On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Enemy To Friend


I sat at the bar watching as Arama talked to Princess, her leg bouncing up and down from her nerves. This was allot for her I could already tell, every once and awhile her eyes would glance toward a gun that someone was wearing then back away. Something in me felt for that, I used to be the same way with knives and it took a long time for me to be calm around them. She had spent most of the day with Princess and Birdy just hanging with them to get to know other people in the club she could get comfortable with.

“She’s a nervous one.” I turned to look at Briac as he leaned against the bar nodding to Amara.

“Not a fan of guns.” I placed the paperwork I should be working on down on the counter sending it to Briac to check over it.

“Neither are you so it works.”

“We are for different reasons though. I don’t like guns because people depend on them she doesn’t like them since she has seen people shot with them. Your dad meeting with Smoke this week?”

“Mhm should be there later tonight, seems way too excited to be back to being Nomad, I am sure it’s going to throw Smoke off. I am assuming you want in at meeting with M8s at the jail correct?”

Looking back over to him I raise my brow, there was no way he would have been able to leave without me coming with him. “I am going, I want those M8s to pay for the pain they caused Amara.” I growled, when Amara talked about her parents she looked so calm and the love they shared was obvious; it only meant that for all of last night I looked at my ceiling wondering when she got anxiety so bad.

“Alright alright shesh, you’re going.”

“Pretty into her huh?” Spotter said from the bar nodding over to Amara. “She going to handle being around an MC?”

I grabbed my coffee cup chugging it back as I got up from the counter nodding to the brothers heading over to Amara. Spotter wasn’t trying to be dick, he could see how nervous and knowing him he can see the fear she covers up so he was only looking out for her interests.

Nodding to Princess as she got up from the table they were sitting at I turned to Amara who was smiling at me, “You trust me?”

“That’s the type of thing people ask before they make them do something stupid.”

I chuckled reaching down to her grabbing her waist pulling her up into me as one of my hands went up to her face brush her cheek so I could focus on her eyes. “Trust me?”

She nodded to me looking at me suspiciously her body relaxed against me. Bringing my hand down I pulled her away out of the bar area down one of the far corridors walking through till we got to the end of the hall to a door that had a pin pad. Pressing in the six digit code I tugged her closer to me, silently asking her to trust me as I opened the door and walked us in.

“Why did you bring me here.” She whispered stepping out of my grasp as she looked around the armory wide eyed, her breathing becoming erodic as she went into a full fledged panic attack.

Her breathing was fast as her eyes darted around looking at the different guns and knives that were hanging on the walls. I tried to ease her, talk to her calmly but as it got worse there was one thing that came to mind to stop it. Cupping her face I leaned in kissing her, taking her off guard as my lips moved against hers. Her lips were soft as they kissed me back after a moment, her lips opening allowing me to slip my tongue in her tasting every part of her. A low moan came out her mouth allowing me to quicken the pace, my hands feeling her body before I forced myself to pull away before I took the rest of her.

“How did you do that?” she asked, her breathing coming back to slow breaths as she slowly opened her eyes to look at me.

“I read up on panic last night and different ways to stop them. Just trust me, please.” She fidgeted and after keeping her breath under control she nodded. I stepped away going to one of the gun cases and took out a small glock handgun putting it in a holster. Walking back to Amara I waited for her to step right beside me, inviting me to hold onto her waist as I lead her out of the back door leading to our backyard area.

“Why is there so much security for that room?” She asked me as I walked over to the shooting range.

“Those weapons are dangerous as you know, don’t want them going into the wrong hands and the wrong times.” Stopping at one of the gates I took the gun out of the holster and took it apart on the high table.

“Ry, I don’t know if I can do this.” Ry, I like it.

Leaning back against the gate I looked at her as she eyes the gun wearily before looking back to me with those almond green eyes, her hair half down falling around her face. “You can because I was once where you are.” I took out my knives placing them beside the gun on the table. “When I was seven my parents died in a car accident and I went into the system bouncing around. I did everything I could to stay at one house but after I while I was sent away again to a new house. That’s where I met Hunter. He and I were in a foster house that became a centre for illegal fighting. Hunter was to fight with his fists but I was given a rusty old sword to fight with when I was six till I was fuck fifteen or sixteen. I used swords and knives to fight all types of beasts all during those years; it was a sign of death for me. But the club shut it down since we don’t stand for that kind of thing.”

“Ry, fuck I am so sorry. How can you function near a blade again after that?” Amara stood in front of me now moving to stand in between my legs as my arms wrapped around her pulling her close, cupping her cheek.

“I’ve accepted it, had to you know. When I got out the club took me and Hunter in, giving us a real home. At first I wouldn’t go anywhere near a sword or a knife not even one for eating. I hated them, feared them, always remembering what happened when I held them in the pit. The blood, the death. I stayed in my room, Hunter staying with me especially with him fighting his own demons.” I sighed leaning my head back against the door looking down at her, Amara just leaned forward resting her chin on my chest to look up at me. “Jax the old president told me that I could live in fear of the object, always being in fear of the past or I could learn to face it. So I sat in my room with one for a week before I held it, a month before I started practicing with it again. Soon enough I was forcing myself with them everyday for hours just so that I could learn to get past it. Then one day it was just a knife and didn’t bring every memory back.”

I traced my fingers over her cheek memorizing every speck of green and gold in her eyes, “Life I have found is like a blade. You can hold the hilt of the knife, being able to mold against it when it spins around and you will be unharmed. But the second you start to lose the hold you can get cut by it and drop it.”

Standing back up I turned her so that she was standing in front of me with my chest against her back as she looked at the apart gun and knives on the table. “I know that saying; guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But I can’t control thinking the worst out of everyone wearing one.” She whispered leaning flat against me.

“Which is smart, not everyone carrying one knows how to use them or will for the right reasons. The club has guns yes but we have them to protect the club and those who we protect. This right here is just pieces of metal, do you want me to show you how it is put together? To show what this object is?” She looked over her shoulder, uncertainty in her eyes and I know that she was working really hard not to panic.

Slowly she nodded pecking my jaw as she slowly said she trusted me. Reaching around her I started to put it together slowly so that she wouldn’t startle from the fast movement but pay attention to the pieces. I left the magazine out on the tray and held the gun up pointing down the range.

“Slide you hands down my arms to my hands.” I whispered into her ear feeling her shiver against me making me smirk, that even though she was focused on a gun I had a certain effect on her body. Her hands went to both of my elbows slowly transcending down till they reached my hands resting on top of them as I held the gun. “Do you want me to put the magazine in and shoot or is this enough for one day?”

A couple minutes of silence went by as I waited for her to answer but she just stood there not moving or making a sound. I didn’t want to push her more than she was comfortable and began to lower my arms to bring the gun down.

“No, no I..” She took a deep breath, “I want you to fire it.” Her voice was so soft that I nozzled into her hair to make sure I heard her.

“Are you sure, I don’t want to push you?”

“I can do it.” I slipped on my hands off of the gun and dug into my jean pockets to take out some ear plugs handing them to her, “no, I want to fully understand it.”

Sighing I put them back, it was her decision on how she wanted to proceed and she knows her pace. Kissing her cheek I picked up the magazine I placed it within the gun taking my position again. Amara’s hand going onto my arm to slowly move down to where I was holding the gun again. Counting to her softly I pressed against the trigger releasing a shot waiting a moment before releasing another one.

Lowering the gun I flipped the safety on and released the magazine placing it onto the table as her hands fell away. “I think that’s enough for today, it’s getting late and you seem tired so let me walk you to bed.”

She turned to face me, the circles under her eyes looking darker, “I can’t sleep.”

Putting the gun in the holster I grabbed her waist, “Then your staying with me so that your not alone if you can’t and I’ll be there when you are.” She nodded slowly leaning into my body and I knew she was processing the gun; she needed sleep and I would have her try with me. “You okay?”

“I will be, with you I am feeling more like myself than in years.”

Leaning down I kissed her, it was a kiss that sealed my fate with her. What ever is to come is something I would go blades flying in.

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