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The light in the dark.


Her heart beat rapidly in her chest as the only sound she could hear came from her own panting breath. Her lungs burned and her legs felt weak, she stood next to a tree whos dark blue leaves swayed in the wind. She watched some fall silently to the forest floor, covered in sticks and a blanket of teal colored grass.

It was dark. The forest was like a void, blending into the grey cloudy skys that covered the entire kingdom.

She looked up to see the two moons floating in the sky, it was beautiful to be in the forest at night, she never doubted that her world was indeed a sight to behold. It may have been a dark world but it held much beauty with the bioluminesent flora and rivers that lit up in the dark like a mystical paradise.

But this place that she had grown up in, her held a darkness that has festered and grown, for hundreds of years yerning to be released into the other worlds, to destroy and claim revenge.

She had to leave, leave and never return. Her home was nothing more than a prison and she was going to escape once and for all, she would leave behind everything she once knew and go to a new place.

A place she knew very little about, a place that could be very dangerous for her. But she couldn't stay she had to leave whether it be for better or worse.

She looked back behind her as she heard men draw near. Pushing herself harder she ran once again through the dense forest, trying her best to avoid tripping on any rocks or tree roots.

Each step she took caused the grass under her boots to light up in a light blue tone for a moment, before slowly turning back to its dark and dull color. Most of the floara in her world was sensitive to touch, and would often light up when brushed against or damaged.

She was at a disadvantage, she could be tracked if 'they' were close enough behind her. Not only were the tracks that she left behind a problem, but her pursuers were able to appear anywhere at any time, like teleportation, this ability they had was known as shifting.

Shifting came natural to her kind, it was used for everything including short distance traveling, shifting would allow a person to disappear and reappear in a new spot at their own will, as long as they weren't shifting into a solid object and it was within a certain distance, it had limits of course.

But she couldn't shift. She wasn't like everyone else. So instead she had to run, run for her life, for her freedom. If she didn't her fate would not be pretty.

She ran and ran until coming across a clearing with the ruins of an ancient stone building in the center of it.

Running into the ruins of the stone building, it was clear that the place hadn't been touched in hundreds of years. A tree was growing through the roof from the inside with vines covering the walls. With the tall grass and other flora growing through the cracks, the building was obviously overtaken by nature.

She walked inside hastly and her heart hammered in her chest. as she came to the center of the building, it opened up into a room without a roof, due to the weather, all the class that once covered the ceiling was now gone, leaving a metal frame.

A stone arch with ancient carvings in it stood tall in the room. Unlike the rest of the ruins, the arch stood untouched by nature and looked as stable as it would have the day it was made.

Walking up to the archway she removed her necklace and gazed at the symbols that covered the archway.

Swallowing hard she also removed a knife from her belt and looked at the white crystal that hanged from the chain of her necklace.

Shakily she drew the knife across her hand and cut it open, causing a deep red liquid to slowly seep from the wound.

Touching the crystal to her wound, it absorbed the blood and was quickly dyed black.

She watched as the crystal seemed to come to life and pulse in her hand as if it had a heartbeat of its own.

Kneeling down in front of the archway, she dusted off the dirt on the ground to reveal a small hole cut out into the ground.

She could hear footsteps of people running into the ruins, and menacing voices calling out for her.

Quickly she glanced back to see 3 men appear in the entance she came through. They looked at her and scowled angry for having to chase her so far.

Without hesitation she inserted the crystal into the crevice. A bright light lit up from it and spread through the cracks all the way up the sides of the archway, lighting up all the ancient symbols before reaching the very top and causing a bright wall of light to appear in the arch like a portal.

A gust of wind hit them out of nowhere and everyone had to shield their faces from the bright light.

Looking from behind her arm she could see nothing but white light coming from the arch.

"No!!" One of the men yelled at her.

After being partially blinded by the light.

She stared at the portal for a moment before taking a deep breath. It would be a lie to say she wasnt scared. She was terrified.

Grabbing the necklace in her good hand she quickly jumped through the portal into a new world with a unknown fate waiting for her.

The portal quickly disappeared behind her leaving nothing behind.

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