing Amber explaining to Jack that Uncle Tyler wasn’t upset with him.

The fact Amber had agreed to work with me, hadn’t excited me or stroke hope for her us to be together. Instead I was beginning to doubt everything- had I made a mistake?

Amber’s eyes landed on mine, “Don’t do it Jax.” She said smoothly. “Don’t let him put doubt in us.” And that was all she said, before Jack pulled her to the television.

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