Married with no choice

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“That is a divorce paper and I am getting a divorce from you,” I say taking my last bags out of my room. Vanessa Beckett is a rich but simple girl. William Gifford is a rich, arrogant asshole. What happens if they are forced to get married? Will he change for he or remain like the asshole he is? Will love fail or succeed? Will they end up together or leave each other? Read on to find out.

Romance / Drama
Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“I can’t believe that I finally got my degree,” I say and my best friend, Spencer Jacob cheers. We have been best friends since pre-school and we got our master’s in business together. I look over at my other friends, Aura Samuels, Kylie Porter, and Lulu Tenkil and they smile. I met Aura and Kylie in high school and Lulu in senior year.

Well, we were very close friends. Aura is doing medicine, Kylie got her finance master’s and Lulu is an aspiring Interior Designer.

“I know right? To us,” she says lifting her glass and we clink.

In the bar, the TV screen was turned on and some news flashed.

“Mr and Mrs Gifford have chosen a bride for their son, William Gifford who is their official successor for their company- The Gifford’s. We all are thrilled to hear the lucky girl’s name from the Gifford’s themselves and we are really excited to meet her parents,” the reporter says showing Will’s picture and he was surely attractive. The Gifford’s was a fashion line which was very huge. They were a leading fashion company of clothes.

“That girl is so lucky,” Aura says and we all agree.

“We are really excited to introduce our daughter-in-law but she couldn’t be here at the moment. Her name is Vanessa Beckett and here is a picture of her,” he says and a picture of me pops up. I choked on my drink and I look up.

“What the hell? You are the one getting married to Will?” Spencer shouted and everyone in the bar looked at us. I think they recognised me because they kept congratulating me. I had to get out of here.

I grab my purse and signal the girls to my car and we drive.

“What the hell Vans? You never told me that you were getting married to Will,” Kylie says and I can’t believe they thought that I was hiding this from them.

“Guys, how can I tell you when I just found out that I am fucking getting married to the person whom I have never even met?” I say and their eyes softened.

“We are so sorry. What are going to do now?” Lulu asked and I had no clue what to do.

“I first will go talk to my parents and you guys are coming with me,” I say and they nod.

I wait near the gates as the gates themselves as I enter the pin code.

I park my car in the garage and I walk into my living room to find no one there. I go to my parent’s room, the guest room, the outdoor swimming pool but I didn’t find them.

“Check the indoor swimming pool,” Spencer suggested and we rush there to find my parents sitting in the pool.

“Can you guys come out? We need to talk,” I say and they get out wrapping towels around themselves.

“Why the hell am I getting married to William Gifford? And how come I didn’t even know about that. I had to get to know by watching the news,” I say and they looked at each other.

“Listen Vans, we know that you weren’t informed about your marriage to him but we and his parents discussed it and we thought that it would be right,” my dad says and I look at him.

“No daddy. How can I get married to someone I haven’t even met?” I ask furious.

“Vans, listen. We thought that this would be for the best. Please listen to me and trust me,” he frantically tries explaining it to me.

“Daddy I do trust you but what about William? I don’t even know who he is or how he will be to me,” I say and he smiles.

“Vans, you will get to know him soon. But as much as I have seen, he is very nice. This marriage is very important to me. Please agree to it Vans,” he pleads and I don’t lie it when he pleads.

“Just because you are pleading and also if we have any problems, I get a divorce from him,” I say and he nods.

“Go get ready Vans. We have dinner with the Gifford’s tonight,” my mom said and my friends and I walk to my room.

We sit in my living room and I cry.

“Why does this happen to me? I am getting married to someone I don’t even know,” I say and they console me.

“Vans, I have an idea. Why don’t you make him fall in love with you?” Kylie says and I shrug.

“That’s what I have to do then,” I say and she hugs me. Everyone does later on.

“Anyways, I have to go. Robert is taking me out on a date,” she says. Robert was her fiancé. They got engaged 4 months ago and were dating for 1 year and they are adorable.

Kylie, Lulu and Aura got up to leave too and I was left alone.

I showered and went to my walk in closet. I decided to wear a black dress with a halter neck.

I wore a red lipstick and left my hair open. I wore my black heels too and I was ready. But wait I then spray my perfume and now I was ready.

“Daddy, I am ready,” I say going downstairs and my mom and dad were waiting for me.

“You look lovely darling,” my mom says kissing my cheek from far because she we both didn’t want lipstick stain on my cheek.

We sit in our car whereas the driver drives us to the Gifford’s house.

Their house was almost the same size as ours. I was actually scared to meet them. Oh god! What have I gotten myself into?

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