On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Prove It


My hands fiddled with blades listening into the discussion of M8 situation. Church had come to the conclusion that we will keep informants to hear what kind of holding the M8s have. Briac will call them up to schedule a meeting and is waiting to fully plan when intel is present. Now I really had to make sure we were ready for another fight with weapons and training for men.

Even with all this running through my mind my thoughts couldn’t get Drya out of my head. I shifted in my seat as my pants tightened just thinking about her hair, body and eyes.

“Where are we with this Drya?” My head snapped up to Briac as he looked at Princess.

“Still can’t find anything, she doesn’t exist really. The only paperwork on her work’s servers just look like basic info.” Princess said looking over her laptop. “I’ll look more into the M8s to find her connection.”

“She is terrified of the M8s, Drya wouldn’t be working with their operation. Passed out from a panic attack just seeing that prospect’s gun.” I said to Birac as calmly as I could, I was always composed but just thinking about Drya in this situation puts me on edge.

“And the guns?”

“Guns are definitely from the M8s and definitely not Sorrentino guns either. Must be getting them from either 1% clubs or another mafia. I have a meeting with the Sorrentinos coming up when I pick up one of shipments, could ask about the M8s in case they think we are in it with the M8s.”

Briac nodded slowly thinking. “Your responsibility but tread carefully with the Sorrentinos and try to keep it on the shipment. I want to wait till we know more before we end up in a war between the M8s in the North and Sorrentinos to the South.” With that he banged the gavel ending church having all of us stand up immediately. It had been a long church and we were all still pissed about the M8s thinking they want to move in.

“Do you boys ever learn?!!” Birdy yelled the second the doors opened finding Birdy pissed with her hands on her hips.

“Babe?” Hunter asked going to her quickly only backing off when she glared daggers on him before putting her glare to me.

“Seriously? You put a prospect on her?”

“We didn’t put a prospect on her, just to check the security of her place in case of anything, at least until we know how she is connected to the M8s. Cameras and shit. We learned not to put prospects on possible women of the club after you pepper sprayed one.” Briac said behind me as I ignored the last bit about Briac’s mentioning of possible women of the club.

“She’s at work, she won’t know and she will be safe.” I added seeing her glare only get worse as she tossed me my phone.

“No she is not at work, she just called you freaking out because she just hit that prospect over the head with a frying pan and now thinks this club is about to kill her, you batch of dipshits.”

What? No she said she was working a double which means she should still be at work. Fuck all I wanted was to put security on her place for precaution and she was there. I barely registered Tatt laughing about a betting board before Birdy swore at us again.

“Fuck.” I ran out of the clubhouse remembering the panic attack Drya had last night and I wouldn’t have her go through that again. I have seen men stabbed, shot, tortured but seeing her having a panic attack was helpless and when she just went limp it was worse than all those violent attacks.

Hopping onto my bike I revved the engine taking off not caring to wait for whichever brother may be following. I had seen the file Princess has to show that she was a ghost with her identity so I just hoped by the time we got there she hadn’t run out of the territory. Pulling up next to the prospect’s car I kicked my stand down seeing Hunter, Hamlet and Doc pull up. Thankfully only a few came, if a bunch of brothers did I am not sure how Drya would have reacted.

Nodding my head at the others I head up her apartment to the top floor where her place is, taking the stairs two at a time. I should probably be more worried about the prospect getting a pan to the head but thoughts of Draya’s limp body worried me more.

Why am I so hung up on her, I used to have one night stands or club whores for a little bit before cutting them as they thought about being a luna. Yet Draya has baked her way into my head with her doe eyes.

Stopping at the door I took a breath before lightly knocking on the door, “Drya?”

There was a sound of scrambling before I heard the lock on the door being turned and the door swung open to wide eyed frantic Drya, “I swear I didn’t mean to attack your club member. He was coming into my place and I, I-”

Stepping forward I cupped her face as Doc stepped into the doorway to check the Prospect but I just looked into Drya’s eyes as my thumb slightly moved over her cheekbones. I wasn’t sure how I kept being in this position so close to her, I have never been so attentive to a woman but for her I will. “Its okay, I mean he isn’t dead right doc?”

“No, he looks to have a bad bump and will probably have a concussion but he should be fine once he wakes up.” Doc said.

Drya nodded then she jumped from my hands backing into the room, her hands running into her long hair. “Wait... Why was here in the first place? You wanted me to trust you and you have one of your brothers come in here?”

“Technically he’s a prospect, not brother.” Hunter said as he bit into an apple he took from the counter. I looked to him raising a brow nodding to the apple he stole but he just shrugged his shoulders. Not helpful brother.

Noticing movement I looked back to Drya who Hamlet was now standing in front of, “Vice Hamlet, heard a lot about you Drya, all good things of course. I apologize for the way this happened, and don’t worry the prospect will wake up alright. As to the reason he was here was to just check the security of the apartment inside and out. Ryker wasn’t sure if you would accept our help and we don’t like to stand back if someone does.” He said softly to her noticing her twirling her hair as she focusing on her breathing.

“I don’t need help. I would appreciate it if you don’t break into my place to check on me.” The way she responded sound hesitant as her eyes looked Hamlet up and down; not in a sexual way where she was looking at his body but rather to see the truth behind his words. Good she should only run her eyes sexually down my body.

Hearing a groan coming from the couch I nodded to Hamlet silenting asking him to take the prospect out, giving me a moment with Drya.

Once everyone cleared out I looked back to Drya, “Dry-”

“No. You do not get to ‘Drya’ me in that calming tone like I am some wild animal about to bolt.”

“I’m sorry, I mean-” I started to try to hide a slight smile looking in the fire in her eyes, the demand within her voice showing me a new side to her that I was desperate to see.

“Meant Ryker? How did we go from me serving you to you having a prospect breaking into my house? You have no right!”

“I have a right, you are in trouble and won’t let me help you.” I was trying to stay calm, I was always good at staying calm but I couldn’t, not around her. I told her I would prove that she could trust me and I had somehow fucked it up in a matter of hours. Taking a deep breath I got myself calm before starting again, “I saw the terror in your eyes when you heard about M8s, when you saw the gun. You can’t deny that there is something you are hiding from when you have a burner phone. I promised I would prove you could trust me and I am sorry, we went around this the wrong way but I swear all I want to do is help you.”

“You have to understand Ry, yes there are parts of me screaming for me to trust you, to tell you and I don’t know... go onto your bike and ride out of shadows. But for the past years of my life it has been engraved into my head to never trust, never talk never do anything with someone. I want to but I don’t know how.” She let out a breath and I could see the turmoil.

My body found its way in front of her, pressing her body against mine, desire swirling in her eyes while she looked to me and then my lips. I heard her mutter something before her lips crashed against mine. My arms wrapped themselves tightly around her waist keeping her flushed against me as I kiss her back just as hard as she was kissing me. It went on for a while, feeling her soft lips against mine, my tongue slipping in to taste her as I have wanted since the first day. We pulled apart when we were both desperate for air, looking into her eyes, I saw that she wanted that, the haze still there but I could still sense hesitancy to trust.

Placing my hands around her face as my thumbs go across her cheeks missing that feeling of being able to stare in her almond shaped eyes seeing her peace in them. “I don’t want to leave me but I know you need to think, so think. Think about these past months of it just you and me talking about nothing. Remember us together during those times without the club or whatever you are running from. Remember you can trust me. Call me if you need anything, even if it’s to get a rat out of this place.” I said as softly as I could, knowing that if I fought I would only scare her away from me more than I already have.

She nodded slowly, as I took a couple steps back never breaking away from her eyes. “Ryker? Thank you.”

I gave her a smile and headed out of her apartment once closing the door I found myself leaning against it, shutting my eyes taking deep breaths. Sure, I can see where she may be coming from but I didn’t care, she may not want my help but I can see the sign around her empty apartment and the way she acts. I am going to protect her from whatever it is the M8s have over her no matter what, I won’t fight whatever it is about her that has me on the edge of my blade all I know is that I want her. That kiss sealed it for me, she is going to be mine. Someone called my name snapping me from the door reaching my knives only to see Hunter again with his hands up in defence.

Leaningoff the door I walked away from the one person I just wanted to sit across from at a counter at a diner. Away from someone I want to know fully. But I have to prove myself to her and that’s what I’ll do.

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