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A celebrity uncovers a sex trafficking ring. After getting molested by a Hollywood executive, rising star, Joleb, finds comfort in his friends, Hagen and Ali. It's a fact that stars must choose between having fame and money, or love and privacy. And Joleb is so stubborn, he won't rest until he has it all. The famous actress, Ali D, is officially Joleb's girlfriend. It's an exciting step in her life as she has never been in a serious relationship. Unfortunately for Joleb, kissing and holding hands is the farthest she's willing to go because she will never have sex with anyone. He'll either have to accept that or break up with her.

Romance / Drama
Betty Cain
4.8 24 reviews
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A Note

Hei, there! I don't usually do author's notes, but because of the controversial topics in my story, I feel I must include it.

Inkitt is very inclusive and for the most part respectful, but I've posted Neverstar on other websites and I've gotten a lot of hate from female users there. My male characters are quite imperfect and their opinions come from their own experiences as men. I understand if they make you uncomfortable and you decide not to give them a chance because of that.

However, my intention is to show that there are benevolent people from all political and societal backgrounds. Most of us want to be moral, and sometimes we misjudge groups who don't share our opinion as immoral without knowing what they've been through. We focus so much on them that we ignore and don't prosecute the true evils of the world.

Therefore, if you are angry at this author and post about it in the comments, I will have done my job.

Thank you all,

Betty Cain.

P.S: This book contains sexual scenes and suggestions of non-consent which I deemed necessary as a way to understand the characters' feelings, and what true evil looks like. Please, do not read this book if you are not 18. I would hate for my own underage daughter to read about these things without my knowledge. The best people to explain these topics to you are your parents. I hope you can trust them enough to ask.
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