For Love Or Justice

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Chantelle lost her parents and believed life didn't like her, will she be able to cope when Donovan wants to share his life with her? Superintendent Donovan Gonzalez didn't know what to do when he met the Queen of the Mafia world, Chanelle Ortiz popularly known as Queen. He had every reason to put her behind bars but what happens when the Queen steals his heart? Donovan is left to choose between love and justice. The book contains violence, sexual content, and strong language.

Romance / Drama
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Chantelle popularly known as Queen sat in her office as she enjoyed her glass of whiskey. Her delivery had gone so perfectly that she had made so much money with little to no loss. She smiled to herself. Who said a woman couldn’t be the boss of the mafia world?

She smirked. She had beat that detective once again. She wondered why he even got himself there working for the government. He was good and she could pay him twice what he was paid. Come to think of it, it was better. She didn’t fuck her employees and she couldn’t get the idea of fucking him out of her head.

She picked up her phone and quickly dialed Carlo’s number.

“Yes come to my office. ” She said to him. She was going to destroy Domencio or the Don as he preferred to be called.

“I’m sure you know Don’s shipment is coming in today. I want everything and all his men killed. ” She said before she turned back to look at him.

“Everything. ”

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