Screw Perfect

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Chapter 1

They say that unpacking is the funniest part of the moving between houses because you can reopen every box like a present you put your stuff in and reveal the good memories and moment again, preparing for a "much better future". As for this part- it was not what I expected because you see, some memories you don't want to reveal again. Like never.
Nada again.

I shut my eyes tightly when I laid my eyes on that- that thing, blushing furiously. "I thought I threw you away," I mumbled under my breath. I picked it up and scanned my eyes over it. It was a really ugly piece of a too short snake with a weird form of a face that a real snake doesn't even have. At all. It almost looked like a microphone or almost something- something else like that part guys have- down there... that thing they have... yeah, that one.

I blushed when I thought about it and grumbled under my breath unhappy.

Let's be real, I did this "snake" when I was 11 and for all I knew was that a snake had a head and a long body- although this isn't long at all. It's almost too short and thick, I could barely wrap my hand around it but when I was 11 I was as tiny as a dwarf thought I still am but I remember this one of a kind red "snake" was as huge as a door at that time.

I grimaced at the sight. Why didn't my parents warn me? Or at least hide this from me. And the most embarrassing part is that I showed this to my parents. So happy.

God so help me out of this mess.

I groaned and bolted towards my door out of my new bedroom, stomping down the stairs angrily as I gripped hard on the fire red... snake. I'm going to get rid of this once and for all, again. I actually did this once, throwing it in the garbage in our house back then but it seems like one of my lovely parents found it. I don't even have to guess to know who did it. My mom was always that person that keeps everything. Every piece of stuff I've ever touched she kept claiming for a good memory which is nice to know that she cared so much about me, but this one- this one I'll never let it stay where I live and I going to burn it if that's what it takes.

I stumbled into the kitchen where dad was unpacking glasses and putting them on the shelves. The kitchen was very modern- like this whole house was and I think I even saw a smile peeling on dad's face when he saw the house. It's rare though. He always seems to find a way to complain about anything in the house and surprisingly I haven't heard anything from him today.

The kitchen was in the colors gray, white, and silver. Pretty big and with a kitchen island in the middle, marvel table.

I straight walked up to the kitchen island when I saw what I was looking for making dad stop his movement midway to the shelf with two glasses in his hands. "What are you doing?" He said suspiciously as I snatched the lighter in my hand, hide my ugly snake-like thing behind my back. I put my hand up in the air that was fisted around the lighter and put one finger in the air.

"Hold a minute." Was all I said before I turned around my back to him, switching my animal from my back to my stomach, and walked fast out of the kitchen to the front door.

When I was finally out, I walked straight forward to the garbage can right at the end of our parking lot, ending where the street crossed and stopped right beside it.

I probably looked like a maniac standing at the end of my parking lot, holding a God-forbidden snake that doesn't even suppose to be a snake for all my 11-year-old self thought and did at school.

I held my arm up in the air with the snake in my hand and the other one with the lighter under the snake. I lit up the light a little bit away from the snake before I brought it closer to it. The orange light lightened up the base of the snake before it was only a tiny space between them for the light would touch.

Just a little bit more.

Just as the light would touch the ugliest handmade animal ever made on this earth a high pitch scream- or more like a yell heard behind me and startled me to the point that I dropped my lighter to the ground and my heart jumped up to my throat when something hit the back of my knees making me buckle my knees forward as I dropped hard to the ground, back first.

I groaned as the throbbing feeling hit the back my head as I pressed a hand on my forehead. I closed my eyes for the sake of the too light sky making my head arch but I quickly shot my eyes open again when a wet rough tongue started to lick my cheek, nose, forehead- well everywhere.

My eyes caught sight of a brown-black ball of fluffiness with a cute small face really close to my face, licking me with its pink tongue. I moved my face away when I realized what he/she was doing as the ball of fluffiness backed- or tripped a little back on its brown paws excitingly, tongue out and everything. Black eyes staring at me.

"Oh, for love of God. Not again!" A female voice sounded angry from behind me.

"Lucy! Lucy! Lu- ahh shit!" The girl cut herself off and quick footsteps came closer and closer to me as the dog that I think by now is Lucy started intensive at me with her black eyes, tongue out moving a little in and out as she breathed.

"How many time do I've to tell you. Knocking people over is rude." Was the last thing the girl said before the steps stopped making me believe that she was right behind me. I laid flat on my back, face up as I saw a sight of the girl holding her hands on her hips, narrow eyes at Lucy before she moved her gaze on me, lying here awkwardly. The throbbing in my head started to fade.

"Oh my God. I'm so sorry for my God-forbidden should-stay-uncoordinated dog for knocking you over." She threw a glare at the happy looking dog right beside me before she crouched down and helped me up to stand on my feet.

"N-No, it's okay," I assured her, still shaking up of what happened. Now that I see it, Lucy wasn't as big as I thought she was when I was scattered across the street. In fact, she was really tiny little dog full of excitement. That had me thinking of how that little dog could knock me over.

"I swear, she has too much energy." The girl before me rolled her deep blue eyes making my attention turn to her.

I could see that she was about my ages wearing a white summer dress that ended above her knees making her sun-kissed skin a shade darker and looked like she had tanned all summer which I guess she has. Her thick warm brown hair was thrown back over her bare shoulders flashing her diamond earrings and her silver necklace shined against the sun.

She was beyond beautiful.

"Well, she's adorable," I added, looking down at Lucy that looked up at us two happy. The white dressed girl tilted her head at me and then looked down at Lucy with a grunt. "Lucky she is." She grumbled more to herself but made me giggle anyway. She snapped her head at me at the and gasped dramatically.

"Oh, Jesus Christ! Here I am knocking a girl over without telling my name. How rude of me." I part of me thought she was joking but the look in her eyes made me throw that part away immediately. She squared her shoulders and placed her hand in front of her.

"My name is Rowena." I placed my hand in hers. "I'm Octavia." A little sparkle glistening in her eyes.

"I love that name! Octavia." Rowena exclaimed while I started to blush.

"Oh, wow. Thank you." I said shyly, barely in a whisper.

Lucy decided to grab the attention by barking really adorable although I think it was supposed to be scary but just a look at Lucy had you falling in love.

"Oh, yeah. Lucy." Rowena said totally confused look appeared on her face like she forgot lucky was here. I giggle as Rowena picked Lucy up and placed her on her hip.

My giggle swallowed down as a lump that almost knocked the air from my lungs and my eyes widened when I saw what Lucy had in her mouth.

There it was. My snake.

"What is this?" Rowena mumbled and grabbed it from Lucy's mouth, scanning it with her eyes.

"It almost looks like a dic-" I snatched the snake before she could utter that one word I do not want to hear. I turned around fast, hair whipping my face as I opened the lid to the garbage can and throw that in before I closed it, bending down to pick up the lighter and turned around to look at Rowena. Confusion circulated her form as her hand was still up in the air where she had the snake in. Lucy still happy in Rowena's arm, tongue out.

"What the hell. What was that?" She questioned.

"Nothing, " I said, rushing my words out. "That was nothing." I breathed out, trying to puff out my heating cheeks. I didn't need to look again but I knew Rowena was smirking at me, already knowing but didn't say anything more about that.

Just as Rowena opened her mouth, another yelling was heard from behind us, to the house where Rowena came from.

"Rowena!! Foods ready!"

"I'm coming!" Rowena yelled back really loud. This girl really has two good lungs.

"Well, I've to go. Mom's gonna set my ass on fire if I'm not there in 10 seconds." Rowena said jokingly but I could sense it was true.

I nodded my head. Before she turned around, her eyes set on my house catching the boxes and moving van. "Welcome to the new neighborhood. I live across the street down there." She pointed to a house not far from mine.

"Thank you."

”Where did you move from-”


"God, woman. I'm coming!" Rowena bounced up a still excited Lucy as she rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry, " she apologized but I quickly shook my head telling her it's fine. "My mom's patience barely exist." She gruffed out.

I tucked my hair behind my ears. "I'll see you around, Octavia." Rowena waved with her free hand and started to walk to her house.

"Bye." I waved back although she couldn't see.

I walked back to the door and closed it behind me. Looking around the house it was still empty. Not a lot of boxes was gone when I left the house. Everything looked still new and I could make out by the noises that came from the kitchen down the hall that dad was still there although I have just been gone for like 30 minutes it felt like hours.

I was standing in the hallway. To my left, there was a medium living room and to right just where the stairs ended there was a hallway to God knows what because I haven't been there yet.

Moving on, if I walked right forward the stairs would be on my right as the kitchen would appear and to the left, if standing in the kitchen there was the dining room. Yeah, that far I've come. The rest I've no idea.

I walked into the kitchen where dad was still putting in cups and plates into the shelves. "Ava, is your room done?" He asked without looking back.

"Um, no, I haven't started yet." I tried to slip the subject off because, in fact, I haven't started yet. Or I did but when I opened the first box I saw that- that monster so I guess I didn't come that far. At least that monster is gone now.

I walked up and put the lighter back on the marble table just as dad turned around but fortunately didn't see what I did.

Dad raised an eyebrow. " You have a leaf in your hair, Ava." He said before he moved on picking up cups. I widened my eyes, swung up a hand in my hair as I patted to find that leaf, throwing it away from my hair, fighting for that heat on my cheeks to not appear.

"It's pretty late. You should go to sleep. You have your first school day tomorrow." Dad grumbled through the stacking of cups.

"Yeah, it's late," I mumbled to myself. "Goodnight, dad."

”Goodnight, Ava.”

When I was up in my room, I gave it a look. Four white walls with a queen size bed in the middle of the room. Beside my bed to the left, a desk was placed on the other wall with a window to the left of it. Beside the window, there was a dresser and to the opposite wall, a cozy fluffy chair was placed in the corner beside another window. The opposite wall where the bed was leaning on, a door was half open leading into a bathroom. And that's pretty it except for the untouched boxes lying on the floor it was all.

Yeah, like that.

God Christ.

This was not my day.

Sure, I woke up earlier than I should have because I was nervous like it felt like my stomach almost gave up on me. But also my body too. I couldn't seem to hold up something without it slipping out of my hands.

When I woke up, I stumbled over my foot like I was supposed to take my first step ever as a newborn.

When I showered, I almost slipped and broke my back.

When I put some mascara on, I almost stabbed myself in the eye.

And as for now. When I was going to pick up my phone. Can you guess? Yeah, I caught it... Well, in my dreams.

For the real hero here, my bed. Just when I was supposed to take up my phone it slipped and I almost had a stroke when I saw it flying in the air but thank Lord for giving me such a faithful bed and caught it.

I gave out the biggest sigh ever and picked up my phone from my bed with shaky hands.

I gave it a peak and whispered, "Thank God."

I don't know what I would have done if it broke- I don't even want to think about that.

I shook that off as I went down to the kitchen to get some food. I decided to put on some blue jeans and a red sweatshirt that was one size too big for me but I liked it. I have blowdried my hair and put some mascara on before that incident with the phone happened.

When I got in the kitchen I noticed the whole house was quiet. Almost too quiet. I furrowed my eyebrows in question when I walked up to the refrigerator. A note was pressed up against the door. Taking it with my hand I read it.

Foods in the refrigerator and if you need something else, money on the table. I'll be home late today.

- dad.

That was one thing bad with dad's job. He was always busy and I barely got any time with him.

I sighed and threw the note in the garbage. I opened the refrigerator and took out a sandwich before I sat on one of the barstools.
I was a nervous wreck and I could feel the nervousness bubble inside my stomach. Even if I've done this a couple of times I'm still as nervous as the first time.
All schools are different. The only thing that keeps them aside is the level of popularity. The higher it is the higher the chance it is for me to get bullied or just ignored. I don't even know what's worse anymore. Ignored like you're a ghost or bullied.
Well, I don't want to find out.
What if they think I'm weird? Or stupid? Or maybe dumb? Oh God, what if I fall on my face right in front of the class or slip and hit my head in a lamp-post while I'm carrying my food? Or what if just maybe- maybe I crash my car into a three right before the popular people?
What if... Maybe... Or... Nah.
The only thing I'm good at is overthinking exactly everything. Every possible thing and the impossible thing is what I'm overthinking. Even stuff that's not possible I'm thinking of doing.
I think I need to lose some brain cells. They're overworking again.

I took a deep breath before I threw the foil in the garbage and hoped out of my stool. I walked to the hall, picked up my black backpack, and took one look in the mirror before I opened the door and closed it behind me.

Stepping inside the car, I hit the engine in a soft purr and began driving to my new school.

Thankfully, I didn't crash my car. I made it safely to the schools parking lot, turned off the engine, and took a very breath.

For what I saw in the car, there were people walking to the entrance with there friends. I never felt this empty black hole in my heart when I saw that.I wanted friends too.

When I finally got the courage to step out of my car, I walked into the school, head low because I didn't want to grab the attention from anyone.

I wish I had this superpower to make myself invisible. That had worked great right now.

I had my schedule in my hands. First I wanted to find my locker but I had no idea where to go and I was too afraid to ask anyone.

I wandered in the halls, head down looking at the paper in my hands while I could hear people talking and walking past me.
No one has noticed me so far which I was happy for. I didn't want anyone to notice me, not now.
While I was going to turn the corner which is always the risk zone for bumping into someone but risking my life and career I did it anyway and surprisingly I didn't bump into someone.
But I spoke too soon. As I breathed out heavy for making it alive around the corner I smacked into something hard- very hard on my shoulder making me flew back first to the locker beside me in a slam as a smack of something hit the floor. I clung on my paper harder to my chest.
I did actually expect something like this to happen. But what I didn't expect was that fine piece of goodness standing in front of me.
He was tall. That was the first thing I noticed although everyone was taller around me thought of my dwarf length this guy was tall. Like really tall.
His curly/wavy hair was in a chestnut color, in a messy style. He was very muscular like I didn't even have to see that he had a six-pack or even eight pack and that very muscular arms showed inside his black sweatshirt. He was the muscular guy I've ever seen in a high school before and I bet that he towering over everyone.
He was very intimidating standing with his emotional face of secrets, almost looked like that glare he had on was printed permanently on his face. Natural tanned, pink lips, cute round nose, and a few notable freckles lying on his nose although you could see more from less distance.
But what stands out most on him was his eyes. His deep green eyes that outlined a little brown. I feel in love with the eyes immediately when I saw them. They were truly beautiful like himself was.
But he was scary. He looked scary, he felt scary so he probably was scary and that pushed forward my blush.
"I-I'm s-sorry," I said shyly and started to panic of what I did. I realized that I was too busy looking at his body like a gaping fish that I didn't realize he was leaning on one crutch by the bent knee he had making me believe he was injured there although you couldn't see the injury because it was probably hiding behind his black jeans.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw the other crutch lying on the floor, probably the one that sounded when I bumped into him. He looked at me with an emotionless face, eyebrow raised.
I quickly picked up the crutch. "I'm so s-sorry."
I shakingly gave him the crutch back as he took it in his free hand and placed it under his arm, leaning on it.
"You should look where you're going next time." Was all he said before he walked past me- or more like leaning on the crutches-walking style.
I inhaled a sharp breath when he spoke. His voice was dark, deep that did some funny things in my stomach.
He was intimidating and scary. Just that type of boy I should stay away from or anyone for the matter. I just turn into this nervous mess when I'm around boys which have led to not talking to any boys at all. I guess I'm kind of new to this.
I started to move when the boy was out of my sight and turned around starting to look for my locker again hopefully without any problems.
Well, that could have gone worse.
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