On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Not His Girl


I felt my head go automatically to the clock, checking for the time to be 12:15, I didn’t want him here but months of the same routine still had my body react.

I didn’t mean to kiss Ryker, it just happened… His body was against mine and I needed to claim it, I needed him to take me over and he did. I can still feel his lips on mine and his smell infiltrating my nose. My hand snapped away from the counter as I felt the edge of the knife cut into my finger instead of the rhubarb. Groaning I took my apron off my waist and walked over the the hand sink in the kitchen rinsing the cut and placing a bandage on.

Leaning against the wall, hearing the silent of hum of the kitchen as no one was in the diner besides me, my thoughts drifted back to everything that has happened in the past 48 hours or something.

Everything used to be simple, I kept my head down, I went to work and went home. I would bake and rarely talk to anyone, then Ryker showed up once and I found myself breaking my first rule. He made me open up yet I talked to him. It was still simple; he came in, I baked and talked. Just small talk about his bike and my recipes on how I would make them. Times where I could talk with him without wondering about his club and if I could trust him.

Now it felt like that safety bubble I was in blew up in a matter or seconds, now he suspects I am running from the M8s. Even with him telling me over and over to trust him, I didn’t know if I wanted to take a risk like that in case he gets hurt. But I wanted to trust Ryker, for him to be calm around me making me feel safe where I can never have a panic attack and be free to be myself once again. Too look past the current second and think about the next day.

But he sent a prospect into my house, how am I supposed to respond to that. Whether he was truthful in just trying to check security or not, I can’t just let that go. It was the one place I could be who I used to.

Who am I kidding I want him here, I want him staring into my eyes with that calmness. I want him in my bed, I want him cupping my face. I want him staying with me despite him being an MC and me being terrified of guns. I want him. I want him more than I have wanted anything in my life and I don’t care about how this may affect me. Fuck this situation I am over it.

I. Want. Ryker.

Hearing the bell chime up front, I put the towel down tying my low apron back on and headed up front to serve whoever walked in.

“Hi, I hate to ask this but is it okay if my dog comes in? He is training to be a guard dog I swear.” A woman with blond hair asked me as I spotted a small Black German Shepherd besides her, her voice sounding somewhat familiar.

“Place is empty, just don’t tell health inspectors.” I shrugged, it was midnight why should I care if the puppy is behaved. “And if I can pet him.”

“As long as you don’t try to take him with you ha.” she said as she left the doorway walking to the counter.

“No promises.” My voice starting to go beyond its soft, careful nature that it has become and more chipper. Walking around the counter I bent down to the small puppy, it immediately jumping into my lap as I started petting it, laughing as it kissed me. There is nothing a puppy can’t fix. “I have always wanted a red Catahoula Leopard once I have my own house and steady job.”

Steady life.

She chuckled, “Careful who you say that around, I was online looking up this guy and next thing I know one of my good friends gave me him.”

I stood up from the puppy walking behind the counter again to where the small sink is and washed my hands as she sat down on the bar stool. “What can I get you?” I grabbed a bowl from a shelf filling it with water and passed it to her for her pup.

“Coffee would be great.” She replied as her left hand went to tie her hair up, a glorious vintage rose gold ring catching my eye.

“Wow congrats, that’s a gorgeous ring, good proposal story I hope.” I placed the coffee in front of her leaning against the counter.

She chuckled taking a sip, “perfect for me and my love. We were spawning in the gym and I roundhouse kicked him in the jaw knocking him down. He jumped up and stormed out of the ring, I thought he was pissed but then he came back and got down on his left knee.” I laughed with her at that, seeing how much love she had on her face when she remembered her now fiance.

“Drya.” I said to her thinking maybe I can be friends with someone, she does have a dog after all.

“Birdy, pleasure.” She said sticking her hand out for me to shake. Birdy, the voice on Ryker’s phone. I felt myself stiffened as I took her hand, fiance... Ryker has a fiance? I KISSED RYKER AND HE HAS A FIANCE!

“You’re engaged to Ryker?”

“Oh god! No no no no no not his girl, I am engaged to Hunter his best friend. Tall, long blonde hair, sexy as fuck.” My cheeks went bright red and I moved my hands to fix the scrunchie that held my hair up in a bun. Thank god.

“Sorry, you answered his phone so..”

“Eh, I enjoy annoying him. Oh nice hit on the Prospect,” my hands froze in my hair as I looked at her again. I thought I was going to be killed by the club for what I did but they looked to have shrugged it off. “When I first met the club I pepper sprayed one, not as hardcore as the frying pan but I think the prospect will know to run. Don’t worry the kids woken up, got a concussion but he will heal fine. Think he may be called deadpan now.”

I nodded slightly bringing my hands down as I walked over to the coffee maker fiddling with the buttons and seeing when I will need to brew another pot. She was engaged to Hunter, the one I have met a couple times, an MC member. She was here to keep tabs on me and it started to scare me how invested this club had gotten into me.

“When I first met the club I had my reservations,” Birdy began making me take a deep breath and look to face her seeing her puppy on her lap, calming my sudden nerves. “They look tough in that leather and knives and guns but they are literally a bunch of teddy bears when you get to know them. They will care for you and help you whether it is putting out a grease fire, which wasn’t my fault Tatt distracted me to finding you after you are abducted by your psycho father, they will be there for you for anything. You don’t have to listen to me since you just met me, I don’t know what your life is but I know that if the club hadn’t come into my life I would have a very bad ending to my life.”

“I just want to focus on baking, I don’t want any trouble in my life. And I want to I just...” My voice was soft, technically I wasn’t lying, just keeping to the truth without saying everything. I did want to focus on baking but I also wanted Ryker…

“What about good trouble from a certain rider?” She smirked, “You know, I have never known Ryker to be out as many times as he has been lately, that and he doesn’t pay any female attention outside of being in them. Yet he doesn’t slept with them anymore and comes here for sweets which he doesn’t like.”

Heat came across my cheeks again as I reached to pet the puppy, “I don’t know what you are talking about, I only give him my goods, not my good that sounds sexual I mean my baked goods...The pies I bake!”

Birdy threw her head back laughing at my horrible awkwardness as I just hid under my hair letting it cover my face as I put my hands over my cheeks. She turned to face me but before she could reply the door burst open three men with M8 cuts busting into the door, her dog jumping of her lap immediately growing; fuck they are already training that well.

“Just want to pass a message.” The one in front said, I was freaking out, M8’s were here and all I needed to focus on was the fact that I had my hair covering my face. “Tell your club we want to talk and get out guns back. We want to work together and nothing gets bikers attention then words from their women.”

“You are in Riders’ territory right now, I suggest you get out before they find out you are here without invitation.” Birdy growled as I heard the sound of a knife plunging into the wood. Daring a glance I saw that she had thrown one right above the head of the one who spoke then she drew her gun.

“I can see why you are with riders, what about you girl? You a biker whore too?” I put my face back down feeling the panic rise in me, I knew this man and he will know me if he sees my full face I am sure of it.

Shit would they remember me? It’s been years I can’t look the same but I can’t risk it.

“Out now.” Birdy growled again as her dog started to bark loudly, “Or I will set Shadow on you and believe me his bite is worse than his bark.”

Shadow was only a puppy so I wasn’t sure about that threat but I wouldn’t put it past this Birdy to shoot them. Seeing the M8s nod and smirk they knew that if they wanted a talk with the Riders they couldn’t fight against one of their men’s women. They would start a war and they definitely wanted a partnership.

I heard a crude chuckle as the door opened again, “tell the club we will be waiting for their phone call. Girl we will be seeing you around. You got the hair I would love to pull as I fuck you over that counter.”

As they left I felt a breath leave me as I slowly backup from the room as Birdy still looked out the window. The M8s were here and were going to come back. I need to call Esposito and get out of here before they find out who I am. I trusted Ryker, but I couldn’t get him and his club in danger if they are going to be having a turf war. Birdy’s reaction to them finalized any suspicions I had about M8s and ROS relations; ROS won’t affiliated with them. But I they find out I am here and peace between the M8s and ROS will be determined based on me. The idea that Ryker would protect me thus engaging his club killed me while Ryker handing me over killed me even more.

Time to do what I do best.


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