Steadfast and Fervid

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At Cat's 1st year of college, she learns the true meaning of the phrase "love to hate." And God, does she hate Peter. Too bad he shows up everywhere. Ugh. Peter. First Monday of college, ever. She had been working since five in the morning, and three hours into her shift, he decided to walk right in and ruin her life. Her coworker, Jeffrey, looked up from the tea he was making, and groaned, "Christ. Here we go again." She ignored his preemptive complaints and leaned forward onto the counter toward Mr. Overdressed Buttonup and put on her Customer Voice. "Welcome to Jittery Joe's, Peter. What can I get you? Blood leached from newborn orphans?" Upon seeing her, he looked just as pleased to see her as she was, him, and stared at her with irritation. "Oh, I could never finish your leftovers, Catherine." The contempt in his voice sent an excited jolt through her stomach, turning her fake smile genuine. "A plain, medium black coffee is fine." With an empty cup and sharpie in hand, she looked up at him. "Cold like your heart or hot as the Hell you run?" Peter scoffed, "I'd say hot, but then with how good you are with following directions, it would still come out lukewarm." He granted her a small, sardonic smile. His dimples teased the edge of his lips, but disappeared too quickly when his expression faded.

Romance / Drama
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For all the fury,
There will be repose.

For all the hatred,
There will be love.

For all the despair,
There will be delight.

For all the endurance,
There will be clarity.

For all the hurt,
We will heal.

More than a pattern,
This is a promise.

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