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(Sample) "You're mine Faith." "I belong to no one." "I can make you feel safe, loved, I can make you feel good." He tightly holds me against him and kisses me. David and Faith’s parents died in a car crash when David was 18 and Faith was 12. David took guardianship over Faith. David is very protective over his little sister and treats her like she’s still a little kid. Faith is a shy girl and kind of scared of life. She was in the car with her parents when the crash happened. Losing her parents at such a young age made her awkward so she doesn’t have a lot of friends. Although she’s a fighter and has a tough side along with an attitude. Liam has taken over part of his father’s business and now is a very rich, powerful man. He has taken after his father though and is very rude and cold towards his employees and everyone else. He does have a good side but after his girlfriend of 3 years cheated on him, he hasn’t trusted anyone with his heart since. So, for the past year he hasn’t let his emotions show, except when he’s angry.

Romance / Drama
Mickey Myjak
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Chapter 1

Liam’s P.O.V

I walk into my office in my overly expensive dark navy blue suit. My new assistant is already at his desk and I can see a steaming cup of coffee waiting for me. Yes, I know it’s weird for a guy to hire a male assistant but his resume’ was impressive. He’s twenty-five and worked as an intern for another business for two years, while also finishing his business degree. I decide to try him out as an assistant for a year and if I like his work ethic then I’ll hire him to work for my business. I had to stop hiring women as my assistants because I just fucked them and then they ended up quitting. When that bitch ex-girlfriend of mine cheated on me I was heartbroken and the only thing that seemed to help was alcohol and fucking. I knew though that I had to stop messing around with my employees though because one day it would cost me my job. I have to keep things professional so that’s why I decided it would be best to just hire a male assistant.

“Good morning Mr. Brown.” David greets me.

“I have a meeting at two that needs to be changed to five and I need you there with me.” I tell him and he nods.

Another good thing about a male being my assistant is he doesn’t get all emotional when I’m being a complete ass. David is actually a pretty decent guy and I shouldn’t be such an ass to him but that’s just who I am. I go to my office and leave my door open so I can keep an eye on everything. I get started on my paperwork and before I know it David is knocking on my door with my lunch.

“Come in.” I tell him.

He walks in and sets the plate on my desk. “I’m going to take my lunch break now sir. Is there anything that you need before that.”

“No.” He walks out of my office leaving me in peace.

He comes back in around four-thirty and I look up at him from my desk. He’s shifting on his feet and I can tell that he’s nervous about something.

“What is it David?” I ask him, lacing my voice with annoyance.

“I’m so sorry sir but my sister just called and I completely forgot that I was supposed to pick her up from school today.”

I roll my eyes and let out a hot breath of air. “Can’t one of your parents pick her up?”

His eyes flash with sadness but then it’s gone in an instant and he’s shaking his head. “No sir, it’s only me and her.”

“Very well, go pick her up and come straight back here. I need you back in time for the meeting.”

“Of course, I’ll just drop her off at home first.”

“No.” I argue. “This is only the first week of this job David and you’re not making a very good first impression. Just pick her up and bring her back with you.”

“You won’t mind if she’s here?” He asks surprised.

I’m not the biggest fan of kids but I really do need him to be here for the meeting to take notes. “It’s fine, as long as she just sits at your desk and doesn’t bug anyone I don’t care.”

“Thank you, sir.” He smiles.

“Just go, and don’t be late or you’ll be fired.”

He nods his head and rushes out of the building. I sigh and open up my desk to find my bottle of whiskey. I take a shot and shake my head. Hopefully his little sister isn’t a brat and just behaves while she’s here.

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