Throes of Love Book 1

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Come join and listen to Chanel Brown tell her story as she becomes the object of obsession of Alfonso De Rosa. Chanel Brown was in a mess. She needed a lot of money and she needed it fast. Her job was not giving her enough and she was having a hard time. Alfonso only saw it one way. He had been fucked over by someone he loved. She betrayed him all for money. He was going to get his own back. What could go wrong when Alfonso and Chanel meet again? Hey

Romance / Erotica
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Alfonso glared at the red-haired beauty that wore next to nothing. She was seductively dancing with a man, who had his hands all over her.

He wondered how she got into such an exclusive club. No doubt another wealthy man had fallen into her trap. The girl was a tease. For two months straight, she had been extorting thousands of dollars from him. He hadn’t even touched her because she lied that she was a virgin and wanted to wait. Somewhere deep down he had been prepared to settle with her. Right then, he wondered how someone so hot and sexy could be a virgin. He was blinded by the supposed love he had for her.

He had been searching for her. She had been the one to steal his gold wristwatch, phone, and the 100 dollar bills in his wallet after she drugged him. A gold-digging deceptive snake was what she was. He wondered if she had lied about her name too.

She was going to get what was coming to her so much that she would not know what hit her. It was like he didn’t have more than enough but he hated when he met gold diggers like herself and the prick that impregnated his sister that was now his brother in law.

He was going to get her just where he wanted her that there would be no way she would escape. He watched as he sipped on his whiskey. He was not even paying attention to the girl on his lap wearing only a thong.

Chanel had messed with the wrong man.

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