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Club Wildfire

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Can Riley find true love in a BDSM Club Life for 23 yr old Riley Grace Matthews was going great until her Fiancé Dillion Rogers dumps her for a Silicone filled Barbie Doll and even Marries her two days after Dumping Her . Enter Best Friend Hailey who thinks it a great Idea to go to Club Wildfire Logan Williams and Salvatore " Sal" Giovanni have been Best Friends for over 15 years they do almost everything together including share women thats why they Own Wildfire a BDSM Club Logan is 32 yrs old a Former Navy Seal 6'4 Green Eyed God with a Shaved Head , He has several tattoos across his body and two precisely placed piercings By Day he is your normal Business Owner with three of them under his belt , The Haven Ranch , Willam and Giovanni Securities and then there's the BDMS Club Wildfire Sal is 33 yr old and also a Former Navy Seal 6'6 Hazel Eyed Black Hair Italian God like Logan he has tattoos , no piercings though , Co Owner of Haven Ranch , William and Giovanni Securities and Wildfire Riley was going to Wildfire to forget about Dillion in anyway she could . All she wanted to do was forget him After Their Tumultuous first meeting leaves the Guys wanting more But is Riley ready for it.

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" That's right baby ride me "

Those were the words I heard when I entered my Fiancé's house , Dillion had texted earlier saying he wasn't feeling well that he was going to take a shower and relax around his house

So me being nice I decided to bring him some of my homemade soup

I had unlocked the door with the spare key he kept under the potted plant on the porch and let myself in

" Ride Me Baby oh god your so good "

What the hell is he watching porn or what

" Fuck me Dillion "

Wait that's a female . I slowly walked down the the hallway to his bedroom the door was half shut but I could see him on the bed with a Redhead not a natural one

She was bouncing up and down her fake boobs not even moving that much

I pushed the door all the way open it slammed into the wall

They both stopped and turned to see what the noise was

" Like What you see Riley this is a Real woman who knows how to fuck unlike you " Dillion hissed out

" Oh and by the way the engagement is off and get out " he said

My mouth dropped open

" That was your fiancée isn't she a little fat " The Redhead Said

They kept speaking but I didn't hear them I was too pissed to pay attention

" Fuck you " I said to them

Getting into my car I slammed the door started it threw it in reverse and peeled out of the driveway

Tears flowing down my face was making it hard to drive but I made it back to my apartment

Turning the doorknob I opened the apartment door and walk in dropping my stuff as I made my way to my room crashing on the bed

Letting the tears go again I curled up into a ball on the bed and cried myself to sleep

" Riley wake up "

" Riley wake up "

" No"

" Riley Grace "

" What "

" Tell me what's wrong"

" Ha What's Wrong My Fiancé's was fucking a redhead Barbie Doll in his bed last night he broke of the engagement said something to the effects I couldn't get him up anyway that I was too fat "

" That Little Bastard I'll kill him " Hailey said with enough venom in her voice I believed her

" It's not worth it and Little Is the correct word for him " I said

Hailey let out a little laugh at me

" Come on let's get you up and dressed for the day and tonight We will go out to Wildfire for some drown your sorrows fun " Hailey said

" No"

" Yes and that's final girl you were too good for him anyway " Hailey said

I did get up and shower but I wasn't going out so I slipped on a tank top and shorts found the remote clicked on Netflix's and immersed myself into Law and Order

" Riley Come on you need another shower I have your dress picked out for tonight and I need to do your hair get moving " Hailey Barked out

" Fine " I said as I tossed the remote on to the other side of the couch and got up

" I don't know why I have to shower again I don't stink " I mumbled as I walked to my room

I showered using my favorite body wash Coconut and Lime it reminds me of the beach

Getting out I wrapped a towel around me Hailey was already in the bathroom waiting on me to get out so she could do my hair

She had brought in a chair from the kitchen to sit in as she worked on my hair right now it's a giant frizzy ball of a mess

Hailey slowly works through the knots and mess until it's more manageable to put curl tamer in it

Ten minutes later she has blown dry my hair straight and is starting to flat iron it she had turned my unruly curly light brown hair into soft straight hair it slightly curled around my face to frame it

She then moved on to my make up giving me a light touch except with my Sapphire Blue Eyes she made them pop I looked in the mirror and I didn't recognize myself being all done up it's a nice change from hair in a messy bun and hardly any make up on

" Hailey , you should become a Stylist you do such great work especially with me " I tell her

" Oh Honey you are beautiful with or without makeup I just enhanced your eyes " she says

Glancing at her watch she tells me to get my dress on while she goes to finish up herself

Walking into the bedroom I see the dress she picked out it's a black off the shoulder dress hits high on the thighs

What the hell is Hailey thinking this dress is too short not to mention I don't think I have a strapless bra and my girls need support

" Hailey are you Nuts" I Yelled

I heard her laugh in her room then yell

"Put the Damn Dress on your fine "

I may have grumbled a few times

" Oh there is a black bra and lacy panties to wear their in the other bag on the bed"

Picking up the other bed and looking at them shaking my head too

Thirty minutes later the two of us were headed to Club Wildfire in Haileys BMW singing our hearts out as we went along

Hailey turned into the parking lot , hmmm this place must be high class it has Valet Parking .

Hailey pulled up Parked my door was opened by a very good looking man

" Ma'am" he said as he offered me his hand

I took it and got out of the car , Hailey had came around to my side now

" Here is your Ticket " the other Valet said as he handed it to Hailey then he went around to move the car

" So what do you know about this place " I asked Hailey as we entered the building which was rather nice very modern and walked over to the elevator

" Well " Hailey said

The elevator dinged to let us know it had arrived so we waited for the people to come off before we entered it was just us two on the elevator

" Hailey answer me "

" Wellit'saBDSM Club " she said really fast

" What say that again a little slower"

" ItsABDSM Club "

It took me a second to get what she said

" What " I almost screamed

She sheepishly smiled at me

" You Brought me to a BDSM Club .... Why " I asked

" You need to let go and enjoy yourself "

I stood there staring at her like she had two heads until the elevator dinged

She hooked my arm and pulled me off the elevator when I looked up I saw a huge room with a lot of people all dressed in nice clothes

They all were in different conversations

Hailey pulled me closer to some chairs so I sat down

" Look I didn't tell what this was because I knew you wouldn't come , Besides this floor is the gathering floor where Doms and Submissive just talk and make plans for play , the next floor is open play and there are a couple of rooms for play like Dr offices , A Regular Office an few others then the floor above that is Dungeon then you have the last four which is for the Owners who sometimes take a new Submissive up for Play"

" Whoa so I'm thinking you are into This aren't you "

" Yes I am a Switch as in I can be a Female Dominant or A Submissive I prefer to be a Submissive "

I had to stand there and let everything she just said to me sink in

" Riley We will just hang out on this floor they are having a DJ tonight so we can dance and have fun Please Please " Hailey begged

" Fine I'm going to get a drink "

I headed over to the bar and asked for three fireball shots to which the Bartender gave me a questioning look

Now that Look we'll so I pulled out my ID and showed him I'm over 21

He looked at the ID then back at me

" What" I asked

" You don't look 21 "

" Look I'm 23 "

He still hesitated before he poured the three shots to which I shot down in seconds letting the burn flow through me

I then turned my attention to the room full of people and watched

People were talking about everything and anything from their work to what they wanted to do while playing

My eyes scanned the room and landed on two men standing Side by Side watching the crowd

Both were hot as Fuck very lean and mean looking both dressed in A Dress Shirt with the sleeves rolled up showing some tattoos the shirt was half unbuttoned and they had jeans with cowboy boots on

Their Tan Chest showed through I bet they were chiseled under those shirts

I couldn't help but stare at them until the Taller on caught me and let a sexy smile grace his face I quickly turned away

When I did a Man in a Black Polo and Jeans was walking over to me

He smiled I returned it

" What's a Beautiful woman like you doing alone " he asked

Sal and Logan had entered the gathering room about twenty minutes ago and both their eyes landed on a 5'ft tall Long Light Brown Hair Sapphire Blue Eyes in a Black Dress with curves like a backroad She was with Hailey

" Do you see the ..."

" Yes I do and she is talking with Hailey "

" Sal she is gorgeous in that dress I'd like to take it off and find out what's under it " Logan said

" Oh Me too My Friend " Sal replies

" Wait is that Rick walking over to her" Logan said

" Yeah it is "

" No way am I going to let him get near her " Logan said as he made his way over

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