On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Runnings of the Past


I kept hitting the call button but the call went straight to voicemail not letting me connect to Detective Esposito. The second those M8s left the diner I booked it out of there, Birdy would go back to the club and be fine but I wouldn’t be if they came back. I got lucky, too lucky that my face wasn’t recognized that fast even with it being years and with my hair covering my face; I couldn’t take that risk again. Nor let them trace me back to Ryker or other ROS, I would never forgive myself if they got hurt because of me.

Now the main questions: Where do I go? How do I go? Do I use a new name?

I ran out of there fast, grabbing my emergency bag I keep in the old stove at the diner in case of something like this happening and didn’t look back. My steps were fast, trying to move as quickly as I could without drawing too much attention to myself in case M8s were still around. Truthfully I wanted to go to Ryker, have him take me away from this but if the M8s threatened Birdy, would the threats get worse when the M8s know who I am?

The thought of never seeing Ryker again hurt, he may have started as a customer who comes into the bakery but he became something else. But I don’t even know his last name, thought I can tell you what he likes and doesn’t like to eat, his exact taste palate. Really Drya? Taste palate will help you decide about Ryker? What is there to decide, yes he is most likely pretty badass with his Harley, leather jacket, MC and the knives strapped on him but the very idea that he could get hurt scared me more then the M8s. Oh just stop kidding yourself! You are falling in love with them man, he watched a baking show for you! Yet how can I bring him into a gun fight with his knives.

I was heading towards the station to take the next train out of here, I didn’t care where it went as long as it wasn’t north. The worrisome aspect about going to the station was that it was at the edge of the city, meaning that if M8s were going to hang around outside of the Riders’ territory they could be around here. But I had to risk it.

As my feet pounded against the stones to the train station all I wanted to do was to turn around and go back to the diner or even look up the Riders of Silence hangout? Clubhouse? Lair? Den? What would he do if I just showed up? Would I be able to even tell him everything, if I showed up he would deserve just as much.

Hearing a loud commotion and the sound of a fist making continual contact I stopped in my tracks immediately hiding behind the corner of the building I was about to go around. As I slowly peered around the bricks my heart stopped, the M8s from before were angrily getting yelled at from two other M8s. I couldn’t heard what was being said but it seemed be something along the lines of them being stupid for what they did to the Riders. Probably wasn’t supposed to have threatened a biker’s woman on their club on their own territory when you want peace it seems.

My hand to my mouth to stop myself from making a sound, my back pressed firm against the wall of the building as I thought of where I needed to go. Looking around there was nothing though, the street was wide, there was no alleyways nearby and the station was 500 yards away. There was no way I could run there and not be seen.

Turning back around the corner I saw as three of the M8s got onto their bikes and rode away leaving the other two to talk as they sat on their bikes looking after them. Glancing at the station down the road and back at the bikers whose backs were turned I could have a chance. Waiting made me a sitting duck and there were a few people walking around so as long as I looked casual they wouldn’t look twice at me.

Pulling my hat down I walked fast to the train station trying to walk near the other people in the area but they were walking to slow and I found myself walking past them.

“Hey girl why don’t you come back and warm my bike seat for me?” My feet went faster as I kept walking faster and faster as I heard a motorcycle squeak from someone standing from it. “Oh come now, you ever been on a bike before? I will take you on a wild ride!”

“She’s not interested.” My feet stopped as I heard Ryker, surprising me as I had never thought he could have a tone so cold and hard. “But I am interested in what you pieces of shit are doing in Riders of Silence territory.”

Even though I was in a dangerous situation I couldn’t help but feel the effect Ryker has been able to have on me. The panic in me wanted to come out but him being behind me made me feel safe enough to keep it at bay. But fuck, bad situation to be getting turned on from him.

“We aren’t in your territory rider, we are off it.” An M8 said. A crack was heard in the air and the sound of something hitting the ground with a grunt.

“Yeah you still are. Now since you still are and you thought to threaten one of our Lunas you are to run out of here as fast as you can before I put my blade through your worthless neck.”

I heard a struggle and the sounds of bikes accelerating away. Hearing all of this brought back bad memories and I felt my eyes close tightly shut as I tried to just focus on my breathing keeping it under control before I went into a full panic attack. The breathing went on for a while until I felt some familiar hands cupping my face, stroking my cheeks softly.

“Open your eyes for me beautiful.”

My eyes opened and I was met with Ryker’s dark brown eyes drawing me in completely, relaxing my body. “You shouldn’t be here.” My voice so light that I wasn’t sure if he heard me.

“The M8s are our enemy now and you were leaving; I wasn’t going to let that happen.”

“Were?” I stepped back out of his grasp looking at the train station that was still down the road, I had to leave I couldn’t risk staying. “I have to go.”

“No” My eyes snapped back to Ryker in panic, “I am not letting you out of my sight. You are going to get you hot little ass on the back of my bike and I am going to take you home where you will tell me everything about your true self and why you are in witness protection.” How the hell did he know that? But… I have a hot ass? Dammit Drya get out of your hormones!

“Ry, I can’t put you in that position, I won’t let you get hurt.” My breathing quickened as I started to panic thinking of the ways that Ryker could get hurt because of me, his head blowing with a bullet. I needed to run I had to run. I need to get in contact with Esposito and be the fuck out of here. Arms wrapped around me pulling me to Ryker’s chest as one of his hands cupped my face, his face moving in front of me helping lower my anxiety from his presence.

“Hey hey easy you’re okay, just breath.” He waited for my breaths to match his making me calm once again, his nose rubbing against mine allowing me to breath in his scent. My eyes closed from feeling his body so close to mine, it only took a moment for his lips to take mine in slowly before backing away making me whimper. “I can handle myself, our club is not one to be messed with. Let me get you out of here I can feel you shivering.”

I stared into his eyes, wondering if he would be safe... I don’t want to run. My hand went to my braid untying it to rebraid it as I looked around to see two other bikers sitting on some Harleys behind me, both smiling at me. They didn’t look threatening, they were the ones from the other night and they were nice. “How did you find me?”

My eyes went back to Ryker as he twirled one of my pieces of hair, “Birdy came into the clubhouse right after you ran off and Princess was able to find you, plus it would have been obvious you would come to the train station.”

I felt Rykers hand between my shoulder blade as he brought me in front of the men pecking my cheek softly, “Come on love, I should officially introduce you, these are my brothers Tatt and Spotter.”

“Hi.” My voice was soft again as I felt myself shuffle closer to Ryker, just because I was comfortable with Ryker doesn’t I could be automatically comfortable with them even though I met them the other night. I could see the guns on them, my nerves coming up being so close to those objects.

The one from the other night got up from their bike holding out their hand to me which I took slowly, “Tatt sorry I didn’t introduce myself the other night but I must say you are too hot to be around Ryker.”

“Ignore him, I’m Spotter, let me take your bag for you.” Spotter said who I noticed had now hid his gun from my view relaxing me even though I still knew it was still there. I smiled softly at him as he reached to my hand taking my bag from me.

“Let’s get you back.” Ryker said now leading me to his bike handing me his helmet as I settled myself on the back of it.

He settled in front of me reaching back taking my arms pulling me flat against him as I was wrapped around his waist. Hiding my face in his back I felt the bike start up below me as he took off down the road heading to his club. That thought brought my heart pounding from my chest, my head lifting up onto his shoulder to try to focus our surroundings that we pass. The feeling of my body wrapped around him as he drove through the city was better than I could have dreamed about. It took all my strength to not be ruled by my hormones and let my hands feel across his body.

We have driven through a gate arriving at must be his club’s clubhouse. Jumping off quickly, my nerves started to get to me as I bounced on the balls of my feet taking off the helmet, passing it to Ryker who was now standing in front of me. “No one is going to hurt you, I promise. You are safe here.” Ryker’s face was relaxed as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders walking us to the building passed Tatt and Spotter.

My hands found their way on the bottom side of his cut playing with the leather to try to calm myself, I was running from one gang and now I am walking into another one. As we walked into the club house, my body leaning as close to Ryker as I could while all the heads in the club turned to look at me.

“So that’s Drya, dam okay I’ll place a bet.”

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