Desperately Seeking You

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'I'm wearing jeans. I'll freeze later if I don't.' She said firmly as she threw her outfit on the bed. Rosie glared at her in the mirror as she paused applying her lipstick.

'Seriously? You could meet the love of your life there. You want to look good!' She protested as Marcy shot her a look.

'In Trevi's? I highly doubt that. Anyway, relationships are overrated.'

The girls continued their debate as the skies outside turned grey, making Rosie worry about her shimmering pale pink dress she had picked out. She wasn't too bothered, after all, it didn't rain indoors did it? Soon enough they had made it to Trevi's, and much to Rosie's delight Gregory was there. He was her perfection, and she had fancied the pants off him for years. He wasn't typically handsome; more of a pretty boy than anything else. But he had this aura around him that Rosie found alluring.

'Let's dance!' Rosie squealed as she dragged Marcy onto the sticky dancefloor. Marcy grimaced as she reluctantly swayed her hips, letting the beat move her body naturally. She wasn't much of a dancer, but she could make it look acceptable. She felt eyes on her as she lifted her hair from her neck, which was rapidly becoming hot. She couldn't see anyone in particular, and put it down to her skittish mind playing tricks on her.

'I need a drink!' She mouthed to Rosie who had finally caught the eye of Gregory. He was making a beeline to her, their eyes suddenly locked in a battle of lust. Marcy left her to it, indicating that she would be at the bar. Rosie nodded dismissively as Greg reached her, his head bending down to her ear to be heard over the music. Marcy couldn't cool down, despite ordering a water and draining it instantly. She gazed over at the dancefloor, her eyes seeking out Rosie's red hair which was easy to spot amongst the blondes and brunettes of Trevi's. Her stomach growled and she realised she hadn't eaten before coming out, meaning she was going to have to stop at the chippy on the way home.


She spotted a desolate corridor over the other side of the club, and she made her way over, hoping it was cooler there. It was dark anyway, and dark usually meant cool. She sighed as she walked in, pulling her hair up into her hands as she fanned herself desperately.

'I've always said you were hot. Do you believe me now?' Murmured a voice in her ear as large hands span her around, pressing her against the wall. Her breath was in her throat as she recognised the cologne, her heart dropping in her chest at the situation she found herself in.

Adam Grey.

The steely green eyes swept over her face as she swallowed, every nerve in her body begging to to run, or scream. Instead when he lowered his mouth to hers, it responded by pressing up against him.


She pushed him away, furious with herself. She was breathing heavily as she braced herself for his reaction, but he just smirked as he moved towards her again.

'Stop fighting it.' He murmured as his lips smashed against hers, her body responding urgently. Her hands curled up in his hair, as his fingers swept over her breasts lightly. She knew they could be seen, but right now she couldn't fight it. He was right. She had to give in, she realised. He began to groan as his hands slipped into her jeans, cupping her ass as he did.

'God. I'm not doing this. Not here.' She gasped as she pushed him away with all her might. He groaned as he gazed at her longingly, his eyes running down her body.

'Call me later. Anywhere, anytime.'

She broke eye contact with him, not wanting to respond incase her mouth deceived her again. She ran her hand through her hair as she left, glancing around with anxiety, hoping they were unseen.

'Marcy!' Called a voice angrily, and she spun around to see Doug glaring at her, his nostrils flaring.

'Hey Doug-'

He raised his eyebrows at her as he guided her to the bar, his eyes wild as they searched hers. His expression was angry, but there was sadness in his eyes. Marcy panicked, and hoped he couldn't see how swollen her lips were.

'Adam? Adam?' He hissed as she froze, realising with horror that Doug had seen them. She didn't know what to say, but she knew nothing would suffice. Doug had had fights with Adam over the way he had spoken to her in the past, demanding he left her alone. Doug couldn't stand him, and now it was clear he was about to tell her his thoughts on her actions.

'What was that?! He made your life hell, all the name calling, the phone calls-'

She bit her lip as she stared at the floor, the years of lying finally catching up with her.

'You liked him? All this time? Despite what he did?'

She exhaled as she found herself snapping at him.

'Are you done?'

'He's a fucking-'

'Dick. Yes. I know. But I'm not talking about it, please don't ask me to.'

Doug's face paled as he frowned, looking into her eyes seriously.

'Is he making you- did he force you-' he stammered as she laughed in disbelief. Marcy closed her eyes as she spoke over the music.

'No. It is what it is, as blatant as it looks.'

Doug shook his head as he waved his hand in front of him.

'Friends with benefits? You really do have no standards do you Marcy? Friends with benefits means you would actually have to be friends first. Not enemies with benefits. But hey, whatever turns you on. Just don't come crying to me when it all falls apart.' He spat angrily as Marcy stared at him in anger.

'Maybe you'd be a better candidate. We're friends right? Why don't we fuck?'

Doug raised his eyes to her as he gave her a look that made her feel like crying. Marcy knew she had gone too far, but she felt like she was being attacked, pushed into a corner. She lashed out when she was in situations like this, and Doug knew better. Disappointment flooded his eyes as he finally looked away, not wanting her to see how much he was bothered.

'I wouldn't, not now. He's welcome to you.'

She was confused as he looked her up and down with disgust, before walking away. She replayed the conversation in her head, stopping at the part where Doug said 'not now.' What did that even mean?

She hated herself for kissing Adam back, but the truth was he was the best she'd ever had. At a party a year or so ago, she had ended up with Adam in the seven minutes game. She actually thought he would've refused, but instead he seemed game.

The Party, a year ago...

'You don't have to.' Hissed Rosie in my ear as I stared at him in disbelief. He held his hand out to me, grinning wickedly. I took his hand, which was surprisingly warm and soft. The laughter around us was loud as he led me to the under stairs cupboard, clicking the door shut behind us. We were plunged into darkness as I felt my heart hammer in my chest. I expected him to have locked me in, or to play some sort of cruel prank on me. I didn't expect his hands on my face, his thumbs circling my cheeks as he kissed me lightly on the lips. The attraction was almost electric, the kiss intense as we realised the urgency we had to be together in that way.

'Marcy...' he groaned as I moved away, unsure what was going to happen next. Suddenly he had his phone out, and was thrusting it in my direction.

'Put your number in, please.'

'What so you can tease me all day and night? No.' I scoffed as he grazed my lips with his.

'I'll tease you all day and night alright. Just not in the way you think.' His voice was hoarse and I felt myself responding to his touch in the way I was familiar with. I wanted to have sex with him. The realisation floored me, and I quickly snatched the phone from him, punching in my number.

'My friends can't know.' I whispered as he sighed.

'Embarrassed are we?' He chuckled.

'Please.' I begged as he slid his phone away.

'Alright. I'll be your bully.' He kissed me again before the door opened, and curious faces studied us.

'My god that was boring.' He yawned as he walked out, not looking back at me.

Present Day...

'Are you ok?'

Marcy snapped her attention back to the present, noticing the guy from her form class standing in front of her, a puzzled expression on his face. Marcy beckoned for him to come closer as she couldn't hear him.

'I asked if you were ok.' He repeated, and she shrugged. He looked suspiciously like Adam, in a way. He had the light eyes and the tanned skin, she noticed as she wished he would just go away. Annoyingly, her encounter with Adam had sparked her need for intimacy, and she sighed with annoyance.

'What's it to you? Sawyer, right? Look no offence Sawyer, but how I am is really none of your business.'

'No need to snap. I saw you earlier. With Adam.'

She sucked in a breath, feeling nausea hit her. So Doug and this guy had seen them, who else knew? She didn't want Silver to find out, that was for sure. Adam was so reckless.

'Its not what it looked like.' She lied, biting her lip as she prayed he believed her.

'He speaks to you like shit.' He said bluntly as she drained her wine. She placed the stem down as she smiled sweetly.

'He speaks to everyone like shit.' She said sadly as she stretched, her muscles aching.

'Its complicated, and I'm tired. I didn't even want to come tonight.'

Why was she still talking to him? She wondered with irritation. He surprised her by replying in a nonchalant manner, his tone bored.

'Wanna share a cab? I'm done too.'

She tried not to look surprised as she nodded.

'Yeah, if you don't mind. I don't like getting cabs alone. Let me just text Rosie, not that I think she will notice.' She rolled her eyes as she realised Doug would no doubt be telling Rosie about her and Adam at some point, and she needed to come up with an explanation. Rosie was cosied up in the corner of the club, her mouth exploring Greg's as she felt her phone vibrate in her bag. She reluctantly broke away, kissing Greg as she read the text. She frowned but looked at Greg, and asked him if he would mind dropping her at home. He didn't mind. She shot the text back, thoughts of her friend forgotten.

'Shall we order an uber?' Marcy drawled as she walked towards the door, assuming he was behind her. When they got outside Marcy inhaled the fresh air, wishing she had left sooner or not come at all. Then she wouldn't be in this predicament, she thought crossly.

'Nah, walk down towards the chippy theres usually loads of taxis down there.'

She arched an eyebrow, uncertain at his suggestion.

'They might rip us off.'

'Well I've never had that problem before. So is Doug your boyfriend?'

Marcy was taken back by his directness, and she replied in a huff.

'You ask too many questions.'

'Why can't you just answer them?' He retorted, his eyebrows raising in amusement.

'I don't know you.' She answered honestly, chewing on her lip again.

He walked forward, leaning his upper body forward so he could look into her eyes playfully.

'So get to know me.'

Irritation flooded through her veins as she decided she needed to put this boy straight. Whatever his intentions were, she needed to let him know that despite his good looks, she had zero interest in him in that way, at all.

'Sawyer. I'm not interested in any kind of relationship or whatever this is. I just want to make that clear.'

Sawyer didn't seem fazed by this as he smiled.

'Me neither. But you do intrigue me.'

Marcy could handle that.

'Do I? It's not my intention. I've got enough going on.'

'Shall we get some chips? I like talking to you.'

'Only if I can have gravy on them.'

'Obviously.' He grinned, making the knot in her stomach relax slightly. Marcy was complicated. She didn't want to have to worry about dragging someone else into her life. Adam deserved whatever trauma he got, so she didn't need to worry about him. That's why he was the perfect sexual companion. He didn't ask any questions, and kept up the facade of him bullying her. Only when people could hear, of course. But still. Sawyer seemed like a gentleman, and there weren't many of those left. She could make do with one in her world.

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