Desperately Seeking You

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He didn't hate school, but he didn't love it. Did anyone though, love school? He pondered as he pushed the double doors open, the intense whiff of body odour and perfume hitting him warmly. He wrinkled his nose as he made his way to his form class, nodding at a few friends along the way.

'Hilton!' Yelled a voice from the back of the class as he walked in. 'How did you get an A in biology? Suck the teacher off?'

He rolled his eyes as he flipped the bird at the owner of the voice, Adam Grey. He was the school bully, and unfortunately in his form group.

'I asked you a question, pretty boy.' He warned as he jumped down off the desk, marching over to him slowly with a dark look on his face. Sawyer sighed, not wanting to be the subject of this goons attention for the day. Luckily the teacher swept in, followed by a girl he had never seen before. She smiled nervously at the class as she pushed her silvery blonde hair behind her ears, her eyes catching that of Adam Grey. She quickly looked away, but not before Sawyer caught Adam fist bumping one of his cronies.

'Good morning class. Please meet Angela. Shes new here, and is going to need you all to be extra nice to her. Angela, grab a seat wherever you want.' The teacher smiled kindly, as Sawyer glanced around the room. There was a vacant seat in front of Adam, as he had dragged the boy who was sitting in it off. He smiled his hollywood smile at Angela who blushed.

'Sit near me babe.' He commanded, his eyes undressing her as she walked over confidently.

'I was going to.' She murmured, and Adam did a double take, clearly liking her confidence. Sawyer watched along with the rest of the class as she slid her bag to the floor, crossing her slender tanned legs that were encased in tight white shorts that left little to the imagination. Her t shirt was plain and grey, and slid off the shoulder exposing fresh ink. Her long nose had a nose ring hooked through it, her eyes heavily made up but were astonishingly blue. Adam's eyes bored into Sawyers, raising his eyebrow questionably. Sawyer quickly looked away, to see a girl staring at him. She too looked away, but not before he saw the smirk on her face. He racked his brain to think of her name, but it wouldn't come. He would just wait for the register, otherwise it would bug him all day.


'Very clearly here, seeing as you heard me ask Angel to sit near me.' He rolled his eyes as the class erupted in expected giggles, and the teacher just shook her head in exasperation.

'My name is Angela.' Came the smooth voice from in front of him, as he leaned forward.

'Nah babe. You're an Angel if I've ever saw one.' He said coyly as she smiled, chewing on her lip slightly. Sawyer wanted to scream. Every single hot girl in this school had slept with Adam Grey, or she wasn't hot. He knew of one girl in particular who wouldn't be best pleased with the situation. Silver.

Silver was the hottest girl in the school by most standards, sleek black curls that span down her back, almond shaped eyes that had an alluring grey colour despite her Asian descent. She was the most popular girl in school, and seemed to be Adam's on and off girlfriend. She was out of bounds, unless you had a death wish. But that didn't stop Adam from fucking who ever he wanted. It was a common occurrence in school; Silver screaming at some girl who just accepted her fate, and Adam usually nowhere to be seen. Adam was typically handsome. He had the dark hair, the light eyes and tanned skin. Not unlike Sawyer, really. But he was incredibly confident, and witty. Just a shame he was such a vile guy, thought Sawyer.

'Marcy.' His head snapped up as he looked over at Marcy, doing a dance internally. That was her name!

'Yeah?' She asked, twirling her hair around her finger nervously as the whole class turned their attention to her. Teenagers are like vultures. Anything they can tease someone about, they will.

'Did you shower today?' Mocked Adam as the class broke into laughter. She closed her eyes as her skin burned a deep red, as the teacher put her hands on her hips.

'Adam Grey. Get out of my class right now. I'm not having it this morning, or any other morning.'

'Aww Miss, I'm sorry-'he began, weaving his charm around her like a snake.

'I'm not. Out.' She ordered, pointing at the door. He stood up with a sigh, making his way to the front of the classroom. He did a bow, and the whole class applauded. Except for Sawyer, Angela and Marcy.

'Can you show Angela around today? I think you share the same classes.'

Marcy coloured even further as she nodded, not wanting any more attention. Angela smiled, but her expression was that of someone who was incredibly bored.

'Except for Psychology. Who takes Psychology here?' The teacher looked up from her papers, her eyes scanning the room. A few hands went up as the teacher nodded.

'Sawyer, can you meet Angela for lunch then show her to the class?'

Sawyer nodded, glancing over at Angela who was watching him with interest. Marcy was now back to engraving her name on the table with a compass, completely oblivious to what was going on. The bell went, and everyone stood up, making their way to their classes obediently. Sawyer walked over to Marcy, who glanced up at him.


'Is that how you greet people? Really? What?' He was mystified. He hadn't ever done anything wrong to this girl, yet here she was treating him with the same level of respect he'd reserve for an enemy.

'I'm sorry, I'm tired. What do you want.'

He almost laughed, but instead shrugged.

'Meet me at the cafeteria at twelve, then I can take Angela to lunch.'

Marcy studied her work on the table before sliding her compass away.

'Alright.' She said simply, yawning.

Sawyer was about to walk away but he found himself asking a question.

'Why're you so tired?'

She blinked as she frowned at him.

'Why would I tell you? I don't even know you.'

He shrugged as he walked away, not knowing why he bothered to ask. It wasn't like he really cared.

'See you at twelve.'

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