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There was nothing but the sound of music blasting through the speakers and the lights were pulsating from the deep thudding of the bass playing in the heavy techno that echoed through the large room.

Everywhere I turned, people were dancing on the dance floor with their partners, and it didn't take me too long before I spotted Athena among them, dancing with a guy she had been drinking with, and not far away from her were Aaron and Roland.

I was the only one sitting at the bar, sipping on my martini and enjoying the fact that I wasn't dancing. The shoes I was wearing were not made to be danced on. They were made to hurt my feet. But they looked so sexy on me that I couldn't bear to take them off.

And I did look good tonight.

From head to toe, I killed it tonight. Thanks to Athena, who had put extra effort on me to look good tonight. The dress I was wearing wasn't even that expensive, but it was too short and too tight, and it sparkled under the dim lights of the club. Anyone who walked in would see me.

"Compliments from the gentleman behind you," The waiter said, placing another drink in front of me.

I turned around to look for the man who bought me a drink and found him staring straight back at me. He was clad in all black, sitting at the far corner of the bar. I lifted the drink he had bought me and turned my back to him, not before seeing the smirk that graced his lips.

It didn't take more than ten seconds before I felt a body brushing against mine and a scent hitting my nose. Turning around, I met the gaze of the man who had bought me a drink and couldn't hide the smile from my face.

"Thank you for buying me a drink, but you shouldn't have," I said, as he took a seat next to me, smiling at me like he wanted to have me for his next meal. "I don't think my husband would like that."

"I don't see your husband around." He glanced around at the club, then his eyes settled on me again. "Think it's foolish of him to leave a beautiful woman like you all alone."

I held his eyes, intense and not blinking.

"He knows I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself." I downed on my second drink, twirling the cup around and running my finger over the rim. He was still standing next to me in all his height and muscled glory.

"He does? You never know what might be crawling around."

"Then are you up for a night job? Will you keep me safe tonight?"

He slipped his free arm around my waist to pull me close. "I wouldn't want to do anything but keep the beautiful woman safe." He dragged his teeth down my neck and sunk them into my collarbone. I knew he was piercing my skin, marking me for everyone in the club to see and know.

I nodded before slipping off the stool, winking at him before I sauntered to the dance floor, making sure my hips were swaying. I found Athena, who welcomed me with gasps and whoops. She tipped her glass of drink to my lips, which I happily downed because why the hell not? Tonight was about me letting loose. It was about me enjoying myself.

I was swaying to the music, letting my hands ran all over me when I was grabbed by the waist and spun around. It was Aaron. He shouted something in my ear, but I wasn't listening. I was staring at the man I left at the bar, concentrating on his approach. His expression was dark and hungry, and I was completely engrossed by his tall, muscled body getting closer. He really did demand attention.

He was gorgeous in every way.

Dark and striking.


Cold and warm.

By the time he stood before me, as close as he could get but without touching me, I had stopped moving, completely entranced by him. My breathing was heavy. He snaked his arm around my waist and hauled me up to his body, prompting my hands to fly up and grasp his flexing biceps as he rested his forehead against mine. We were both breathing heavily, touching and not moving to the music.

"Oh, hey," I breathed.

"You're the sexiest thing on the dance floor. Everyone's looking at you. I don't know if I should be jealous or beat the crap out of them."

I chuckled. "Are you supposed to be saying this to me when you know I'm married?"

He smiled that delicious, melt worthy smile, reserved only for me. "I don't care." He dropped a kiss on my lips, then grasped my hand and flung me out on a spin before yanking me back into his arms. "You accepted my drink. That means you're mine." He had the biggest self-assured smirk on his face.

"It was a free drink. I couldn't pass it up." I ran my hands on his shoulders and down to his chest, dangerously lowering to his pants. My heart was hammering as he breathed in my ear – long, hot, heavy breaths.

"Unless you don't want me to bend you and take you right here, then you better stop what you're doing." He spun me around under his arm, pulling me back up to his chest and thrusting his hips into my stomach. I gasped, reaching down to stroke his crotch, raising my eyebrows when he shook his head in a warning. "Lauren."

I laughed as he continued moving with the beat with the movement of a pro. He flung me around the dance floor, and all of his attention was on me and me alone, and nothing or no one else existed, just me and him. Mason caught me by surprise; the way he was dancing like we were the only two people on the dance floor. He didn't care. He was confident. And he was catching the attention of people on the dance floor, especially the women.

But he was all mine.

He planted a kiss on my lips and I wrapped my arms around his neck, sighing into his mouth. "You've got moves, sir. I'm quite jealous that there's nothing you can't do."

"Come home with me and I will show you all the moves I've got," he replied with a promising look.

I grinned, a thrill rushing inside me. "That sounds exciting," I whispered, reaching out and curling my fingers on his jaw.

"Is that a yes?"

"I don't still haven't given me a reason to. Try harder."

Lips curling cockily, he twirled me around with a smile of mischief. "How does I love you sound? Convincing enough?"

My heart rammed into my chest. I would never get tired of hearing those words come out of his mouth. It was a constant reminder that I warmed the heart of the iceman, that I made him loved me when he thought he would never be able to love anyone.

"Say that again, please," I begged.

"I love you, Lauren," he rasped, heatedly kissing my neck, opening his fingers on mine and linking them together as his lips rubbed and danced with mine. "I love and want you like I have never wanted anything in my life."

And I whispered in his ear, "I love you to pieces, Mason." I did, so much. He made me felt cherished, protected, wanted and loved. His love was in my veins. He made this organ in my chest beat for no one, but him. It pumped with life for him.

I used to think I would never be able to love anyone more than my dad, but then Mason came; with all of his shit and turned my life around. I was so much in love with this man. Ever since I first saw him in his office when he did nothing but intimidated me, I had no idea I would be forever changed by him.

By his love.

Which consumed me every day.

I used to dream of my broken family, but now, I dreamed of my grey-eyed man, the man who swept me off my feet and loved me.

I inhaled a deep breath, my veins charged with excitement. "Are we still leaving or not? I can't wait to take off your clothes and have my way with you."

"That's my line."

I breathed out a laugh.

"Do you get to have everything?"

He grabbed my face and kissed me, his warmth spreading down my body. "No, I got you and that's what matters."

We moved in complete harmony to the music. It was perfect. He was perfect.

"You're being cheesy, Mr. Campbell."

"And you're being incredibly annoying," he whispered, stroking his thumb where his lips have just left.

"That's a very rude thing to say to your wife."

His perfect teeth flashed behind his feral smile.

"You can't change me. Take it or leave me," he said, his voice deep and filled with heat.

I laughed as he twirled me on the dance floor again, yanking me back to his chest to kiss me again.

"I don't want you to ever change."

This was it.

Our normal forever. No more secrets and heartaches. No more hurting each other, just more love and happiness. And the smile that graced my lips was a constant reminder that this perfect, grey-eyed man was mine.

I had him.

And I always would.

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