On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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I snuggled closer to the warmth beside me, not feeling a panic or sense of urgency to run to the toilet but calm. Feeling movement I sighed as an arm came around my waist pulling me into Ryker’s body feeling his hand moving up and down my spine slowly as I opened me eyes. Last night I had collapsed into Ryker’s bed and was asleep in seconds, now I can see his body against mine allowing me to revel in it.

Resting my chin on his I smiled into his eyes, “morning.” His hands moved to cup my face, I felt myself being pulled up on him as he leaned forward to capture my lips. Kissing him back my hand went into his hair as I kissed faster wanting to savor the feeling of his lips. Moving back I looked over his naked chest for the first time.

Noticing a shiny piece of scar tissue on his neck my hand reached up, my fingers lightly tracing over it. “How did you get this?”

“Bullet earlier this year.” My breathing hitched as I feathered my fingers on the scar, my eyes not looking into his as I roamed over his chest seeing other scars across his body.

My body found its way on top of his, my leg straddling his waist securing myself on top of him as I bent down, kissing his neck scar gently. Ryker’s hands rested on my waist and gripped me tightly.

“And this one?” I moved down kissing one that was just above his left peck, three large long curved lines trailing down it.

His breathing grew heavy and I smirked against his chest knowing that I was teasing him and became aware of a rising heated ache that was spreading between my legs.

Ryker cleared his throat, “Dog fight from the ring.” I moved across to his chest and found new scar kissing it then finally looking up. “Exploding building.” Staring into his eyes I couldn’t look away from the intensity, his grip only tightening on my hips drawing me up as he took my lips hungrily. “Teasing me already?”

I could only moan in response to him as his soft lips consumed mine, our lips moving faster and needy with every second with his tongue sliding into my mouth. Tasting him was what I needed and I wanted more as my hand roamed against his hard chest my fingers still lightly tracing over scars. I moaned deeper as he flipped us over as his tongue fucked my mouth, one of my legs wrapping around his waist as his hand moved up my naked legs under the shirt I’m wearing, slowly taking one of my breasts in his hand.

Another moan escaped me as I grinded against his waist allowing me to feel his excitement touching my core that was desperate for friction, his hand moved down from my shirt going to my panties slipping inside trailing through my slips. “Ry.”

My mind was turning into mush as I kissed him even harder needing him, the fire within me blazing with heat from his touch. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to be doing in sex, the few times I had it it was awkward and no where near this.

He chuckled against my lips, flicking his fingers in my slips again making my grind against him, “You tease me, I tease you.”

His hands moved up removing my shirt leaving me in the panties, Ryker’s mouth moving from my lips down my neck nipping me before going around my breast taking a nipple as his fingers plunged into me. I cried out, my back arching into his touch. “God I have wanted you body for so long.” He muttered against me sending me higher and higher.

His fingers played with me faster and faster, his kisses sending me in a frenzy before his fingers slipped out of me. My panties ripped off as he kissed lower and lower to my core. What is he doing? I moaned his name as he took me in his mouth, licking, nipping, slipping his tongue in me. My body getting desperate for a release making me grip his hair and grind into his face. The fire in me was unbearable, the bubble of desire releasing as he plunged his fingers in me, my juices coming all over him.

I felt his tongue cleaning me up as I took breaths coming down from such a high, never knowing what it was to have someone down on me like that. He slowly moved back up to kiss me again, my hands moving down to his boxer briefs ready to--

“Ryker come on your late!” Hunter shouted banging on the door making us groan. “You don’t get down there Briac will drag you out.”

“Fuck, I’ll be right there! Fucking brothers.” Ryker muttered before kissing me and forcing himself off the bed, “Got to train the prospects”

I groaned taking deep breaths moving off the bed, still in a hazy from Ryker, “Stupid prospects.” He chuckled grabbing my naked body as he kissed me again, his fingers starting a new fire as they trailed down my body. My own fingers moving onto his chest before trailing down going to what I needed so badly.

He released my lips taking my hands as he looked at me, the dark brown eyes looking black from the animalistic desire I could see as his chest rose and fell from his deep breaths. “God, I need to stop before I take you.” Well I won’t complain for that… “But they would barge in and I won’t let any other man see your glorious body. You heading to the kitchen?”

Nodding I turned away fully remembering how I shoved his face into me feeling my cheeks reddened in embarrassment and grabbed my clothes slipping them still feeling his heated gaze. “Yeah see if I can whip something up.” I dodged his arms that were reaching to drag me back into bed and left the room blushing as he grumbled about his raging hard on.

I was still blushing when I made it into the bar area seeing some of the brothers hanging around, and Clary and another woman waving me over at one of the tables making me headed over to them sitting down. “Hey, this is Doc.” Clary said motioning to the woman.

“We met, I was there the night she hit that prospect in the head with a pan.” Doc said making me cringe.

“Still sorry about that.” I mumbled feeling sheepish.

“Eh he’s fine and you thought you were in danger. Been there done that with these hooligans.” My head went up to see the doors open as Birdy walked in angrily hanging up on her phone, Shadow following right behind. “I see wedding planning is going well?”

“Ugh, the stupid bakery we were considering for the wedding wants so much money for a cake it’s ridiculous.” She exclaims popping into one of the chairs, Shadow laying down beside her.

“I can bake it if you want? I mean I can make testers of course, I have baked you those macaroons, short cakes-”

’YOU MADE THAT Tiramisu? Fuck yes then!” Birdy yelled slamming her palms onto the table causing Shadow to jump up. “How could Ryker not tell me that was you.”

“Oh he was pretty busy keeping her all to himself.” Doc winked at me making me blush but knowing that she was right I got up from the table motioning them to follow me into the kitchen, I need to keep busy to stop myself from finding Ryker and finishing what we started.

“I’ll start making some basic ones and then you can tell me where you are leaning.” I said starting to grab a pen writing out a plan to then moved onto grabbing dishes to set it all up.

“You don’t have to go all out.” Birdy said looking at the list I made.

I shrugged, “The testers will be small mini cakes and besides I don’t think any of this will go to waste with the amount of people that live here.”

“True, whatever you made for breakfast the other day was heavenly.” Clary said picking up a berry and eating it.

“Alright enough about cake I want all the details on you and Ryker. I mean you are on the board so I need to know when I should bet.” Doc said leaning forward making me confused, I remember there being a board with my name on it but I have honestly forgotten about it.

“What does the board mean?” I asked looking to Birdy who started to laugh. Just thinking about Ryker and this morning brought the fire back into my body. Is he going to be upset I grinded into his face?

“It’s just a betting board on you and Ryker; it started with Ryker making one for Hunter so I guess he is repaying the favour.” Birdy winked.

“Which is why I want to know how you two are doing. Where are you at? Kissing, sex, cut?” Doc asked. Well he gave me the biggest orgasm this morning but then Birdy’s man ruined further activities…

“Cut? I don’t think I am a MC member type of person.”

“No a luna cut, like significant other stuff.”

“LUNA, wait like that luna party?” Seeing them nod pointing to Birdy I palmed my face, “That makes so much sense when I met Ryker he was picking up an order for a luna party I thought he was talking about a dog.”

“Don’t even think about calling me a bitch.” Birdy said laughing, “But please continue.”

“Not sure what you want me to say exactly.” I didn’t want to tell them about all my feelings for him, I didn’t want to jinx it. He was becoming a permanent desire for me and I don’t want to risk losing it.

“Right nothing to say,” Clary began, “Just Ryker who doesn’t like sweets eats yours and you moving into his room last night...”

Taking my scrunchy I put my hair up in a top bun, “He found out I wasn’t sleeping when he was helping me out with my panics over guns.”

“Was I like this with Hunter?” Birdy asked shaking her head at me.

“No, you were worse.” Clary said laughing making Birdy groan.

For the next hour they teased trying to make me tell them about Ryker but I wouldn’t budge, I was still embarrassed to how I responded this morning. Cutting into blocks of chocolate I shook my head looking up when I saw someone walk into the door feeling my heart pick up. Ryker walked in with Hunter, wearing a pair of shorts glistening in sweat from having just worked out letting me see just how muscular he really is. My thoughts went back to this morning as my fingers moved around his body...“Fuck!” My hand went back dropping the knife and grabbed a towel seeing one of my fingertips start to bleed. “Ow.”

Someone grabbed my hand removing the towel as I looked up to see Ryker, “Just a small slice won’t do any permanent damage.” He then looked at me with a devilish smirk, “Did you cut yourself because I walked in here all hot and sweaty.”

Taking back my hand I felt myself heat up hearing chuckling around me, “What no, I cut myself because you are walking in here sweaty. This is a kitchen not a gym so go shower and put on some real clothing and bring your brother who is now making out in the kitchen.” I began to shoo him away as Hunter stopped kissing Birdy offended I am kicking him out as well. “Out.” I stuttered trying not to look at how hot is is at the moment resulting in me grabbing some flour flicking it towards him.

“I should go.” I shuffled stepping back as Ryker wiped the floor of his face looking at me with dark eyes, “Bye.” Turning around I only made it two stride before an arm wrapping around my waist lifted my up pulling me into a sweaty biker’s chest.

“So when should I bet?” Doc asked making me look to her as she smirked as Ryker’s lips met my neck.

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