On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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I Saw A Movie


I barely made it to the toilet as I threw up from waking in a panic from the dreams I always tend to have. Now staying in a clubhouse I was glad that in these panic sleeps I didn’t scream; that would be awkward. Getting up I splashed some cold water on my face to try and calm myself from the memories. I’m not as worried about myself as I am them really, I told Ryker everything and their president of the club knows me from a search; if they were going to give me to the M8 they already would have. Ryker made me trust them, if I trust Ryker then I will trust the club but I can’t promise I can stay calm around them if I see them wearing a gun.

Glancing at the clock, I could see that it was only four in the morning, meaning I had only gotten around three hours of sleep. Ryker and I had sat in the kitchen just talking and kissing then he walked me to where I was staying, telling me that he was just a few doors down if I needed anything. He gave me one hell of a kiss before breaking apart to which I can admit I whimpered from but he said since I was already in such a sensory overload and pain from telling him everything he wasn’t going to push me to do anything that I might regret. I doubt that I would have regretted and a large part of me wanted to stay with him but I also knew that I would be waking up running to the toilet so I chose the room by myself. I can’t throw up in front of him after sleeping with him, that’s not hot.

Ten minutes later I found myself in front of the kitchen, the club silent as any normal person would be asleep at this hour. Being still anxious from the dream there was only one thing I could do that would calm me down and would probably be a good thing to do to thank the club for letting me stay with them for the time. Walking in I opened the fridge seeing what food they had available, thankfully it looked like some food was on the cusp of being ripe which means I won’t feel too bad about making something without asking since it needs to be baked anyway. Taking out the ingredients available I felt the recipies running in my head of what I may bake.

“This going to be your place now?”

My body jumped a foot hearing sudden sound in the otherwise silent room. “Jesus you scared the shit out of me!” I exclaimed my hand going to my chest as I turned to see Ryker leaning against the doorframe looking oh so very hot in dark jeans, grey shirt and his cut. God I need him, my body is turning into a fire just looking at him.“Oh um, was it okay if I baked? I was up early and I enjoy cooking so I thought I could thank the club by cooking but if it’s not then-”

He cut me off with a few chuckles as he walked over to where I was standing, his arms wrapping around my waist, my finger going into his belt loop while he bent down taking my lips in his. God I can get used to this. “You are welcome to commandeer this place, as long as you want to, if someone starts asking you to cook for them, just tell them to shove it and pick up a pan, they will go running.”

My head threw back as I laughed at that, “Don’t I still feel bad for that.”

“Oh yeah that laugh really proves how much you feel bad.” My mouth gaped open to him in offense and mouthed the word ‘rude’ to him. “You okay, how’s the anxiety.”

Shrugging I kissed him again before breaking away, I was seriously getting addicted to this man. Part of me felt he knew what it was that I was going through. “trying to not think about it too much.” He smirked at me I got out of his arm picking up the food I made and headed out of the kitchen with Ryker following behind me.

“I was wondering why Deadpan was scared to go into the kitchen.” Spotter said pouring coffee into Briac’s cup where he, Tatt and Hunter were sitting along the counter. My head cocked in confusion, “the prospect you hit in the head with a pan.”

Looking at the prospect I smiled softly saying I’m sorry but he just scurried away as I placed the food down on the counter. “Red pepper, Mushroom, baked egg pastry galettes.” They looked confused and impressed at them as they started to pick them up.

“Marry me.” Tatt said after a couple moments of them just eating, getting a hit on the head by Ryker who then just wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me into him making me jostle and look around.

“Nah you flirt too much. Why is the name Drya/Amara on a board?” I asked looking to Ryker as he sucked in a breath turning to me with an unreadable expression. Watching in amusement his mouth opened and closed unable to respond as the others chuckled.

“Church!” Briac yelled drawing Ryker’s attention away from me. He gave me a slight nod and kiss on the cheek as he let go of me following other brothers into the room.

Sitting on a chair by the bar I just sat picking at the food, wasn’t sure what church is but I have feeling from Rykers glance back at me before walking in it had something to do with me. Not even ten minutes later I looked to see Ryker come out of the room walking to me, placing his hands on my hips. “I need you to come into church if that is okay, just to talk about the M8s and the police you know. Nothing to worry about.” Nodding I followed him into the room for church seeing all of the different brothers turn to look at me as I entered being pulled in by Ryker who sat down drawing me onto his lap.For some reason I had hoped that once I got here things would calm down but it seemed it put them in motion.

“Amara,” Briac greeted me looking amused at my seating arrangement, “We have all voted and we have agreed for you to stay and that we will may help you out. Would appreciate it if you could shed some light on the M8s.”

I sucked in a breath feeling the weight of this room, the heaviness of the situation and how it affects them. “Thank you. And um I can call Esposito, he is the detective in charge of the case so he will know everything and isn’t what you would call a cookie cutter cop so you won’t have to be worried about him.”

“You want us to talk to a cop?” Tatt asked skeptically making me shrug looking at Briac who looked thoughtful glancing to a woman’s laptop as she pushed it to him, the name Princess on her cut.

“Hamlet?” Briac asked.

“Heard of him, not dirty but is known for looking the other way sometimes. Probably knows our reputation so he would know we wouldn’t pose a threat plus he is already talking to our department so won’t hurt.” Hamlet said running a hand through his hair.

“Let’s try it.” Briac said nodding at me as I took out my burner.

I opened it going to the one contact I have on it, settling on Ryker’s lap as I pressed call hearing it get picked up. “Hey it’s me I am with-”

“The Riders of Silence I know, Hello President Briac.” Esposito finished for me, dam how did he know that…

“Esposito.” Briac’s voice laced with authority. “Heard you are going after the M8s.”

“Indeed, heard their gun business is beginning to spill onto your territory.”

“They are and we intend for it not to.”


“Amara again” I answered softly shifting again, Ryker’s hands gripping my tight to put me in a specific location. Looking back at him confused he just shook his head before I felt it, oh oops. But hey that means he is affected just as I am, maybe we will share the same bed soon.

“Well good, I suppose I can give you some intelligence on what the M8s are doing. At the moment their President Reaper is said to be pretty power and money hungry with a new mafia backing to expand his guns. Since you guys are between him and the Sorrentino mafia it would make sense to go into your land to push the Sorrentinos out. Plus they will need your man power to fight against them. As it has been a few years since Amara has to be placed in wit pro they have forgotten about her however the men she helped put away may be coming for an appeal and if she isn’t there to re-testify then...” Ryker’s grip on me tightened when Esposito brought up the possibility that the M8s will try to find me again. I leaned against him, my hand going on top of his intertwining with his fingers. I wasn’t sure where this touch need came from but it was helping with my anxiety so I wouldn’t question it.

“Appreciate it detective, that you for the intel.” Briac send motioning to end the call.

“Before you go I want to tell you about a movie I saw.” Esposito called out before Hamlet hung up the phone.

“Movie?” Briac asked.

“Mhm,” Esposito said, “it was pretty good, saw it this coming friday about oh an hour away from you. The movie was about a couple MCs and mafias who were all interested in one another for different reasons. At one point the President of one MC and members of the other MC that is pushing against them somehow all got arrested on the same night by the cops for speeding and was brought into the station. Since it was a small Police force they had to be put into the same holding and during that time tech workers were fixing security making the cameras go out for twenty minutes. People in holding only stayed for less than thirty before their bail was posted then they left doing whatever they said in the jail and the cops never looked for them again as long as the arms and murders were off the street and never coming back to California or Portland. One of the MCs was able to talk to the other MC find out what they are planning to understand how to take them down; no better way for fully receiving information right. Want to do see it?”

“And why would the cop look the other way?” Briac leaned on the table looking at the phone.

“Seen enough witnesses die from cases like this, plus this will give me little paperwork as you send a message against gun running.”

“Well it looks like some of us have a movie to go see on friday.” Briac motioned again and Hamlet hung up the phone allowing me to release a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

I felt Ryker’s hands moving up and down my body before he spoke up. “Its smart, We will be in safe location to talk to them plus the timing will work in our favour. My meeting with Sorrentinos is the next night to get our weapons so I will have information to pass on to ensure they know we aren’t going against them.”

Couples of the brothers nodded as Hamlet smirked, “Finally! Some fucking adrenaline shit!”

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