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“Baby, please, hear me out.” He pleaded with his deep voice. “Y-you k-killed him.” I say in disbelief. “You killed him as if it was nothing.” Isabella Grace Lightwood. The definition of innocence. She's your typical 17 year old good girl. Shy bookworm, perfect grades, doesn't party or sleep around with boys. She is completely clueless about things like make-up or boys. Leon Hunter Black. 18 years old. The definition of dangerous. He's the biggest bad boy in Bella's town. He has it all - money, good looks, power. Everyone is scared of him and some even think he is in a gang. Isabella is sure he is a cruel and heartless human. But is he really? What will happen when these two opposites cross paths? Everything is going to change when Bella catches the interest of the infamous Leon Black. But not everything is as bad as it seems...

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"Bella, honey, you're gonna be late!" my mom shouted from the kitchen.

I really don't want to get up from my comfortable bed. Summer break just ended and I wasn't used to waking up this early. It's 7:15 and I can't bring myself to get up.

I am a student of Northville High School and it's the first day of my senior year.

The school is super prestigious. You can make it only if you are really smart, OR if you are super rich.

I transfered to this school last year and I'm on a scholarship because of my actually good grades.

I like school and overall learning new things so I am not complaining about high standards of our teachers.

I sigh while getting up from my warm bed. I go to my bathroom and wash my face. I dry it with my fluffy light pink towel and then look at myself in the mirror above the sink.

I have beach wave honey blonde hair which is falling an inch under my waist. I have ocean blue eyes and naturally long and black eyelashes. My lips are pretty full and have pinkish colour. I am slightly tanned but it's nothing special.

I wouldn't consider myself pretty, but I don't mind.

I learned to be grateful for more important things...Like my family or that I'm even alive. Call me stupid but those little things we are overlooking so much are the things that really matter. To me they do at least.

I shake my head a little and start brushing my teeth. When I'm done I throw my big sleeping T-shirt on the ground and head to take a quick shower.

While I'm in the shower I start to sing Dancing Queen from Mamma Mia. My favourite song actually.

I giggle a little at my terrible singing.

When I'm done I head back to my room. It's time to choose an outfit.

Most of my closet is filled with big sweaters and...more sweaters. Don't get me wrong, I have some nice pieces but I want to be as invisible as possible. Weird, I know but I am pretty happy with staying this way.

"Well, since it's the first day I could wear something nice." I say to myself.

I take out an old-pink sweater and match it with high waisted pink-grey skirt my mom bought me for my birthday last year. Since I don't wear high heels I put on my white sneakers.

I look at myself in the big mirror.

I am neither tall nor short. I am 5'5 and I am pretty happy with my height. I have a small waist and small legs. You could say I'm tiny. I don't have curves like other girls in my school but I don't mind since nobody knows I even exist.

I brush my hair and leave it the natural way like I always do. I glance at myself one last time.

"Senior year will be amazing." I whispered, somehow trying to comfort myself because I was getting slightly nervous.

I pick up my white school bag and place it on my shoulders.

Before I exit my room I take Pride and Prejudice from my desk and softly place it in my bag. It's a classic and I've read it like 80 times but I don't care. I still love it. And let's be honest, every girl wants her Mr. Darcy in her life.

I hurry down into the kitchen where I'm greeted with my mom's glare. I let out a quiet squeak.

I really don't want her to be mad at me. I don't like it when my mom is sad or angry. I love my mom the most. She's my rock and she does everything to make me happy. She is also my best friend.

Now when I think about it, I look a lot like her. We have same eye color, same hair color and our bodies are pretty simmilar too.

Just when I am about to apologize for getting up late, I hear a well known loud yawn. I turn around to see my dad walking towards me and my mom. I drop my bag on the floor and run towards him so that I can give him a big hug.

As you can see I also have an amazing dad.

He is super tall, something around 6 feet tall. He has dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. He also has tanned skin and kinda muscular body. You can tell that he used to be very handsome when he was around my age.

When I reach him I give him the biggest hug.

Maybe it's because he just saved me from my mom's possible anger. But I was genuinely happy to see him. He's the best dad I could wish for.

Surprised, he hugs me back and for a few seconds he holds me in his arms.

Then he kisses the top of my head and still in a sleepy voice says "Good morning princess, how did you sleep?"

"Pretty good, what about you, daddy?" I say quickly.

"I slept like a baby." He laughs and I join him.

My mom clears her throat. "I made breakfast, hurry before it gets cold Bella." she says already with a kind smile on her lips.

I make my way to her to give her a kiss on the cheek and I am followed by my dad who gives her a kiss on her nose.

I really love them. And I cherish every moment we are all togehter because most of the time they aren't home.

Both of my parents are lawyers and they have to travel a lot. Thankfully they spent the whole summer with me. It was great being all together.

Yeah, I don't really have any friends so I wasn't with anybody else. But it's okay.

Unfotunately, they are leaving again in 5 days for three weeks. I am used to it but I'm still sad when my parents leave me. I am pretty fixated on them.

After breakfast, my mom offers me a ride to school so I accept.

What I didn't mention is that my parents are pretty strict...

I have a curfew (when they’re home, at least), I have to have perfect grades and things like that. I’m actually okay with that, because I know they're doing it for my own good.

When we reach my school, my mom gives me a kiss on the cheek and wishes me a good day. We say our goodbyes and then she drives away.

I turn around to face the big school and take a deep breath.

Let's do this.

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