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Once Upon a Dream

By A050888S All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

Phelan groaned as he came to, the sky was staining purple and the stars barely hinting at appearing, but he knew he had been out of it for too long. He had a job to do and the fall down one of those blasted hills hadn't been in the game plan. He rolled onto his chest and muffled his groan into the soft loam beneath him, allowing himself one moment of peace before pushing himself to his feet. Joyous laughter echoed out to him from the open window to his left and he froze. Pressed against the hill behind him Phelan held his breath as a masculine voice took up a sweet refrain in the room. Satisfied he hadn't been found Phelan shook himself and slunk away to find himself his mark.

I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.

Dressed to the nines in bought finery Phelan swallowed as he collided with a masked dame. Then winced as the smaller female ended up on their bottom, autumn coloured silk skirts and scarves falling around them.

 "Some Prince Charming you are," There was laughter, but not mocking in the voice and Phelan extended his hand to help his unintended victim up. Sea-green eyes met his and he bowed with a flourish, fighting back a grin at the amusement he saw there. He was here to work and work only. The dame clapped a hand to his shoulder, slipped a spring of heather into his lapel and then ran off down the path leading to the mid-summer festival in the centre of Gargrave.

And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem.

The music was lively and the air warm as Phelan slunk around the edges of the partying locals. He stuck to the shadows, wishing he'd chosen a different outfit, but he hadn't and so he had to make the best of it. He paused his prowling to watch the dancing. Experienced though he was, he wasn't sure how he was supposed to find his mark in among the whirling masked crowd. What was supposed to have been an easy job had just become so much harder. He chuckled as he spotted the dame from earlier dancing a jig. There might be a way for him to find his mark after all. When the music ended and the locals politely clapped the band he slid up to the only person he vaguely recognised. 

"I wouldn't have thought such a lady as yourself would lower herself to such humble pastimes." He gave a flourishing bow and the dame shot him a wide smile and accepted his hand.

 It was only as he closed his fingers around narrow hips that Phelan realised they were both playing a character they weren't. Wide sea-green eyes met his and Phelan found himself caring little that the beautiful dame in his arms was in fact not a dame.

But if I know you I know what you'll do.

Phelan forgot what he was there to do, well he didn't but the job was shoved to the back of his mind as the dame merely winked at his gasp and pressed a finger to his lips when the dance was over. Phelan allowed himself a smile and instead of letting the smaller male walk away pulled him flush to his chest just in time to hear the band start up a slower song. He rolled his eyes at first but as a warm hand settled on his shoulder and strong fingers gripped his he started to enjoy himself. The youth matched him step for step, keeping up with strides that were probably much too wide. Phelan dipped his dance partner and smiled warmly as he got a delighted chuckle in response. After their fourth slow dance he finally cottoned on to the whispers and dragged his new friend away from the crowds.

You'll love me at once, like what you did once upon a dream.

Underneath the stars, lying in the summer flowers Phelan received his first kiss. The other male was careful and soft even as he taught him. Phelan looked up into the sea-green eyes and had a strange desire to see the other's face properly. Fingers caught his and stopped him from untying the ribbons. 

"Now my Prince," he chided softly, "Who we are isn't revealed until dawn." Phelan bit his lip as he remembered his job. He should be long gone by dawn. A gentle kiss was dropped on his lips, "Besides even if I can't see your face I would recognise you anywhere my Prince."

Once upon a night, I dreamed we'd be together In love forever.

As clever fingers wound into his hair and soothed over creases in his costume Phelan smiled softly and cupped the smooth chin of the slighter male. "So tonight is?"

"Just for us."

Phelan nodded. He could handle that. It was better the lad didn't see his face anyways. He shyly pressed his lips to those of the smaller male and warm arms wrapped around his waist.

Phelan allowed himself to forget and just live in the moment. Beneath the moon and stars the country lad wound flowers into a crown and placed them on his head. As the other male laughingly draped one of his scarves around his neck Phelan turned his face into the chest of the lad and decided that for the night, just for once he wouldn't be the one that made his happiness end.

Once upon a night, I was wishing for a never, a never ending.

He awoke with a heavy heart to brilliant sunlight and a warm body curled up beside him. Fighting back the urge to wake the lad curled into his side, he brushed a light kiss over the curls and fled away from what had seemed like a dream. He completed the job, and collected the money for the job and returned home. If he kept the clothes and the mask hidden in his rooms then no-one needed to know. If he carefully unwound his flower crown and pressed the blooms between the pages of one of his younger brother's books then that was his secret.

Once upon a night.

Phelan was the only one who felt any nervousness as he walked through the lanes of the Northern Dales. His once upon a dream had been here and he didn't know if he would recognise him or if he himself would be recognised. The male who opened the green door seemed familiar, but as he watched the lad flap about mud and dishes Phelan decided he was imagining things.

On edge from the company he was keeping, and the journey through strange-yet familiar lands it was the soft smiles of their host that kept him together. Phelan couldn't help the sigh that escaped when their host, aptly named Lieth Kevyn, had finally agreed to join with them.

Once upon a time.

Phelan scowled across at Llyr, the man he would call king, and wished he could say something to ease the pained expression on their burglar's face. The lad had left his home for them after all. Chiding himself for his cowardliness he pushed to his feet and stomped away from the soldiers laughing at the curly haired Lieth, but didn't say a word. As he passed the smaller male he pressed a supporting hand on a narrow shoulder. 

Sea-green eyes flew to his and held them for a long moment. When he didn't move the lad seemed to sink further in on himself, simply offering a half-hearted smile and pat to his hand. Phelan shuffled off to his bed roll after standing aimlessly for several long moments. It was still long after the last company member had head to their bed roll that he got to sleep, depite being the first to retire.

 When he awoke something was tickling his nose and he snatched at it to make it stop. He opened his eyes and glanced down when he felt silk between his fingers. He froze and shot a glare around the still sleeping company. Naois was on watch and, thankfully, looking away from him. Phelan used the solitude to carefully examine the bit of silk and his eyes widened as he recognised its colour. He shot a quick glance at the still sleeping burglar,  not sure whether he felt relief or regret when he finally realised the smaller male still seemed to favour spring colours. Sighing Phelan tucked the silk into his pack before setting about building up the fire for breakfast.

Once upon a wish.

He wasn't concerned when the flowers started to appear. It wasn't as if they would mean anything to any of the mercenaries or soldiers surrounding him, and Lieth was too concerned with attempting to keep pace with the rest of them. Phelan suspected his younger brother was teasing him, but since it brought back happy memories he started to wear them on his person. 

It was his reaction to the sight of the palest of pink honeysuckle that caused the soldiers of the company to question his sanity. The night after that had appeared Phelan wandered around their camp picking blooms before he settled on a broken log by the fire. 

Under the confused gazes of his fellow mercenaries he attempted to weave them into a crown. He was fighting back the urge to sob when he couldn't get it to work, until soft hands brushed his, lifting the flowers free and he raised startled eyes to look at the company burglar. Lieth didn't say anything merely sat at his feet and started to show him how to weave the flowers together. Phelan felt proud when he finally managed to get a thin crown made but jumped again when he felt something settle on his hair. 

He flushed slightly at the twinkle in sea-green's eyes and raised a hand to his head. Lieth had managed to make a full crown of flowers and Phelan carefully draped the one he'd made around his knee so he could lift it down to look at it. The smaller male chuckled at him and clasped a warm hand on his shoulders before he wandered off to talk with Dewain. Phelan watched him leave with narrow eyes before grinning and settling his crown back on his hair, ignoring the laughter of Naois and Llyr.

Once upon a dream.

By the time the company had been at Tregidden two days Phelan was bored and had quite made up his mind. He watched the company burglar wrangle with the mending of his waistcoat in the privacy of the beautiful gardens. Soft music from flutes and harps floated down from the main building as Phelan looked around him and wondered how they'd managed to get away from the company. 

It was only when the Lieth sighed for the fourth time that he finally stepped forward. Screwing up his courage he stopped in front of the smaller male and extended a hand, "I wouldn't have thought such a Lady as yourself would lower herself to such humble pastimes." 

Sea-green eyes fixed on him and he fidgeted, suddenly nervous that he'd made a mistake. Then a grin was painting the lad's face and warm arms were around his neck. A chaste kiss was pressed to his lips before Phelan dipped the male in his arms. Delighted laughter drifted from the rosy lips and Phelan led them in a waltz to the music filling the air.

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream.

I know you, That look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it's true, That visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you'll do.
You'll love me at once, like what you did once upon a dream.
Once upon a night, I dreamed we'd be together, In love forever.
Once upon a night, I was wishing for a never, A never ending.

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