On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Feeling Drya start to play with end of my cut I could tell she was nervous being in the clubhouse even though she was going to trust me. I had to play this right, if she didn’t feel safe she would bolt. When Birdy came bursting into the clubhouse talking about the M8s threats I know the club will be at war with them and that there is no way I will be leaving Drya’s secrets to remain so. She is going to tell me everything and not be leaving my side even if I have to lock her in my room.

“Come on.” I tugged her shoulder and started to walk us to the other side of the room opening the door to the kitchen motioning for a prospect to head out giving us privacy. Placing my hands on her hips I lifted her up sitting her on the tall kitchen island making sure she was steady.

“What are you doing?” She asked me holding onto my shoulders surprised to be sitting on a kitchen counter at the moment.

“I am making you some food, knowing that you don’t eat while you work means you haven’t eaten in over seven hours.” I replied back moving to the fridge taking out some brie, Tomatoes, avocado, bread and butter.

“You cook?”

Turning back to her I cocked my head, “I am not just a hot body Drya, not as good as you but I can make a mean grilled cheese.” I winked as I bent down grabbing a pan placing it on the stove; I won’t let her forget about the slip up about my body, wait till she sees it naked. And yeah she will, I have needed that body against mine six fucking months ago.

“Amaradrya. Amaradrya Woods.” I turned to look at her, her body fitting on the counter swinging her feet. “ I like to go by Amara, I was given Drya so I could remember it better though I have never been able to like it.”

“Amaradrya.” I breathed out looking into her eyes, content that she was opening up to me and that I won’t have to coax her; she felt safe enough.

“Amara, Amaradrya is such a mouth full. My mom wanted a nice greek name that would sound like a goddess but it just sounds so much.”

Smiling at her I moved next to her taking out a cutting board as I started to cut the tomatoes into slices before starting to work on the avocado. I liked the name Amara better then Drya, it fit her more. The softness of the name matching her personality of being sweet and shy despite the fire that can come out. Preparing the sandwich I gave her the time she needed for her to tell me more about herself, she gave me her name so I know she is getting comfortable enough to tell me what happened.

“I grew up north of Portland, my father was police-officer and my mother was a teacher. They were my best friends, called us the three musketeers whenever we were in the kitchen making cakes, pies, pastries, bread, literally anything. We lived in a small house but we didn’t care about the size since we had fun anyways.”

Glancing over my shoulder she looked happy thinking back to her parents, her eyes flickering over to meet mine. “They sound like they are nice.” Stepping away from the food I went to stand in front of her, her legs opening allowing me to slip in, my arms resting on her waist as my thumbs began to slowly draw circles to keep her relaxed.

“Were and am.” The light in her eyes died then as one of her hands reached up to my cut, tracing the stitches of my patches on the leather. “ The M8s killed my dad five years ago and I am separated from my mom to protect her.”

My knuckles went to brush a tear that escaped her, “I’m sorry.” I kept my voice soft and gentle as she closed her eyes for a moment before opening them up showing me all the emotion.

Her hand went to the back on my head beginning to play with my hair. “My father was working undercover to look into the M8s and their club to see if they can be brought down. According to Esposito, during that time he witnessed them start to work with a mafia and then they double crossed them killing them and taking the guns. He had to report them and figure how to use it to bring them down before they got to powerful. As some of the M8s started to get arrested pressure was put on dad who ran to the house to tell us to pack up and that we needed to leave but it was too late; a crooked cop told the M8s that it was my dad. I was outside running after my friends cat and saw them execute him and others but I ran before they got me. Esposito found me and made his tech give me a new identity and I ran as they got a case together over the M8s. He believed that since my mom is related to me she is guilty by association so moved her to a new location immediately and had us separate so that we wouldn’t lead any M8s to the other in cases we were found. I had also reported which M8s were at my house that night resulting in them being arrested for manslaughter.”

Amara started to cry, tears strolling fast down her cheeks. “Fuck Amara,” I rested my forehead against hers wrapping my arms around waist. It made sense why she got so skittish around guns having to watch people get shot them being her own parents.

“I just want it to stop, I hate being Drya. I couldn’t even go to Dad’s funeral being forced to leave after I testified against the M8s. Not to mention what I am putting mom through with wit-pro.” I pulled her closer to me as she cried, my hand unbraiding her hair allowing me to playing with it, her locks slipping through my fingers as I tried to calm her. My nose rubbing against hers before I took her lips with mine tasting the saltiness of her tears to show her that I was there for her. I wanted her lips more but I released them keeping our noses touching. Her breaths were even as she played with my hair not saying anything as there was nothing else to say, she had said enough and our reaction to each other was something that couldn’t be put into words.

Kissing the top of nose I looked back at her, “You don’t have to be Drya to me, I’ll take them down myself if it comes to it. Was getting bored anyways.” I smirked and winked at her but before she could respond the door to the kitchen open.

“Heard Ryker was going to cook, do you have a fire extinguisher ready?” Briac asked as he walked into the kitchen smiling at Amara who had turned bright red pushing my body away from her. Flipping him off I turned to the stove putting the sandwiches on the pan to grill them. “You are pretty badass standing against the M8s when you were only sixteen.”

“Or stupid,” she whispered back, “How do you know what I am doing I only just told Ryker.”

“My sister is pretty good at what she does, Miss Amaradrya Woods. She was able to find out who the M8s may force into a witness protection protocol.”

“Amara is fine. So you know everything?”

Briac hummed leaning against the wall, the wheels behind his eyes turning thinking about whatever information Princess told him. “Yes. I know everything from you to the police, you sure are in quite the trouble.”

I went back to the island passing her the grilled cheese as she bit into it letting out a soft moan, “If that is the way to get you let out a moan I may just have to cook more.” I smirked as she went bright red playfully glaring at me meaning she was relaxing even with what has happened in the past couple of days.

“I was starving and living off ramen okay.” She muttered looking back to Briac who was amused as he looked her over, analyzing how she may impact the club. Probably good since I hadn’t even thought of the club; she is my priority the boys here know how to hold their own anyway. “I don’t want to bring any trouble.”

“You probably aren’t, we are already going to be against the M8s with the heat that are already bring to us plus they don’t know about you. Right now it is best if you are here to keep the M8s from finding out you are Detetive Wood’s daughter and the one who got them sentenced; if they find out you are here then you may bring trouble. Plus keeping you quite keeps Ryker from being edgy without you around.” I looked at him with a glare pisssed that he brought me in, it was true but I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable. He just winked at Amara “if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask, there is a room available for you.”

“I can still work though right?”

Briac and I shared a glance looking at each other debating it silently, “I doubt the M8s will be coming back on our territory soon so we can place a prospect on you as long as you swear to not hit them over the head with a frying pan.”

Looking back at Amara she just sighed lifting her legs to sit cross legged as she ate looking guilty from the incident. “I am really sorry about that.” Briac chuckled in response to her muttering about it is what he should expect about new women in the club doing it now.

I wasn’t for her working but I also knew it must be hard for her to be in this club house with the thought of guns, “But you won’t be working as many crazy hours as you normally do. Better to keep it limited until we have talked with M8s to find out their intentions.”

“Agreed. Let me know if you need anything and welcome to the club Amara.” Briac nodded to us before heading out of the kitchen. Looking at the door swinging shut my thoughts went to Briac, whether or not he found her being here will add pressure to the club is probable but at the same time him saying we are going to war against the M8s is correct. They threatened a Luna of the club on our territory; he is a new president and he cannot let that disrespect occur. I will have to talk to him later to find his true feelings on Amara’s presence though when I get the chance.

Amara let out a deep breath closing her eyes, stepping away from the counter I place my hands cupping her face, keeping them there after she jumped from the contact. I stared into her almond green eyes seeing the fear in them, my head bowing to her forehead to help her breathing. “You don’t have to hide for much longer.” She nodded before she moved to take my lips and I happily obliged kissing her back just as hard as she was.

This was all I needed or will ever need.

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