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The Bus Stop

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Brown Eyes


As Spring rolled in and the snow cleared I felt like I had a little spring in my step. Get it? Spring?

Anyway, it was nice outside birds were chirping,most people had sweaters on but i'm not one to trust weather so easily so I just had my jacket open as a cool breeze went by.

I wonder if he's going to be at the bus stop today?N-not that I care or anything it's just so he can actually get on the bus this time and his decision not be effected by me being there.

Waiting for the light to change I could already see his hooded figure sitting at the bus stop. The bus was right there so if I wanted make it and not miss the bus I would have to make a run for it.

Who else hates running besides me? But anyway,I cautiously and slowly sat down trying not make eye contact as I pulled out my phone and started reading on my phone.

I feel like a stalker just watching with a small smile as he got on before me. As I made my way on I was met with the familiar face of the white haired old man with glasses who greeted me with the slight tip of his hat and a smile.

I sat on the front of the bus as did he but only across from me. I really wanted to look up at him or maybe just a glance but I feared that he would already be looking at me.

Soon into the ride an elderly woman was getting on the bus so me and the two other people had to get up and stand so the bus driver could situate her wheelchair in.

As I got up spilling into the crowded sea of people I realized it was not really anywhere for me to hold on to. Slightly panicking realizing the bus would soon move I tried to reach up or around to find a pole to hold onto but it seamed nearly impossible due to my almost Napoleon complex.

I was almost to success hearing the doors of the bus close but was cut off short being pulled into a wall of chest.

Whoever this is their cologne smells heavenly...

I looked up as a familiar strong arm wrapped around my waist. Looking to see the almost god like chiseled features of his face as the slight rays of the sun shined on him.

He looked down at me for a brief moment letting me catch a quick glance at his blue eyes then looked away.

"T-thank you." I quickly shuttered out to him feeling the blood rush to my cheeks as the women next to us let an almost whisper 'aww' at us.

How has this seemed to happen twice and I am still yet to know his name?Well I guess I never asked...


At school it seemed more that everyone was more interested on us walking together then what class they had to go to. Well I would really say walking together i'm walking to my locker and he's following behind.

Now I know what your thinking,maybe he's following you because he goes to the same school -duh- and he just happens to be going the same way...

No,when I stop so does he. Did it like twice to see if he would walk around me but no he waits for me to continue walking and trails behind.

Well maybe he has the same class as me or he's lost..I thought closing my locker.

I let out a small gasp as I fully turned seeing as he took his hood off. I didn't clearly see his face before because he always has his hoodie on, he's gorgeous and I think other people are starting notice to.

Once again blushing I said trying to gain my composure under his intense gaze. "If you don't know where your class is I can show you,u-um do you have your schedule?"I said closing my locker.

I watched patiently as he turned pulling his out schedule handing it to me.

He has the same classes as me. How cliche, next thing you know he just randomly lives next door.

Hope not...

"Come on we have the same classes, so just follow me."I said walking towards our destination.

Still don't know his name...

"Hey, um what's your name if you don't mind me asking?"I said handing him back his schedule and we made it to class.

"Nathan."he said walking in before me.His voice..jesus.

Walking in behind him straight to my desk as he stood by the teacher, Sam and Mia already giving me questionable gazes as I sat down.

Mia our little free spirit hippie, pointed at her phone under her desk signaling me and Sam to check ours.

That's the guy from yesterday? -M

She sent to the group chat.

Yea.. I Replied, looking up making sure the teacher wasn't looking at us.



I'll tell you at lunch. I said putting my phone away.

"Alright Nathan was it?"She asked looking at Nathan who nodded."Okay Nathan you can sit infront of Samantha. Raise your hand Sam."

"We not friends, don't call me Sam."Sam mumbled under her breath but Mia and I heard. She's not really a people person.

I well we as in all the girls in class watched in the class watched as took a seat infront of Samantha.


As if he felt me out all the other people staring he turned looking at me and I turned away trying to hide my embarrassment.

Hearing a slight chuckle I turned back to see him already paying attention to Ms.Spencer's lecture.

I looked at Sam and Mia who we're simultaneously wiggling their eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes turning back to the lesson.

"So what class do we have next?"a voice asked from behind.

"Oh shit you scared me."I said holding my chest where my heart is. He gave me a weird look.

"No I didn't mean it as though your like this big scary dude,well bigger than me,but like I forgot you were here because you really don't say much and you just came out-"I stopped my endless rambling being cut off by his laughter.

I blushed and cleared my throat feeling awkward at his laughter.

"I get it brown eyes,let's get to class."

Brown eyes...

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