On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Night Ride


I leaned on the counter staring at the clock waiting for my shift to be over. I just wanted to be out of work and away. Not necessarily at the club, anywhere would be fine, I just need to breath. The idea that the M8’s are closing in has me baking everyday just to keep my anxiety down. Which the brothers at the clubhouse haven’t complained about… yet. Particularly tonight when Ryker and his brothers are heading out to meet with the M8s tonight with that plan Esposito propositioned. I understand its ploy to get intel right from the horse’s mouth so to speak but I can’t help think of every scenario where things can go wrong.

Things with Ryker were getting fucking hot, we haven’t had sex but I am pretty sure he has kissed and licked every part of my body so far. I love he wanted to make sure I was sure about going all the way, the first time I had sex was from curiosity and the second was boredem. But Ry wanted to make sure I know about what I am ready for with sex. I love the concern but I am going to lose it if I don’t have him in me soon.

The diner was quiet and the graveyard worker was in the back ready for me to leave in the next couple of minutes, glancing at the prospect over in the corner I let out a sigh turning away from the clock.

“Prospect go back to the club I got her.” Ryker’s deep voice drew me out of my thoughts as I turned to see that sexy man walking up to me with a smirk. “Hey my little baker.”

I smiled shaking my head bending down to grab my bag before wrapping my arms around his waist as he pulled me against him, “Hey sexy biker. Didn’t know you were coming to pick me up.”

Ryker smiled as he bent down giving me a kiss, his arms bringing me closer to his body before moving away, “thought I would take you out for a ride on my bike before club business tonight.”

I jumped on the balls of my feet with excitement, “your bike? Is it safe?”

He just chuckled grabbing my waist and leading me out as I called out bye to the other workers, “it’s late and I’m keeping in the territory. Don’t trust me?”

“Oh I think you have won my trust with what you have done to my body this week.” I whispered into his ear as we reached his bike making his grip on my waist tightened. Ryker brought out a new confidence in me, though it was only for when it’s just us.

“Easy there Amara or I may just throw you onto my bike and fuck you in front of everyone.”

I shivered and blushed looking away from him as he pecked my cheek taking my bag and placing it in his saddle bag as I put on his helmet. He swung onto the bike steadying it as I gripped onto his shoulders and sat on, gripping his waist as he started his Harley up and started to ride away.

The first time I was on his bike I didn’t pay attention, to busy freaking out about seeing the M8s. But not now. Now I can focus on being pressed against Ryker as he drove through the city, everything passing by us silently from his bike’s rumbling. Every worry gone. Every thought about anything was just gone. Right now it was me, him and his bike. This position, right here with Ryker, with nothing going on was one of the most peaceful places I have felt besides the one right before I fall asleep in Ryker’s arms.

“It’s beautiful here.” I said swinging off his bike once Ryker parked it right on top of a hill that overlooked the entire city. My eyes still focused on the view as I unstrapped the helmet off as Ryker took it from my hand. “This is still in the club territory?”

He chuckled making me glance back at him as he moved to be leaning against the bike looking up at me instead of the city, “we are a powerful club baker, we got a lot of turf.”

I playfully rolled my eyes looking back at the city taking a breath of clean air instead of the city fumes. “Can I ask you something babe.”

Turning back to Ryker I nodded, “Of course.”

“Tell me about Esposito? He’s in charge of tonight’s meeting just want to make sure we can trust him.”

I took a sigh walking in front of him going between his legs as I wrapped my arms around his neck, “I guess he is like an uncle to me, he and my dad go way back from their beat cop days then to detective. He killed the cop that gave up my dad.”

Rykers arm wrapped around my waist tightly pulling me to him, “fuck he really isn’t an average badge. Sorry I had to ask.”

Shrugging I looked back over the light of the city, “I know. He is leading you to a meeting with a M8s where anything can happen when you guys have no access to backup. If he worked for the M8’s and was a part of my dad’s betrayal I would already be dead.”

“Hey look at me,” I turned my head back to Ryker who was looking at me softly, his hand moving to cup my face, “the M8s are going to pay for what they did to you. I won’t let them hurt you again.”

I smiled weakly at him, “maybe I am not as much worried about myself as I am about you. You guys won’t have backup.”

“Esposito will be covering us with the badges and the M8s won’t have a leg to stand on. You underestimating me babe? You already know the muscle on my body is real and I can use weapons like no problem.” He winked at me making me chuckle, relaxing my body that had tensed up unknowingly from the topic.

I leaned down kissing him before turning around sitting on his lap as his arms fully wrapped around me, his chip resting on my shoulder looking over the city lights. Taking a deep sigh I relaxed against his body, my right hand raising to one of Ryker’s to play with a thumb ring of his. Spinning it around and around.


Ryker’s chin lifted up to look at me as I glance over my shoulder to look at him, “Why what?”

“Why are you breaking your biker mold for me? I’ve heard the brother and club girls talk about how you have changed. Still focused on your position like crazy but I am bringing heat and then... nevermind it was a stupid questions.” I shook my head turning back from him feeling the heat from his body as my face heated up from embarrassment, anxiety slowly rising from what he would think with that question.

It was a wierd question to have asked and I wasn’t sure why I was so interested, maybe it is see those club girl who sleep with the brothers and not looking like any of them or even know what they are talking about when I overhear their sex talks. Could also be my anxiety, with all the guns around it is a large trigger from my anxiety particular with the heat I am bringing to Ryker. Why would he what me around?

“ Not sure what you mean by biker mold but I can guess it. I won’t lie. When I first met you I was still that biker mold but any time I would start having a woman on me I found myself pushing them off of me even before you got comfortable talking to me.” Ryker let out a sigh, “maybe it because I want something real in my life. The only real I have is the blood and weapons in my life and if I kept going the way I was I’m not sure how long I would have made it. Fuck when Hunter met Birdy I gave him shit, talking about how I would stick with having many women and kick them out the next day. Guess that changed when you walked out with that dam flour on your cheek. What are you a witch or something? Making me talk about my emotions.”

I gasped, “how did you know? I secretly have a spell book and each pastry I have made you had a love spell for you to like me.” Giving him a wink I chuckled, blushing from his words.

He chuckled looking back ahead before pecking my shoulder, “Before Jax left he gave me a talking to about you. Fuck Tatt is right the man really is a sappy fucker.”

“Jax? Briac’s dad? The old president who brought you and Hunter into the club.”

“Mhm, he is one sappy fucker, gave Hunter a soul speak with him and Birdy and then told me I needed a good soul woman who made me feel emotions and took my mind off the fight. Pretty sure he will have a speech with every brother about their souls and shit.”

I couldn’t help throwing my head back at this talk. When I finally stopped I saw how Ryker was staring at me as if I had two heads. “I’m sorry its just that all you look badass and could totally kill anyone in multiple different ways and you are talking about souls matching.”

He huffed with a playful growly, “what have I said about type casting us bikers. Beside we are badass why should we run away from something as terrifiying as the opposite sex.”

“And what is it that we do that is so terrifying?” I asked with a chuckle raising an eyebrow at him.

Ryker just looked at me for a while before finally answering, “you say fine.”

I mocked gasped to look offended before narrowing my eyes, “not my fault about you men. So I’m real huh?”

He just groaned sliding a hand down his face, “I feel like I am going to lose my patch from this conversation.”

That just made me laugh as he kept muttering about never having this soul conversation reach his brother’s ears. “Don’t worry you are still very much badass Mr. Sergeant of Arms.”

I felt his hands brush my hair onto my left side as his life kissed the nape of my neck just before he playfully bit it. “Don’t you forget it babe. But don’t forget what I said. What ever brought on that question about me breaking my biker mold you so called it, squish it. You’re becoming it for me, no one else. Got it?”

“Sir yes sir.” I mocked saluted making him groan as he kissed me, his hands on my waist spinning me around.

He pulled me flush against him with a playful smirk, “I think I should get something in return with that conversation.”

“Fine.” He groaned making me chuckle before I wrapped my arms around his neck and took his lips on mine.

We had only been kissing for a moment before his phone went off making him reluctantly withdraw taking his phone out. I didn’t take offense to it, he had a high position in the club which meant that if his phone went off no matter what he was doing he had to answer it.

“We gotta head back.” Ryker said as I stepped back taking the helmet to place back on my head.

“Just promise me you’ll be careful tonight.” I said swinging behind him as he looked over his shoulder with my hands wrapping around his waist and resting my chin on his shoulder.

“Anything for you Amara.”

The bike started up from below us as Ryker pulled out onto the road giving me a gut feeling that that a storm was coming.

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