On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist with a smirk glancing at the bed and remembering Amara’s soft moans and just how sweet she tastes; more so than anything else she baked. A slight chuckle coming out about her embarrassed cheeks after her orgasm and her fast duck out of the room even blushing when I saw seeing her in the kitchen. Going to the gym to work the dam prospects and give a run down of weapons to Briac had me throwing punches in the ring harder than usual from the raging hard on from Amara. I was so close to just barcading the door and fucking her hard to have her moaning and yelling out my name so everyone knew she was mine.

“Hey gorgeous.” I said as Amara slipped into the room looking jumpy in her tight black pants and tank top as she closed the door, “thought you would be with the women?”

She shrugged, leaning against the door not looking up at me but rather staring at the floor. “Got busy.”

Fuck. “Brothers with guns.” I said softly as I walked slowly over to her slowly noticing the tapping of her fingers against the door already knowing her anxiety is rising.

Amara looked up with a shrug, “I’ll get over it.”

My hands wrapped around her shoulders as she looked at me, the jumpy looked slowly going away, “one day it will just be an object nothing more.”

She sighed deeply running her hand through her hair making my dick twitch remembering it sprayed out this morning, “I just don’t want to look weak in front of all your brothers. They are all tough bikers and I’m a baker hiding in the kitchen freaking out because they have a metal piece on them.”

“Hey,” I cupped her face running my thumb over her cheek, “every brother in this club has a history of something, just because you are scared of guns at the moment doesn’t make you weak. One day it will be nothing to you.”

“Yeah, hopefully. Think we could go back to the range tonight?”

Chuckling, I couldn’t help but feel something that she has taken to fighting against her fear so well, “Definitely and then we can relax the same way we did this morning with you pussy in my mouth.” I smirked seeing how quickly she looked away and how deep red her face went as she thought back to how eager she was this morning, “How innocent are you? Can you say ‘pussy’?”

Amara’s face whipped back to me with wide eyes with a small gasp, “Ryker.”

My smirk only grew, “You can’t say pussy.” Her mouth opened and she muttered something that sounded as if she was trying to say it, “what was that?”

She cleared her throat looking away making me chuckle as I raised my hand on her chin turning her to look at me, “people really use that word?”

I laughed nodding my head, “yeah people use that word, how else would you say I went down on you?”

“Ryker…” She tried to duck her head again and take a step back.

I moved closer to her grabbing her waist, “oh now your going shy? You weren’t shy this morning grabbing my hair and grinding into me?” All of a sudder the fact that she has been hiding for six years hit me and how she was being so shy made me take a step back looking at her closely, “are you a virgin?”

She looked back at me nibbling on her lip shaking her head, “no, I uh I lost it.” I raised an eyebrow, silently asking her to keep going I need to make sure that if she has a low experience level I need to pace myself. When you are used to club groupies and fucking them it can be hard to remember that not every woman is ready to be fucked hard and rough; and Amara is no club whore. “Okay so I may have only had it once or twice….”

A low whistle came out of me, “fuck you are innocent. Shit I didn’t rush you this morning did I? I will only go at your pace.”

“I’m not that innocent I know how things work. Why, how many times have you slept with someone?”

“How things work? Oh Amara.” I chuckled softly but she only kept staring at me looking nervous. “I haven’t ever slept with anyone, I have fucked but never slept.” There was no way I could really tell her how many women I have fucked over the years, I don’t know how many but it is allot.

Amara only looked to have more questions and I tried to bury the rising arousal in the fact that I will be only the one to try things with her and by the way she is acting those times she had sex it wasn’t really good. “Nice dodge… What’s the difference?”

Clearing my throat I moved my hand down her spine resting on her ass, “fucking is just that, grabing someone to fuck and then kicking them out after. Sleeping with someone is fucking but more and then staying. You are the first woman to have ever slept in my bed even before we did anything. But Amar we don’t have to do anything.”

She had a blush came over her as she looked into my eyes, “you didn’t rush, I uh I wanted it and enjoyed it.”

“You are so cute when you are embarrassed.” I felt my dick hardens up more, the idea of how inexperienced she is leaving me to be the one to try so many things with her to find her kink made my blood boil straight to my cock. Plus her embarrassment was cute but even with it I saw that desire go through her even when I said pussy... She is going to be a dirty talking girl. I readjusted the towel on my waist to hide my erection from Amara, with her being still new to sex I was going to make sure I didn’t push her well past her comfort level and make sure she is ready. I can go hard during sex and I wasn’t going to go right into that with her; slow and build up.

The movement caused her to look down then quickly look up do doubt having seen the tent of my erection making her slightly bit her lip. Her phone went of making her look away with rosy cheeks and took it out with a sigh, “I got called into work.”

“Let me go take another cold shower today and I can take you.”

“Or I could help you out with it.” She said slowly moving her eyes up to mine as her hands moved onto my chest slowly moving down. Giving me a sultry smile as she pushed me back gently, taken by surprise I moved back feeling the bed hit the back of my knees making my fall back onto it. From the movement my towel slipped exposing my hard cock that was close to being flat against my stomach.

“Fuck you are allot bigger than he was.” She took a step forward towards me as my hands went to hers, wrapping them around her so she looked back up at my eyes letting me see the slight nervousness and lust in them.

“Amara, you don’t have to do this. Just because I went down on you today doesn’t mean you have to go down on me because I have a hard on. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want too and we can go at whatever pace you want since you are still new to this kind of things.” My left hand left hers to go onto the bed grasping the sheet to draw myself away from how hard I was painfully throbbing from wanting nothing more than to feel her lips around me while she sucks me off.

She bit her lip moving closer to me, stepping between my legs as she bent down kissing me hard, my lips opening up with a smirk at how she when from not saying pussy to taking full control of my mouth as her tongue slipped in. After a moment she moved back looking at me hard, “I want to, but you will have to tell me if it feels good….”

I groaned grabbing her neck and moving to kiss her hard slipping my tongue in hard only moving back when shes breathless, “Fuck babe you turn me on harder if I am your first head. Are you sure you want to do this?” She looked at me through her lashes slowly biting her lip as she nodded, her hands moving down my chest onto my cock me jump from the contact, my teeth gritting together to stop me from throwing her onto the bed. “Okay, any time you want to stop you stop got it?” She nodded as I let my other hand grab onto the sheets “get on your knees Amara.”

Amara leaded forced kissing my neck then moving down my chest before backing off as she got on her knees looking at me through her lashes again, “ I’ll tell you when I am close so if you don’t want me releasing into your mouth pat my leg and stop. I can finish it okay?”

“I want to do this Ry, your not forcing me.”

“Just want to make sure babe.”

She smiled timidity as she bent down maintaining eye contact as she gripped me lightly, her tongue coming out and licking under my shaft making me jolt from what my cock is desperate for, “Like that?”

Her eyes took a confident lustful look as I hissed as she licked me from root to tip, her hands gripping me as she took me in her mouth.

My hands gripped the sheets as I felt her moving me in her mouth harder and harder with her hands moving up and down my cock. My grip getting tighter as I fought myself from wanting to thrust into her mouth. Remembering she is still new to sexual experience I can’t fuck her mouth; she needs to set her pace. My right hand moved from the sheet into her hair feeling it between my fingers as a guttural groan came from me as she moved against my dick.

“Fuck Amara.” I look up at the ceiling as she fucked me with her mouth, hollowing out her mouth gripping my dick tight making me groan loudly, if this is her first head what is she going to be like when I am finally in her.

Another groan came from me as her tongue ran under my cock making my hips jerk forward thrusting into her mouth and looked down at Amara’s bobbing head. Feeling my gaze her eyes flicked upwards showing me the lust in those eyes and that was all it took for me to release into her.


Taking a deep breath I calmed my racing haze as she took me out of her mouth with a pop. I grabbed her waist pulling her up making her straddle me as I kissed her softly, “Fuck Amara, you drive me crazy. Sorry I should have pulled out before I released into you.”

She smiled against me lips moving back giving me a nervous look, “ I didn’t mind. So I sucked your… cock… well?”

My hand went onto her ass giving it a small smack making her jump, “you are going to be a dirty girl aren’t you?” Her cheeks flushed again making me chuckle and take her lips again slowly kissing her only breaking apart when her phone went off again, “Fuck yeah you did, come on I’ll get dressed and drive you to work and ensure a prospect is there to watch you.”

She hopped off and walked over to her bag and I already knew it. She’s never leaving me.

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