On Edge (Riders of Silence MC 2)

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Jail Birds


I pulled on my throttle feeling my bike go faster as Briac, Hamlet, Hunter and I sped down the roads; Spotter hanging back to watch over the station from afar. Only ten minutes later did the lights flash behind us, pulling us over to then slap cuffs on our wrists as we were pushing into a police van. Twenty minutes later we were booked into the station for reckless driving and sitting in a jail cell waiting for the M8s.

’Hey have you gotten your suit yet, any of you?” Hunter asked leaning back against the wall.

My hands went out as I was not expecting him to talk about his wedding, “You haven’t even told us a date dipshit.”

“Fuck, I was supposed to send out the invitations last week.” He groaned running his hand into his hair.

“Why didn’t you, you had one job.” Hamlet asked laughing.

“Birdy looked too hot. I had to relieve her of her clothing.” We all groaned not needing to hear him talk about his sex life with her, we hear enough of it when they stay over.

“Yeah well she will probably cut you off when she finds out you didn’t send out the invites. So when do I need a suit?” I asked.

“August 29th, but get it as soon as you can in case anything happens.” My head shook as that date was only a month and a half away and he was just telling people. Birdy would no doubt be pissed when she finds out no one knows yet. “Will you be asking Amara to be your Luna before or after that? You have my vote on her for sure.”

My head whipped up, my mouth opening and closing not knowing how to respond to that. They all turned to look at me then with knowing looks already counting her in and she seems as good as. She fit in with the girls well, took care of the brothers scolding them when she seems them eating some crap food and not to mention how she has been handling being at the range with me to get used to a gun; getting over the bad memories they bring.

I scratched my beard getting up to lean against the wall, “haven’t thought about it too much, she has enough stress in her life at the moment just want her comfortable again in life and I’ll see about that later. Still new to this type of thing.” I was one to fuck and leave them before they got any ideas and now I thought of Amara every second. Fuck is her anxiety level okay right now? Could something trigger a panic attack right now? My head shook quickly to get the thought out telling myself she is okay probably baking something allowing me to focus on why I was in a jail cell.

“Lets just get through this brothers.” Braic said looking at me before looking away.

“Just don’t make the same mistakes I did.” Hunter nodded at me as we heard the guards come back, the doors opening as some M8s were thrown into the cell.

Moving so that I stood beside Briac, seeing Hunter do the same to where Hamlet was sitting my eyes moved up looking at who we were up against. It was time to put faces to the names on those who wanted to fuck with our relations with the Sorrentinos and who dares try to kill my woman.

Yeah my woman.

As the M8s turned towards us their eyes widened.“Vice President Drexton nice to see you it’s been a long time.” Briac stood up shaking a man’s hand as they both sat down with the M8s looking us over as we were doing to them. It didn’t surprise me that it was the VP that got caught, the president is probably hiding until they think they have us on their side.

“President Briac seems you are already fitting into your new role, fancy seeing you here.” Drexton replied back showing his yellow teeth.

“I suppose you could say it is a coincidence, I think we have something to discuss concerning your club at the moment.”

“Ahh yes I heard about the misunderstanding.”

Briac straightened his back making him look taller, “Misunderstanding? How is your club gun running of yours coming over into my territory while also threatening one of our Lunas a misunderstanding? So I would like to know what is going on and if I may have to consider your club an enemy or not.”

Drexton jumped up holding one of his men back as he glared at Briac who just leaned back into his seat slightly cocking his head, knowing that that reaction gave him more than what that person would say. Hunter and I only stepped forward a little in case the M8s try something but will only attack if they start it.

“Easy boys,” Drexton commanded as he sat back down with his men moving behind him again still glaring at Briac for his straight forward comment. “We aren’t responsible for where people take our guns after purchasing them, as for your luna it was an opportunistic message.” Whatever formalites Drexton has been given seemed to have left as he looked at Briac; no doubt thinking Briac may be considering a move against him. Which is true but that may affect how we can take them down.

“Thats funny, see that was my Luna your boys made an opporrunistic message to and his future luna they referenced to with oppotunistic rape.” Hunter hissed motioning to me with a silent threat to not react given it was Amara he was referring to. But I didn’t fight Hunter on saying Amara will be my luna. Time and place for that.

One tried to defend it but I growled at them making some of the M8s look away with their greasy hair and BO smell. They knew who made the threat and I’ll be sure to give them an opportunistic death by a thousand cuts. These fuckers may be trying to play tough but non can look me in the eye; fucking cowards.

“So what’s the message.” I growled to them making one jump.

Drexton looked me up and down before turning to Briac, “Our president Reaper is expanding our gun market with the backing of the Praskovia Mafia.”

Oh fuck these guys are fucking idiots.

“So you want to sell to us?” Briac asked him leaning back in the chair probably thinking the same thing I am. “And you start by invading our territory with guns?”

Drexton smirked, earning him a growl from Hunter, “We needed to get your attention somehow.”

“Ours or the Sorrentinos? You want us directly in your gun war against them. Force us to choose a side; why should we choose you after insulting us.” Hamlet scoffed.

The M8s shifted on their feet not having expected to be called out on their ploy as Drexton got up in front of Hamlet, “Free cases of glocks for the inconveniences and reduced prices from what you currently pay. It is a good deal still getting quality guns for cheaper prices.”

That is if their supplier doesn’t find out they are going against the Sorrentino mafia.

“We will have to take it to the table but if the quality of the guns is as good as you say and the cheaper outlet we think we may be interested.” Briac said standing up and holding his hand out shaking Drexton’s who looks to smugg. They wanted us in a corner to say yes having no idea Briac was probably thinking ten steps ahead of them. “We want no trouble.”

Drexton smirked. “I shall let our president know. But there is one thing we may ask to prove this relationship’s worth.”

“Which is?” Hunter asked sound bored, he is probably wanting to just bashing these men’s teeth in rather then this talk of what we already know.

“Woods.” My eyes flashed to the VP and I could feel Hamlet’s eyes on me telling me not to react and not to say anything to give away that we already know what he is talking about. “You see, years ago we had a rat of a cop in our club trying to bring us down. We of course killed him but when we did, we didn’t realize his whore of a daughter saw, who testified against a few of our brothers sending them to jail. The detective in charge of her was seen coming down this way a couple times, we think she is hiding in your territory. Find her and we will give you another crate and full respect.”

Drexton nodded to one of his brothers who took out a picture handing it to Briac. Looking over I could see it was a young photo of Amara making my blood boil. They were still hunting her but we were ahead since they weren’t sure if she was really here. The only lead was Esposito, nothing else. A smirk came across my face thinking of that; they weren’t just desperate for us, they were desperate to hunt down someone just to handle a situation for increased street cred.

“All that for a girl?” I asked smuggly leaning against the wall.

Drexton glared at me, “M8s always get justice.”

It’s been 5 years and you haven’t and I’ll be damned if you touch her head. You are only making it easier for us to play you. And I’ll be there to make you pay.

The guards came back to the cell at the moment allowing myself to be released from Hunter and Hamlet. “Bails posted.” They called opening the door to the cell moving so we had room to walk out.

We got up first leaving the M8s to themselves as we walked out of the cell heading out of the building. Once out we find Spotter who somehow had all of our bikes parked out front; didn’t want to see that tow bill.

Briac turned towards me in front of his bike, “Well?”

I couldn’t help the scoff I made, “Paskovia mafia against the Sorrentinos? No wonder the M8s are coming on our territory they are desperate for us. The Paskovias are a small mafia nowhere near the manpower of the Sorrentinos. They are desperate.”

He nodded, “they know about Amara. That makes things complicated and brings us more in the middle.”

Swinging onto my bike I looked at him hard, “what are you trying to say Briac?”

My president got on his bike starting his up, “that we need to think with the right head. Keep her close and remember you position in the club.”

Hunter walked past me thumbing my back with his fist telling me to keep my cool on my bike and not start something with Briac. The brother was right we had to think and make sure we planned this right to make sure we don’t get into a bloodbath. But that doesn’t mean he has to place Amara into being the reason we feel this pressure.

Hamlet smirked revving his engine, “Adrenalin shit coming.”

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