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The Bus Stop

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Alexa was never the type to go crazy over a crush. She thought they were a myth,never thought she would feel the sweet bundle of emotions that would make her get all flustered with butterflies in her stomach. Until one day she waits for the bus and a handsome stranger named Nathan catches her attention. Watch as these two opposites attract in The Bus Stop.

Romance / Drama
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Cold Mornings And Wet floors


The snow was falling, incessantly and despite it's fluffy, Christmas card and angelic appearance, brought with it a cold that penetrated to the very marrow in my bones.

I used to love the snow, now it's just to cold and refuses to let up. I try to breathe some warmth into my hands through my knitted gloves as I hear the crunch of the snow under by boots on the way to the bus stop.

I slightly squint my eyes as I near my destination and see a dark figure sitting on the bench.

I let out a shaky sigh of relief as I plop down on the bench.

As if it were an instinct I turned to my right and met with a pair of piercing blue eyes that seemed to have me in a trance.

Is this what it finally feels like to have a crush?

I thought as my heart pounded against my chest almost like a sea of anxiety deep down,like I couldn't breathe.

Do I say hi? Why am I still just starring? I wondered as I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.

He was the first to break the awkward staring contest and turn continuing to look straight ahead.

I wonder if he goes to my school because if he does i've never seen him before.You know what this is silly, all I have to do is say hi.Greetings are always good ice breakers,right?

You can do it. Just say hi or hello it's easy. I tried motivating myself.

"H-hi."I stuttered out not just because of the cold but of how unbelievably nervous I was for his rebuttal.

No answer. That's not a good sign but I did see a slight shift of his eyes meaning he did at least glance at me.

Was it something I said? Well all I really said was 'hi' but where's the harm in that?

I would have at least accepted a 'sup' kind of nod.That would have at least make me feel something other than stupid or embarrassed.

Well maybe he just didn't want to talk is all.I finally came to a conclusion huffing in annoyance with a slight pout as I got up pulling out my metro card as the bus rolled up.

Walking on putting my card in hearing the approval of the machine,I turned around seeing that he wasn't even there anymore!

Was I just seeing things?Am I going craz-I stopped my internal interrogation with myself as I heard the bus driver calling me to get my attention.

"Young lady?" The white haired thick glasses man asked.

"Huh?" I questioned not hearing what he was saying before being trapped in my own mind.

"Are you going sit down? Don't want you flying through the window now do we?" he asked making me once again feel my face heat up as I looked to see people starring at me.

I quickly muttered a 'sorry' and sat down in the single seats by the window.

As the bus drove and I regained the warmth back to my body I looked out the window to see the blue eyed stranger walking up the block.

What was the point of him waiting for the bus if he was just going to walk anyway!?

Did he not get on the bus because of me?


Once I got to school everything thing went by with a breeze and I stopped worrying about him and lunch was on my mind right now.

As I speed walked down the cafeteria spotting my friends at our usual table I guess someone failed to put a 'Caution Wet Floor' sign down.

I slipped on a random substance hopping it was water or something waiting for the impact and embarrassment but there wasn't any.Well there was just not the kinda of impact you would expect.


The same guy from before. I'm either crazy or just never realized he was in my school. Maybe he was new but that doesn't matter right now.

His arm wrapped securely around my waist holding me close.I briefly looked past him to see my friends Sam and Mia with shocked expressions written all over there faces,then back to him.

I gulped and looked straight down at his chest as he stared down at me. His warm breath fanning against the top of my head.

My fingers curled and my heart beat sped up when he gently,almost hesistantly cupped my cheek and tilted my head up.

My eyes locked on to his hooded ones.He swept a gaze over my face then asked with his deep voice rumbling. "Are you okay?"

The silence was so thick,you could hear a pin drop as though it seemed like everyone had just disappeared and it was just me and him as he awaited my answer.

My breath came out shaky as I answered in a quiet voice as it seemed to be a continuous loop of him making me blush. "Y-yes,i'm fine."

"Be careful next time." he said the releasing me walking out the cafeteria, leaving somehow wanting him to stay.

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