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I never thought this would happen! Alix exclaimed in shock hearing him, "You are not just my friend Alix, you belong to me and you are my girl!" Alix, a smart and hardworking high school senior has everything. She has grown up following her traditional Chinese cultural norms even though living in the western world, At the age of eighteen, Alix was extremely smitten by her best friend's brother. While figuring out her feelings, she found there is someone who has secretly loved her for all these years. Things messed up when her crush started showing signs of interest on her but Alix no longer feels the same way. Caught in a spider web Alix started to listen to her heart, which leads her into a passionate and irresistible love affair which she can't accept wholeheartedly. She knew it won't last forever, All she ever wished is for a fairytale ending! Confused and lost, Alix believed in her love. Will she get a happy ending? Or her love will break her heart? Give a try to know how she is going to find her one true love. This story is a work of fiction. All characters, places, and situations are solely based on the author's imagination. If that resembles any real-life person or character then it is a mere coincidence. Note- the story is not an edited version and you will find mistakes.

Romance / Drama
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Before you start reading, I have to clear a few things. This story can be read as a standalone alone book. There's no need to read it's prequel Michael: Enigmatic Billionaire. Just remember,

Adrian- Michael-Jane's son

Alix- Jane's best friend Jennifer's daughter.

Andrew- Adrian's twin brother. (Not identical twin)

Ivan- Michael's twin brother's son.

Alix's POV

"Baby, listen to me," Andrew held her hand and twirled her to face him.

"No, I am done, Andrew. You know this is not going to work between us," Hazel said.

"You are a great guy and I really like you," she added before walking away and Andrew just let her go?

She just ended their five months relationship all of a sudden. How can she do it? I stunned to see this entire thing.

Hazel, a popular girl in our school. She has everything, a perfect meaning of beauty with brains and more importantly, she isn't a mean person as she looks. Andrew had a great crush on Hazel since from the start of our Junior High school year.

She was very tough to get. Andrew tried a lot to impress, I knew in the past five months he was so happy being with her. But now, I kept staring him, unbelievable. She is stupid! I thought.

Andrew was considered the hottest guy in the school. I have literally seen girls drooling over him. He is a famous model too. Money, power and fame, he has everything. But the one thing that misses in him was he won't take anything for serious.

My best friend is hurt. I was taken aback when all of a sudden he looked at me. I volunteered a smile and walked near to him.

"You okay?" I asked.

He sighed and gave I am all done expression.

"Shall we go out to catch some fresh air?"

Andrew nodded his head sadly and we came out of school. The light drizzles stopped us to move forward.

"Hey, do you have an Umbrella?" I asked. Andrew threw draggers though his gaze since he doesn't have anything in his hand.

"Sorry, wait here, I will go and get my umbrella, okay," I told.

"No Alix, let's wait until the rain stops," he said in a worn-out expression.

"Are you really hurt?" I asked.

"Yeah, you know how much my heart is breaking inside," his eyes had tears.

"Andrew?" I got worried, seeing him.

"I loved her so much, Alix. Look I am nothing now, I don't have a reason to live anymore," he told and started sobbing covering eyes.

"Andrew, you deserve better. Are you insane to talk this way?" holding his hand I said. I became scared and my eyes welled in tears.

I narrowed my eyes when his sobs turned into giggles. He opened his eyes and started laughing.

Shit! Again he made me cry.

"Are you even my best friend?" He questioned since I failed to understand him. Yeah, Andrew wasn't that type of dude who worries for a person who doesn't want to stay in his life.

"I hate you," I gritted and prompted to walk. But Andrew pulled my back bag firmly.

"Let me go, you conman," I wiggled. His grip tight so I couldn't move forward for an inch. Fearing my bag would tear up I gave and looked at him.

"Ali Baba. Why can't you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

"Shut up, and don't call me like that," I smiled.

"Ali bababababa," he made fun of me.

I kicked his right foot and he winced in pain.

"You thug, don't you dare call me like that," I told and started running. Andrew started chasing me. I ran at a high speed and while turning the corridor, I collided with someone.

Thankfully he didn't let me fall and gripped me against him strongly. My face perfectly fits in his chest. The familiar scent filled my nostrils but I couldn't guess who it was. It must be someone I knew for a long time.

My cheeks burned when his hand went from my back to my hip. This was the first time I am hugging someone this tighter. I can feel he is perfect since his torso was touching mine. He doesn't let me go and the people were watching us and taking pictures too. He is purposely doing this.

Who that moran doing this to me! I am going to kill him once he let me free.

"Hey, let me go, idiot," I said and wiggled my arms.

"Now you're here, Ali Baba. Thank you brother," Andrew said.

"Brother?" I pushed him and looked at Adrian.

My eyes widened in shock to see the pervert who hugged like that, Adrian! Andrew's twin brother.

He looked at me with that stern face, I couldn't get angry on him and I wondered why he?

When I was staring back at him, Andrew came in between. "Baba, you are so cute," he said and started pinching both my cheeks. He got his revenge on me.

"Ahh," I patted his hand to leave me.

"It pains for me also, Ali Baba," he told and finally let my cheeks.

"Now don't hate me, let's go out for a pizza," he said and pushed my hand.

Adrian watched us intently and stood there with the books. "Hey, you want to join us," Andrew asked.

"Nope, I have things to do," he declined like all the time and walked crossing us.

"It's hurting, you know," I told, actually it isn't much.

"Okay, sorry." He apologized and put his hand on my shoulders.

I really like my friend because of this, he easily gives up if I am hurt. I looked at Adrian who is walking before us. I don't know why he did that, never in my dreams, I thought we will go this apart.

"Hey, do you what, Hazel is such a boring girl. I purposely avoided her so that she will break up with me and it happened," Andrew smiled and I got irritated to hear it. He is lying!

"But you looked so happy, you even forget to say hi to me in that time," I raised a question.

"Starting is good, but I got so bored of her," he said.

"I don't think that's the reason," I said.

"I swear," he exclaimed.

"Okay, don't look like Owl," I chuckled seeing his big eyes.

We had the pizza, it's Andrew's treat for his breakup and I hate it for celebrating such a thing. Hazel was a nice girl, she never has dated anyone, the first guy she agreed to date with was Andrew. I don't know what he felt and what he did in these five months but that has made her break up.

I really feel sorry for what my best friend did to her.

"Adrian? Why he is so moody these days?" I asked.

"Moody? I don't think so. He is not like me baba, a serious-minded guy," Andrew said.

"Oh," I thought about the way he hugged me minutes before. I felt shivers running down my spine.

I got distracted from my thoughts when my phone started ringing. My mom was on the line.

"I am going out with dad, Ali. He asked me for a date," my mom said enthusiastically.

"What?" I frowned. "Leave me behind,"

"Sorry dear, we will take you next time," she apologized.

"Okay mom, enjoy," I told and she hangs up the call.

I said this to Andrew and he asked me to enjoy being alone.

Friday nights are always colorful and to this rain, it's so blissful. Andrew drove me to my home and left asking me to come home tomorrow. Since Isabel called me for a sleepover.

I already asked permission to my mom and she gladly said okay. Because in this chance she can meet her best friend. My mom and Andrew's mom were close friends of twenty years.

I opened my room and placed my bag on the table. The best place in the world is my room. I sat on my bed and again thought about Adrian.

We have stopped being friends for more than a year now. I don't know why we got distanced. I have even asked one time whether I did anything wrong but he didn't reply to me and stopped to tell even the formal hello and bye. Even strangers do that.

But we are still pretending like we are friends in front of our families, today what happened was a complete shock to me. And tomorrow I am going for a sleepover after we became strangers. I still remember the last time I stayed in Andrew's home, it was a complete disaster and I was heartbroken because I found my crush was dating someone else.

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