In love with a married man

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“Then will you stay for me Coco?” he asked and i was dumb struck. I do like him but he is married. Rebecca Parker is a cook who searches for a job after she quit her job as a head chef for one of the best restaurants. She is a naive, humble and her parents died when she was 19. She starts working for the Kulling's and falls for her boss. That is not the worst part, he is married.

Jenna Stomphson
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Becca’s POV:

I wake up to see that I had 2 hours to get ready for my interview for a personal chef for a rich coupe. I had quit my previous job as a head chef of a 7-star restaurant because my co-worker and a head chef too tried taking advantage of me. I had told my manager about it but he had just silenced me. He almost raped me and I am scarred for life.

When he tried taking advantage of me again, I quit.

I was broke now, so I searched for some job that is enough for me to pay my rents. My parents had left me some money before they died 5 years ago in a car crash but I am saving it for my future emergencies.

I take a shower and wear my best clothes because dressing is the first step to impress.

The place where I was supposed to go for an interview was a 10 minute walk from my house so I walk there.

I ring the doorbell and a tall woman with long blonder hair opens the door. From what I saw I knew that she wore expensive clothes.

I look down at myself and I saw neat, ironed clothes which weren’t as expensive as her. My brown hair was kind of long but her blonde hair was glowing and shiny.

“How may I help you?” she asked with a smile. She was beautiful but she had a lot of make-up on.

“I am Rebecca Parker, the one who called you for a job as your personal chef,” I say giving one of my biggest smiles.

“Hi Rebecca, please come on in,” she said leading me to her very large kitchen.

Her house was huge and beautiful and even the smallest item in there looked like it would cost at least a million dollar.

“So Rebecca, I am Samantha Kulling and my husband is Ray Kulling,” she said pointing at her husband who had come down their long stairs.

“Nice to meet you, Mr and Mrs Kulling. I am Rebecca Parker, here for an interview for a position as your personal chef.

“Nice to meet you too, Rebecca and please call me Ray,” Ray says. He had a deep, husky voice which I really loved in every man.

He was very handsome. From what they said in the advertisement, they both were business people and he was 27 whereas Samantha was 25.

“So how old are you Rebecca?” Samantha asked checking some papers as Ray and Samantha sat in their dining table.

“I am 24,” I say and she smiles.

“So tell me Rebecca, have you had past experiences of being a chef or of cooking?” she asked again and I noticed that she says so before anything she says.

“Yes ma’am. I used to work for Gill’s for 3 years as their head chef,” I say and she looks up from the papers.

“That is an amazing restaurant. Why did you quit?” she asked the question I was hoping she wouldn’t.

“I had to quit because I had some personal reasons,” I say not saying anymore and Ray nods.

“Where are you from Rebecca?” Ray asked and I turn to him.

“I am from Australia sir. I was born and raised there and I came to US because the head of my culinary school recommended me to the Gill’s and I was selected there so I shifted and I have stayed here since then,” I say and he nods.

“So Rebecca can you cook something for us?” Samantha asked and I nod.

“What do you want me to cook for you, ma’am?” I ask tying my apron around my waist.

“Cook us anything you like Rebecca. Utilise everything that’s in the kitchen and surprise us,” Ray says with a smile. He was friendly but Samantha was intimidating.

“Do you have any allergies to certain food items? Do you want me not to use any ingredient in my dish?” I say and Samantha thinks.

“I have an allergy to Olives. So except that use anything for me,” she says and I nod.

“I am fine with everything. I have no allergies to food items,” Ray says smiling again. I really liked his smile.

I turn around to cook brunch for them. I wanted to make something good but not too much. I made red velvet pancakes, bacon toast and some salad. No one can ever go wrong with pancakes. I made my own blueberry and strawberry sauce for my red velvet pancakes.

I give them whipped cream, and my sauces for pancakes.

“This is really good, Thank you so much Rebecca,” Samantha says and I smile because I impressed her.

“This is actually marvellous. I love these pancakes and blueberry and strawberry sauce. It’s just amazing,” Ray said and I could see the happiness in his face. He had a look of a child who said that they were going to Disney land.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity,” I say smiling as I walk out of their house.

“No problem Rebecca. We will give you a call, probably tomorrow whether you are hired or not,” Samantha says and I nod.

I turn to walk away and saw Ray look at me from their living room, walk-in window.

As soon as I see him, he turns away and I smile to myself. I walk home happily, proud of what I did today. I just hope that I get that job.

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