Screw Perfect

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Chapter 8


So I was home.

It didn't even take more than five minutes before I was home again. Or maybe it did, but I couldn't comprehend the difference at that moment.

It still swam a sea full of various emotions through my mind.

I just don't know. I can't understand what happened. Perhaps I shouldn't react like this, but I couldn't help from what I saw.

Draven was just so suddenly unusual from his previous actions even though they weren't so nice either, but that— I don't know— I didn't like it.

But it wasn't like he cared either. He probably did what he did because he doesn't like Leo and that they surely have a bad past... yeah, yeah that's probably it. Not because he was protecting me or anything.

He wouldn't do that. We barely know each other!

Even to I have taken a liking towards him, there was no way he could feel the same way. Like, look at me! Or don't. That's possible for the best. There is just nothing there.

I was lying on my bed, almost past out from the experience from today. Row had driven me home right after seeing the horrific scene.

She understood I didn't like what I saw because I didn't. And I certainly didn't like when it became a violent situation. It terrified me.

The whole ride was quiet. Nor Row or I dared to say anything. It was only after when she pulled up on my driveway she asked me if I was okay. I only responded with a yes and after saying goodbyes I was off to my house.

Today was just not "the day".

I sat up on my bed after having a quiet peace around me for a half an hour and stood up from my bed.

During those 30 minutes, I had taken the opportunity to analyze how my life suddenly evolved so difficult.

I have never had this much problem with anything before. I mean, not even a month ago I didn't even have any friends or any boy problems.

And now I have.

God, I just wish I had my mom here. It would have made my situation so much better.

While crossing that thought of my mom I suddenly remember my diary. The one my dad so lovely stole from me when we were moving.

I want it back. He can't just take it from me. It belongs to me. And only me.

Since I don't have anything important to do at that moment I took my time to take back what is mine— since dad was coming home tomorrow.

I rose from my bed and tiptoed out of my room. It was quiet in the whole house, I couldn't even hear my own steps, that's how quiet I was.

But then I realized— why am I even tiptoeing if I'm home alone?

I straightened up my back and walked like I normal human being towards my dad's room.

His door was closed, like it always was when he wasn't home. My dad was the kind of one that liked his privacy. I guess.

When I was close enough, I opened the door carefully and stuck my head in only to see his shiny clean room.

He was the only one in the house that could keep a clean room and it was only him and I that lived here.

I stepped into the room when I didn't see any movement even though I knew I was home alone. But I could never be so sure.

I was paranoid because I could always hear sounds even if I'm alone in a room. Something I keep having.

Inside his room, I looked on his shelves and in his drawers. Dad was always good at hiding. That's why I never found him when we were playing hide and seek when I was little. He intends to go too hard on me.

I sighed when I didn't find any signs of my pink diary in his drawers.

I turned around from the dresser in the corner of his room and scanned my eyes around.

Where could he even hide it?

Why couldn't I just have it myself?

I walked around his bed, my attempt was to have a chance to find it in his nightstand, only for my dream to become shattered when I didn't see any signs of a pink book in his drawer.

I bit my lip, ready to give up on my attempt to find my precious life, only when I got a glimpse of a shiny pink corner deep down in the drawer.

I dug my elbow deep down in the drawer, catching the thing a got an eye on and out came my diary!

My eyes expanded when I got a glimpse of my valuable book before a smile broke out on my lips.


I stood up from my crouching position as I kissed my book.

I never thought I would find it!

But now I have.

I hugged it close to my chest. It really meant much to me, in this fragile book I have all my thoughts and stories that have a huge impact on my life and to not have it close to me brought out anxiety in my heart.

"Honey?" I jumped five feet in the air from my spot when I heard a voice from behind he. Heart beating aggressively at the unexpected word.

I turned around slowly as I got greeted by my dad in the doorway, wearing an expensive-looking suit with his briefcase in his hand.

He had a confused look on his face and I don't blame him. I was rarely in his bedroom or anyone for that matter.

I gulped as dad put his briefcase down and stepped in the room.

"I-I thought you'd come home tomorrow," I mumbled as he looked around his room, grey hair strands shining from his styling hair.

He turned his head to me, smiling softly, "I finished up earlier so I thought it would be a great idea to fly home since I know my daughter misses me so much when I'm gone," dad eyed my book in my arms, "but I see you kept yourself entertained." I blushed when he shook his head at me.

I knew he wasn't mad but he sure looked a little disappointed.

He stuck his hand out, "give me it, Octavia," I hugged it closer to my chest, probably showing my stubborn face.

"Octavia," Dad said more firmly as he gave me a look.

Both he and I knew that I couldn't keep this out for long as I eventually would give up.

I sighed, my shoulders slumped as I handed over my book.

I pouted and gave him my puppy eyes but he only shook his head.

"It won't work this time," he walked closer to me and ruffled my hair, "now go to your room, I will make dinner."

I groaned and stomped out of my dad's room.

Did he really have to come home now? Of all the days, this had to be it?

I can't even keep my diary to myself, is there anything else I can't keep-

My snake!

Oh my god.

With all the drama that has fired my brain, I have totally forgotten that Draven has my snake. My snake!

I facepalmed myself as I fell onto my own bed.

I get I have to deal with that tomorrow.

"Are you sure you're fine?" My arm stopped itself from moving deeper into my locker as my gaze traveled to a concern looking Row beside me.

"Yes, I'm sure," I responded before putting my book in my locker.

"Well, you look like you've been hit by a bus," she stated misgiving.

I frowned and looked down at my clothes, "no, I-I think I'm good,"

"I'm just saying if there is something, just the slightest, don't hesitate to tell me. I could gladly kick some ass for you."

I blushed at Row's teasing tone and averted my eyes back at my locker. She was sure protective of me and I don't really mind it.

"Thank you, Row," I mumbled, and my grip on my locker door tightened.

The was a silence for a while as I kept avoiding her gaze, but she could clearly see something was wrong.

"Okay, what's wrong?" I jumped at her snapping tone and looked back at her, hands on her hips.


"You've looked like a scared cat all day. Something is bothering you. Hm, what is it?"

I scratched my forearm, something I usually did when I got nervous. Although I shouldn't even feel nervous right now I couldn't help but feel it.

This wasn't something I'd normally do.

"Well... I'm just going to return t-this homework-"

"Wow, wow, wow. Wait— homework? What homework?" Row cut me off and I but the inside of my cheek.

"Um... It's not mine but-" Row cut me off again with a sharp glare and a snappy tone. "Not yours? What do you mean? Are you doing someone else homework?"

I slumped my shoulders. Well... When she's saying it like that...

Although I get that it sounds bad I was just that kind of person that can't say no— and Row knew that.

"Y-yes but-"

Row scoffed like she usually did when I told her something she didn't like, "yes? who the fuck's homework did you do?"

Well, as far as I know, I haven't gotten a single sentence completed by Row constantly cutting me off.

I couldn't lie to her, not when she looked at me with those scary hard eyes. "Draven but-" I didn't get to finish my sentence, again, before Row was out of my vision and matching toward the end of the hallway that led to the football field.

My eyes widened and I shut my locker closed and ran after Row.

"Row, W-Wait!"

"Uh uh. That jack-ass is not going to corrupt my best friend. Hell no!" She bolted to the exit and slammed the door open.

I barely got the time to exit before the door crashed on me but luckily squeezed myself out.

" It's just one homework," I mumbled but I knew that Row that was basically fuming out of her ears couldn't hear what I said.

She got out on the sunny football field, the boys were out and throwing footballs in the air, running and doing a lot of exercises that I got breathless just by looking at it.

I was hoping she wouldn't find Draven or that he wasn't here today to avoid this unnecessary drama that Row was going to create.

But to my unluck, Draven was standing on the field, and talking to someone that looked like Isak.

He looked just as good as I remembered him, even though that horrible encounter happened yesterday that made my vision for him different, I couldn't stop myself from gawking at him.

His fitness clothes clung at him like a second skin and those muscles popping out of his t-shirt made my mouth water.

But that moment lasted shortly when Row decided to make her entrance, "you son of a bitch!" She shouted across the field, causing everyone to stop their action and gazed at where the sound where coming from.

I blushed at the kind of attention and tried to stay invisible from my spot.

Draven and Isak turned at the voice and a shocked expression made it on Isak's face when he saw Row bolting towards them, an angry expression across her face.

Draven's lips turned into a scowl at the sight of her, it was obvious that they didn't like each other by the constant scowling just by the mention of each other's names.

"You piece of shit! How could you do that, huh?!" When Row was close enough, she pushed Draven's chest. He didn't move though and that scowl on his face deepened.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" He fired back and slapped Row's hands away from him that couldn't seem to stop pushing him.

"You're just another asshole that puts innocent people into victimhood," she spat as Isak backed away a little. The fear in his eyes didn't go unnoticed by Row.

I almost rolled my eyes at that.

"Why you gotta use Ava as a slave for you?" Row backfires and crossed her arms over her chest.

Draven frowned and turned his head to Isak that put his hands in the air. "You're in this alone," Was all he said before his athletic self turned around and jogged away.

Draven rolled his beautiful green eyes and turned back to an angry Row. But before he got an answer from his pink lips his gorgeous eyes caught mine just a few feet away from Row.

And I knew from the look his eyes gave away, he wasn't the slightest sorry for what he did.

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