Screw Perfect

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Chapter 6


"I'm good looking, right? Like I'm sexy? I have to be sexy. Like, look at me!"

I had the feeling to punch his breakable face out from his existence as he kept babbling about unnecessary shit I have ever heard of.

And that's saying much.

I shove my backpack roughly into my locker before slamming it shut after. Isak has been annoying me to no end today by inquiring me unnecessary shit I didn't even care to begin with. The crutches I walked into school with were now gone as Isak was walking around with them for some unknown reason I didn't even want to know. Perhaps for attention since a lot of people started to question him what happened.

Stupid fuck.

Annoying piece of shit.

Turning around, I began to walk to the lunchroom as Isak trailed behind me, trying to keep up with my pace with those crutches even though I was slightly limping.

Damn, it hurts.

"You wanna know something?" Isak inquired as he came up beside me.

"No," I grumbled, not even a second after he asked.

"Great that you want to know," Isak said sarcastically, "Okay so spoiler alert, In the last episode of breaking bad-"

I snapped my hard after than a tornado as I cut him off, my eyes were hard glaring at him. "No, no," I hit the back of Isak's head with an echoed slap through the hallway making some people turn their heads at us with widened eyes, but I didn't care, I felt like killing Isak at that moment.

I glared hard at Isak that stopped walking at the unexpected slap and rubbed the back of his head with a ridiculous pout on his lips. "Spoiler alert, you'll die one day." Was all I spat out before I walked away from there, shoved my hands into the pockets of my basketball shorts.

I ended up in the lunchroom, came to a stop right after as I unnoticed trailed my eyes off something special. I didn't understand why I had the sudden urge to find what I was looking for but something in me was desiring it.

And I found it.

In the back of the lunchroom.

Sitting with her friends.


Her I saw one hour, thirty-seven, and two seconds ago. Which reminded me, she was so flushed.

"What the fuck is this?" I grumbled under my breath, picking up a fucking dildo from the ground and watched it.

I didn't think some freak would actually have the guts to bring such a thing to school. What the actual fuck.

But it was soft when I squeezed it, then I got confused about what it surely was. In the middle of my thoughts, I heard a couple of footsteps coming towards me, causing me to snap my intense stare at the unknown object and found myself watching a flushed Octavia walking towards me shyly.

I looked down at the thick object in my hand before looking up at her, matching the pieces together, a smirk formed on my face. "This yours?" A clear amusement could definitely be heard in my voice and it got shown on Octavia too as her cheeks got a darker shade of red I found very cute on her...

She gripped on her backpack straps, gulped as she looked up at me with innocent eyes.

”No,” she mumbled lowly.

I tilted my head to the side, not buying an ounce of what she was saying.

"M-Maybe," She stuttered after she saw my stare and I had to say, it perhaps had made my heart flutter a bit at that expression but I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe I was wrong about that.

"Didn't think you would be into that stuff," To be honest, Octavia was the most innocent looking girl I've ever encountered and I'd think this was the last thing she would do.

She brushed her brown hair away from her face that looked kind of soft as she responded, "I-I'm not."

The slight smirk on my face got wider, "well, this shows otherwise," I held it up higher in the air. Octavia's eyes widened.

"It's a-a snake." She mumbled as her eyes didn't break contact with this so-called 'snake'.


”You sure about that?”

Octavia visibly swallowed nervously as her anxious eyes snapped to mine. Blue eyes...

"Can I just have it?" She murmured out, stretching her arm towards me to make me hand it over.

Although I had other plans.

"I think I'll keep it," I took my hand that held it behind my back as I took a step backward.

Octavia's eyes went wide as she responded in a panic voice, "N-No! You can't do that. It's mine." She attempted to take it away from my hand but I took a step backward.

"And now it's mine," I spoke, voice normal. Octavia's hand clenched in front of her chest, my eyes trailing down at her chest a minute too long before moving my eyes back up.

"Pity," I shrugged my shoulders and turned around but got cut off my Octavia's voice, "wait! Please, I'll do a-anything."

My smirk widened, ”anything you say?”

"Damn, dude," Isak made me snap out of the previous situation as he came panting into the lunchroom walking with the crutches on his arms.

"This was harder than I thought," He wheezed out as he came to a stop beside me. I ignored him as I kept staring at her. The way she just sat there, elbow on the table, resting her head on it as a tiny smile was placed on her lips, probably listening on the two talkable crazy people having a fight about what it looked like a fry.

Slowly but surely she started to shift in her seat, probably feeling the intense stare at her as she began to look around the room to find that stare. Her eyes widened as she locked her gaze on me, probably wasn't expecting me to be that person. My face was emotionless as we stared at each other before I beckoned her over with my head. She looked around the room before looking back at me, slowly rising from her seat.

With that, I turned around and walked out of the lunchroom to the hallway. I came to an empty part of the school and turned around to find Octavia trailing behind me, wringing her hands as her eyes were looking unsurely. I opened my locker ripping out a book before slamming the locker shut, causing Octavia to flinch slightly.

Before she got the chance to question why she was here I spoke up, "do my homework." I shoved my book to her, watching her take a step back as she was trying to balance the book in her hand.


"Do it. It's history or some shit, I really don't get time for it. It's due today."

She looked down at the book before she looked back at me with a questioning look on her face, "Why?" She mumbled.

I had the urge to roll my eyes at that stupid question. "You'd do anything?" I inquired, remembering her what we talked about a while ago.

Octavia's mouth parted as she blushed, "oh." As she tugged on a part of the book.

"So, I should do this?" Octavia asked softly, pointing at the book in her hands.

Do me...

"Yes," I deadpanned. I watched how Octavia bit her bottom lip innocently and hugged the book closer to her chest to where I can't see them anymore.

I had another urge to clench my jaw.

She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she rushed out of the hallway as she apparently was done with this conversation, away from me as fast as she could.

I followed her every move, staring at her short frame and after trailed my eyes lower down to her ass for a minute too long before I felt it...

My pants tightened.

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