Cage's Fall: The Rewrite

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Love. If only it was black and white. I loved him once. We had two beautiful children together. Jacob and Autumn were my highlights. They were the reason I put up with it. The back hands, dodging the latest thing his hand had landed on and thrown at me.

Love. I stayed for love. Standing in the cheap motel room. My fingers went to my wedding ring. And I pulled it off. Staring at it for a few moments. Before placing it down on the basin sink.

I couldn’t do it anymore.

“Mom, someone’s at the door!” Autumn my nine year old daughter sung out. I was quick to walk out of the bathroom. My heart dropping. Had he found us? Jacob was sitting on the bed, in a foul mood. Autumn was playing on her tablet.

I pulled back the curtains seeing Hawk standing there at his full height of six foot, he always scared me.

I walked to the door, opening it up and stepping out. So was he here to tell me to go back to James? Hawk was the Sergeant of Arms of The Diavolo’s Henchmen MC. With my husband being the president.

Well soon to be ex husband.

“Emily.” Hawk’s eyes dropped to my neck, seeing the choke marks around my neck. I watched as his lip form a firm line- like he was trying to keep his reaction in tabs.

“Hawk.” I crossed my arms. I knew what he was going to say. He was going to tell me James would change. That James loved me. That he didn’t mean. Didn’t Hawk get it, I had made those excuses for James since the abuse started.

“Not a great place to have the kids.” Hawk said, his eyes looking up the at the other rooms. Seeing last night’s leftovers leave the motel rooms. One night stands was what made this motel money I knew that. But I also didn’t have money.

So here I was.

With two kids.

Hawk ’s steel blue eyes locked with mine. “Come stay with me.”


“Emily at least think about it. I’m not telling you to go back to him. But I don’t like you here. By yourself. Unprotected.” Hawk added. His hand going to my cheek and I flinched. I saw the rage spread across his face. “I’d never hurt you Emily.” He declared that like there was some law against it.

But I wanted to laugh. Because even if there was a law against it, he’d most likely breaking it being the biker he is.

“Yeah. He said the same thing.” I muttered. And his eyes sharpened on me.

“I’m not him. I’d never hurt you.” He dipped his head down, those steel blue intense eyes on me. “I don’t want you or the kids here. So please, don’t make me pull rank. Come stay with me.”

My eyes dropped to his vest, seeing the STG of ARMS emblem on his chest.

We were staying in a one bedroom room, and last night gunshots had woken Autumn up. I knew we couldn’t stay here much longer. But I had no money and the thought of going back to James- scared me.

“Please Em. Come stay with me.” Hawk put a hand under my chin, lifting my head up to look him in the eyes. “I’ll even move out while your there, put a prospect out the front to keep an eye on you.”

I knew he was saying that but I also knew Hawk wouldn’t leave a prospect in charge of me. So he would be the one camping out front of his own house.

“Okay.” I blew out running hand through my blonde hair. “But, you can stay.” I looked him back in the eyes. “I know you’d never hurt me Hawk. Plus you being around might make Jacob feel better about the spilt.”

“So you’ve really left him?”


And I had never meant one word more in my life. Yes. I had finally left the abusive son of a bitch known as my husband. I was never going back to him. Not even if he went sober. Because everyone knows, that he wouldn’t stay sober for long. Hell he had used that excuse twice to get me to stay. Both times I fell for it.

Not again.

“Can I see the kids?” Hawk asked. “Haven’t seen my Acorn in weeks. Missed her annoying questions.” He had a sly smile on his face. He had always been close with the kids. I once thought it was because of his President. But I realised quickly that James wasn’t making Hawk spend time with them.

James didn’t force Hawk to install a playground at the clubhouse.

James didn’t force Hawk to listen to Autumn at the family BBQ’s.

I smiled. “She’d love to see you.” And I opened the door, letting it swing open. Autumn glanced up from her tablet, a squeal of delight coming off her lips when she saw Hawk. Jumping up, running to him, hugging him and then peppering for questions. Even Jacob got off his phone to talk to Hawk.

I blew out a long breathe. I could do this. I could single parent two kids.

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