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“It’s back,” Savannah tells me. She barely gets out her next words before she throws herself at me. “I remember everything, Braxton.” To the public eye Savannah Lovell has the perfect family, perfect friends, and perfect life. That is until she gets in a car accident with her best friend. When Savannah wakes up, she can’t remember anyone, not even her parents. Her perfect life starts to spiral out of control, and she doesn’t know what to do until he comes along. Braxton Taylor always had a thing for tiny Savannah. He tries to stay away from her because he knows he is no good and never will be. When she wakes up after her accident so confused and frustrated, Braxton knows this is his chance to get close to her. He will do whatever it takes to help her get her memories back, even if it means breaking her heart in the process.

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“What?! Why am I just hearing about this now?” I pace my bedroom floor as I speak with Corbin on the phone. He only just told me what happened to Tamara and Savanah and it’s driving me insane knowing I can’t get there until Corbin comes and picks me up. The nearest hospital is over 15 kilometres away, and my car is in the shop for its annual checkup.

“Because I’ve been too busy stressing out about this to even think about calling you. I’m on my way to get you so get your shit together,” Corbin barks into the phone before hanging up. I quickly throw on my soccer jacket before running down the stairs and out the door, barely giving myself enough time to put shoes on.

When I get outside, Corbin is just pulling into my driveway. I practically launch myself into the front seat before buckling myself into place. “How did it happen?” I ask him as he pulls out onto the deserted road that leads to the center of East Haven.

“Drunk driver. Claims he didn’t see the girls pull out into the intersection. The RCMP have him in custody,” he tells me while keeping his eyes firmly on the road. His hands clench the wheel, and his lips thin out. I can tell by glancing at him that it is killing him to be away from Tamara. Even though they only started seeing each other a little over a month ago, they are remarkably close.

“I call bullshit,” I tell him as I curl my hands up into fists. “He was too shitfaced to see the goddamn road.”

“Trust me, Brax, I know,” Corbin glances over at my face. “But you’ll have to keep your cool when we go into the hospital or else the nurses won’t let you in to see her.”

I take a few deep breaths before I uncurl my fingers. “Sorry,” I mutter to him.

Corbin gives me a stiff nod. “You can’t be punching any more walls. I know you care about her, but that’s not going to solve anything.”

The rest of the 15-minute drive is mostly silent. The only sounds that can be heard are the rumble of the engine, Corbins fingers drumming on the steering wheel anxiously and of course my accelerated heartbeat. When we get to the hospital, Corbin finds a parking spot as quickly as possible. We both start speed walking to the front doors, but before we get in, I stop abruptly.

I just keep considering all the possibilities. All of the bad things that could be wrong.

When Corbin notices I’m not next to him, he sighs and comes to stand in front of me. “How bad is it? I should have asked right away, but I was to busy thinking about getting here.” Corbin gives me a sad look, telling me how hard it is for him to keep it together.

“It’s not good, Brax. Not good at all.”

Listing to him say those few words brings tears to my eyes. I try my best to force them down, but one gets free and travels down my cheek. I wipe it away quickly, but not before Corbin sees it.

He brings a hand up to my shoulder and gives it a squeeze. “Come on,” he says and starts to lead the way into the hospital. When we get inside, he takes a sharp turn towards the elevators. He pushes the button that takes us up to level six- the intensive care unit.

My nerves skyrocket as the elevator climbs the floors. I have no idea what I will be facing when we reach their room, but I know that Corbin wouldn’t lie about the condition they are in.

I may seem like I don’t care about her at all, but Savannah means everything to me, and I won’t let anyone take her away from me.

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