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Bitter pill

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Taking my hand in his hand, he placed it on his chest right where his heart lay. “It breaks. It aches. It loves. For you. And only you.” The moon glowed And the star twinkled. It was just them at the moment. Stare so intense it was hard to miss. A beautiful connection, that even the star envied. Yet their story started with a nightmare. Annika Ryan Prescott and Brandon Kross. Two teenagers interwined with the cruelty of their world where money meant power and power meant perfection. It was on that faithful night, when they met, the same night she was accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend. Later, Annika became the victim, while Brandon after loosing his parents, became the youngest CEO in USA.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1


I am fascinated by this word. How imperfect the word perfection is?

Perfect (adjective) meaning having all the required elements, qualities, or characteristics; good and flawless.

Perfection (noun) the state or quality of being perfect.

Has anyone ever truly thought about this word? Has anyone thought how this one word can destroy someone’s life? How the ways to achieve perfection can lead to unaccepted actions? How it can lead to deception, lies, and crimes?

I did. I saw how this one word destroyed my life.

23rd January

“Good morning Mom and Dad.” It was a cheerful and lovely day today. The cold wind blew up the vegetation in our little garden behind our mansion.

My parents were seated in the beautifully decorated gazebo with properly cut grass around them. The table was beautifully designed in white canopy wood with small details in gold. Shed decorated with vines and flowers stood above us, blocking the sunlight.

Though it was the month of January, snow was a rarity here, but yet it was cold as ice sometimes. I was dressed warmly in jeans and a beige top with a peach-colored sweater.

“Good morning, baby.” Mother greets, passing a smile in my direction.

“Good morning Annika,” Dad says, lifting his gaze from the newspaper to look at me. The maid serves me my breakfast consisting of delicious-looking Waffles with a glass of orange juice, scrambled eggs on the side and a bowl of fresh fruits before retrieving back inside. I immediately took the first bite of the waffles, trying hard to surpass the moan which threatened to escape. It would upset my parents.

“How’s school?” Dad questions, taking a sip from his cup of coffee. After swallowing my first bite, I answer him.

“Good dad. I got full in Calculus test yesterday.”

Looking proud he gives me a small smile before saying, “Keep that up. You know nothing below a Perfection is expected from you.”

“I know dad. Have I ever disappointed you?” I question while taking a sip from my glass of orange juice.

“No. I expect the same to be followed in the future. You have to get admission to your dream college.” He says sternly. I nod my head happily. He and I both know with my grades up to mark, I will get admission in any college of my wish.

But I only have one in mind, The Prestige Academy of Art and Architecture.

Soon after, my parents engage themselves in discussing business.

“Honey, before I forget, will you please accompany me to the office today?” Dad request, putting down his paper so he can talk with mom. “I want you to review the new deal I am about to make with Mr. Olsen.”

“Of course. I don’t have anything else to do anyway.” Mom replied softly.

“That’s good. Your input always matters.” He encourages her. Smiling at her. I smile at my family. It’s perfect. A supportive father, wonderful and kind mother and successful children. No problem, no crisis nothing.

My mother is a housewife. She married father as soon as she completed college and soon was pregnant with Gabriel.

Gabriel is my elder brother, currently residing in Chicago and overseeing my father’s business from there. He had also managed to open up his own a couple of years back without any help from our family. He was ambitious and determined. But also had a soft spot for his family.

She wouldn’t work because she wanted to be there for us. Leaving you all and fulfilling my desire is not what I want. I want to be a mother who is always there for her children when needed. She used to say to us.

After finishing my breakfast, I bade my goodbyes before making my way towards the garage. Sliding inside my car, I make my way towards school.

I grinned and ran my hand over the sleek matt dashboard of my car. I love my car. White Aston martin vanquish S. bought with my own money and savings.

The upper rich class of the society believes in flawlessness. Even my family. They groom their child to be perfect all around. Behaviour, education, cultural life, social live everything. And it has never been much of a problem in my family. It seems like our bloodline was perfect.

My father, Ryan Prescott business Tycoon runs his industries all over the world. He is ruthless when it comes to business. His saying goes. Nobody questions his decisions. He rules the world today.

His children also followed the footpath. Gabriel, Natalia my sister, a fashion designer and James, a lawyer.

My father made sure all his children worked for what they wanted to become. But unlike a few other families, he never enforced his thoughts on us. We do what we do, but the best. Nothing but the best is excepted.

And I, Anika Prescott his youngest daughter is now in the last year of her high school. All through my life, I’ve seen my brothers and sister work hard to reach where they are right now. And I admired them. They all are my paradigm.

And I follow their footstep. I study hard. Always come first in school. I want to become an architect for which I’ve to work hard to get admission in the world best college.

My parents are proud of all their children. They made sure we never suffered through any trouble. Never in my life have I faced a problem.

Being the youngest, I was treated like a princess. Even my brothers made sure to provide me everything I needed. I’m brought in this lavished mansion which my parent’s fondly call home, with a room fit for princess and servants on my beck and call.

But that never stops me from saving money. I didn’t need anything. So, on every special occasion, I ask them to give me cash instead of presents. I don’t want them to spend money on things I won’t ever use. Instead, cash seems better. At least I could use them when I need. So, I saved all that cash and used some of it a month ago to buy me a car. Not all of the money, believe me, I have plenty.

Fifteen minutes later I park my car in my school parking lot before removing the keys from the ignition. Getting out, I strap my bag on my shoulder.

I had managed to push past the constant stream of children and to the school field. The grass was damp and covered in a thin layer of frost. As I walked my footprints were embedded, leaving a piece of me in the cold ground. The field was out of bounds in the winter but I didn’t care, it was a Friday and the school teachers had better things to do with their time.

Walking inside the school, I was greeted with the noisy hallway, and the chaos was so perfect, like a movie. There was the couple that was always making out on the left side of the hall, and about ten feet farther down, the cliquey girls. Opposite them, the cliquey jocks, and between them, the parade of band geeks with their huge instrument cases. There were the aerospace tech kids who never did anything but make paper airplanes and the fashion kids that wheeled mannequins and clothing racks down the halls. And then there was me. Just a daughter of a rich father.

Removing the required books from my locker; I kept the one which wasn’t needed inside before I turn around to walk. I stopped when I saw my friends walking towards me, bickering.

“No. I know what she will say. She won’t come.” Sophia argued, her voice a little louder than usual. Liam who was beside her scowled.

“She will if we persuade her.” He replied, adjusting his bag on his shoulder.

“What’s the fuss about?” I questioned them once they were within reach.

Sophia has been my best friend all through high school. She is a petite girl with amazing facial features. Her slim angular face, dove-like eyes, and blond hair attract many eyes.

“We were discussing the possibility of you coming with us to the ‘Fighting ring’. ” Liam replied, his eyes flicking to Claire boobs who just walk by before looking at me again. I resist rolling my eyes at his behaviour.

Liam Mc Donald, another member of our group. A charming personality with blond hair and hazel eyes. Tall with over six-foot height and member of the basketball team. Always manages to attract girls his way. He has a record of sleeping with maximum girls in our school.

I sigh. Mentally asking God to give me some strength.

The group has been pressuring me to join them to the fighting ring for a long time. The fighting ring is an illegal underground boxing match, taking place every six months in the form of a championship. One takes place in September right after school starts and another in January.

This time, a boy from our school, Brain has managed to secure a place in the semi-finals. Creating a buzz in the school. Every student is excited about this match today. Where Brain will be fighting someone from our rival school.

I have never been interested in such a thing. Violence is not my thing. I have hemophobia which plays a huge part against violence.

“No,” I replied firmly, leaning against my locker because we still have a few minutes before the bell rings.

“Come on. It’s a special fight. The whole senior class is going.” Sophia begged me, giving her best puppy look she could muster. Which never worked, on me at least.

“You are exaggerating,” I said, rolling my eyes at her way of convincing me.

“Not all of them but most of them. You have to come. It’s Brian vs Archer. The finals. We all are going. Even Elena is coming. Please.” She pleaded. She knew to say Elena’s name might convince me, but I was amended on not giving in. I didn’t want to go and see the fight. And neither did I want to encourage it.

I knew going there will be trouble. I’ve never gone to any of those things which most of the student population found exciting. Exhilarating.

If my parents found attending high school parties and having alcohol disappointing and unaccepted. I wasn’t sure how they would react to this.

“No. You know the reason and I’m not interested in those things, anyway. I hate fighting. You know that.” I replied, trying to get this topic to close.

When I saw Elena waving at me from the crowd, her ponytail swinging back and forth, I waved back.

Elena is a little weird. She may be classified as a half tomboy if she didn’t have long shiny black hair. She is a member of the girls’ soccer team in our school. Prefers to wear jeans and shorts over skirts and dresses. Her hair is always tied up in a tight ponytail. But she has a pretty face with green eyes and black hair. Her body was toned and tight like an athletic.

“Hey! Elena.” I greeted her, pulling her in a hug.

“Hey!” Liam protested, “You didn’t give me a hug.”

Chuckling at his childish behaviour, I pulled him in for a hug as well.

“What about me?” Sophia pouted.

“You all are acting like babies today,” I mutter but pulled her in a hug as well. I have soon pulled away as an arm wrapped around my waist from behind.

“You are not allowed to hug my girlfriend. I’m the only one she can hug.” A voice says from behind me. The few people passing by look at us in curiosity. Wanting to know what was going on over here.

Shaking my head, I elbowed Aiden in his ribs. He releases me instantly rubbing on the sore spot now.

Aiden was Liam’s best friend when we first met him. So, we bonded over time. He is smart but always takes thing lightly. He believes in having fun in his youth. He is tall, taller than anyone of us with a fit muscular body. He has a sharp jaw with brown hair and blue eyes.

“Next time think before doing something.” I protested.

“But I was just playing around.” He pouts now standing straighter.

“Okay. Stop with your playful thing Aiden.” Elena cuts in.

“Did you read the newspaper headlines today.” Sophia suddenly questions all of us.

“You know I don’t read the newspaper,” Liam replied, as if he was offended, she asked something like this. Sophia ignored him and continued.

“The Kross couple aka Brandon’s parents died last night in a car crash. The news says that all their properties, the business will be transferred on to their only heir Brandon Kross. He will the sole owner of the Kross chain of restaurants.” Sophia explains, waving her hand around a lot. From her talks, I knew she wasn’t feeling sorry about the Kross couple but was only interested in the money which Brandon was now going to inherit.

Brandon is also a senior like us. He is the guy every girl wants to date and every guy want to be. He is an example of flawlessness.

Of course, like any other high school boy, he plays around but never break someone’s heart. He is a good person all over with good grades and ambitious. I share three classes with him. English, Calculus, and P.E. He respects teachers and students. I’ve never seen him lose his control ever. I don’t know him personally, but I’ve talked to him a few times in class.

Hearing such a piece of news is sure going to be the biggest news for the school and every student will be talking about it for at least a couple of weeks.

Shaking my head, I turn to face my group of friends.

“He has to face the hardship of the world now. Being alone without any sibling and now no parents. It’s must be hard.” I stated, thinking about his loss. I have experienced such loss once when I lost my grandparent’s when I was twelve, yet I didn’t know how to respond. But I knew it would be hard to live alone from now.

We all agree to it before the bells rang.

Saying our goodbyes, we walk of our respective classes.







Unlocking my locker, I removed my Maths textbook and kept my unrequired book in order. I had ten minutes before making it to my class.

Shutting the locker, I turn around putting my book inside my bag only to stop when I saw Jackson standing on the opposite wall of the hallway, directly looking at me.

Confused, I took a couple of steps forward until I was standing in front of him.

“Hey!!” I greeted.

“Hey!” he replied, smiling back at me. “um... I wanted to talk to you about ...something.”

“Go on,” I said, adjusting my bag on my shoulder.

“Not here. There are too many ears.”

Nodding, I followed where he was taking me. We walk down the hallway and up the stairs where the hallway was empty. On this floor, only the non-classrooms are here, like musical room, faculty room, and the few empty rooms for students to use for different club activities.

“Okay… So, I wanted to ask are you okay with our break up. You know after dating for six months, and … then just breaking it off.” He spoke. His hands were fidgeting with the bag strap while the other one was inside his jeans pocket.

“It alright. We both broke upon mutual understanding. No harsh feelings.” I reassured him, putting my hands on his arm to assure him I wasn’t upset about our break up.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. You know we didn’t share any feelings in this relationship.”

Jackson Mendoza was my boyfriend once, a week ago. We broke it up on mutual understanding. We were only dating in the interest of our parents. Our parents wanted us to give us a try, which we did. But we could develop any feelings for each other. So, after six months of trying, we broke it off.

He sighs like a huge weight was taken off his shoulder.

“That’s a relief.” He said, now smiling. I could see he was worried about my feelings. Jackson was a good person. Has been understanding in our relationship. But he was a bit arrogant when it came to money.

“Okay. So, now if you don’t have anything else to say, shall we proceed. We have a class to be in.”

Nodding, we both walk down the stairs, biding our goodbyes, we walk to our class.

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